Tips on Planning a Spontaneous Vacation

 Often the cheapest way of booking a holiday is not to plan – instead, take a few days off work and decide when and where to go on the spur of the moment. Particularly if you have a family, package deals can be the best option for sticking to your budget – but this often involves booking last minute in order to get the best price.

Alternative Accommodation

Staying in a four star hotel may not be feasible on a tight budget. Have you considered packing your tent and staying on a camp site?There are many regions in France such as Brittany and the Languedoc that play host to campers all year round, and have great camp-sites with full amenities. Some even have kids clubs included in the price meaning you can go for an impromptu night out and get some much needed R and R without worrying. If camping doesn’t appeal, take a look online for other options too. There are many websites where locals offer their homes to visitors for the weekend, or you could even try a house swap.

camping vacation

Consider All-inclusive

People often associate all-inclusive packages with expensive holidays, as they are particularly useful if you plan to go away for several weeks at a time. However, if you look at last minute deals much of the time it actually works out as less expensive than booking everything separately. So before you book, consider if it might be more budget friendly to go all inclusive. There are of course many things to think about other than just how to get there and where you will stay. Consider if including the cost of airport transfers and going full or half board will effect the price of your package. All inclusive can be the way to go for families as it helps to control your spending, but couples and groups of friends can benefit too, as food and drink alone adds up when you pay for it all separately.

Location, Location, Location

It might sound crazy but try looking into locations that you would typically associate with stag-do’s and 18-30 holidays as they often have a quieter side. Take Majorca, a destination that is well known for clubbing and all night parties. The island also has beautiful, secluded beaches and lots to offer more relaxed visitors, particularly in the smaller coastal regions. Majorca’s main city Palma for instance is the perfect place to take a cheap last minute holiday, as it is filled with cute cobbled streets and authentic little places to eat and drink. Flights from all UK airports are reasonably priced all year round. Be sure to consider places you would never have visited before- as they can be hidden gems!

If you are particularly cash strapped, make sure you plan your holiday at an off peak time of year. Flights and hotels can more than double during the summer months.

Images by Thomas Tolkienstevecadman, used under Creative Commons license.

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