Where to buy groceries in Playa del Carmen

There are several large supermarkets in Playa del Carmen for buying groceries, as well as some local produce markets and organic stores.

Mega: 30th Avenue and Constituyentes

This was our go-to grocery store for day-to-day goods. The produce is fresh and it has almost everything you need, including a pharmacy, home-ware section, butcher, bakery and fish monger.

Walmart: 30th Avenue and Calle 10

While not my favourite place for grocery shopping due to the crowded, narrow aisles, Walmart does have some American goods that Mega does not.

Aki: 30th Avenue, between Mega and Walmart

This is more of a local supermarket, with a lot of produce available in bulk, but the quality seems to be slightly lower.

Chedraui: Highway 307 and Calle 1 sur, and inside the Plaza las Americas shopping mall

I quite like Chedraui, especially their strawberry donuts! I’m not sure their fresh produce is as good as Mega but they have a good range of dry goods and a great bakery.

Soriana: Centro Maya shopping Mall, on the highway south of town

Another big grocery store with a wide selection of everything you need.

DAC: 30th Avenue and Calle 20

A great little store which is a go-to for obscure ingredients you can’t find at the other stores and some excellent fresh produce. It has a great selection of dried chillies and other spices, some organic produce and a nice cafe/restaurant attached called La Ceiba which serves delicious juices and smoothies.

Bio Natural: Calle 26, between 5th and 10th Avenues

An organic grocery store and vegetarian cafe which has recently moved to bigger premises due to it’s popularity. They do a good hummus and sell local natural yoghurt made in nearby Puerto Morelos.

Municipal Market: 30th Avenue between Calle 74 and 76

The ‘Mercado Municipal’ is a small market in the heart of the Colosio neighbourhood. Both times I have been there I wasn’t sure if they were packing up or if it is just quite small, as it wasn’t all that busy and many stores seemed to be closed. There is however a fresh produce market and a few stores selling clothes and trinkets.

Other local markets:

There are a few good fruit and vegetable stores in the Colosio neighbourhood, along Avenida Colosio and Avenida CTM. Many also sell delicious fresh fruit and vegetable juices from large cooler boxes. I like the green juice from the vendor ‘Esmerelda’ on Avenue CTM, between 15th and 20th Avenues.

Fruteria Esmerelda

At the southern end of town, there is a good one on Calle 4 near 25th Avenue which sells great fresh juices (I like the coconut and grapefruit).


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  1. Hi Sarah,

    I have been a big fan of Playa and Rivera Maya for many years, and continue to visit with the dream of one moving there permanently. The first time I went down there was 1985… stayed in Cancun, not nearly as developed as now. And along the Riviera there was nothing…just a two lane road. Playa was a very quiet little town.

    But the area is truly beautiful (just the sunlight alone has a brighter glow to it) and development was bound to come. And I guess for those living down there, having a Walmart and Mega certainly makes it easier.

    I just wanted to say you did a very nice job on this site. Makes me want to leave tomorrow.


    • Oh thank you Fred. Yes, I agree with everything you wrote. The development certainly continues, and yet, it still has a magic which is difficult to put into words. Have you been to Holbox island? They recently built a new ‘cuota’ road from Playa which means you can drive to Chiquila, where the ferry departs, in and hour and a half. It is very beautiful and peaceful, probably what Playa was like when you used to come here years ago. Thanks so much for your feedback and I wish you all the best for your plans.

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