Spotting Flamingos in Ria Lagartos and Las Colaradas

One of the coolest things we did during our time in Mexico was seeing the flamingos in Ria Lagartos and Las Colaradas.

We visited this area on the northern coast of the Yucatan peninsular on a three day road trip to Merida and back.

Ria Lagartos is a protected ecological reserve situated on a lagoon which is home to a variety of bird life and other wild life. Initially, we went to the area to see the flamingos of Ria Lagartos, but we decided to head for the smaller town of Las Colaradas first.

We found ourselves driving through a salt works comprising miles of brightly coloured salt pools. We thought it was quite surprising that we could drive around it and we were the only car there. We drove along the wide salt-paths and were elated to discover a sea of pink in the distance.

At first I thought they couldn’t possibly be flamingos, as we hadn’t heard about any there, but sure enough as we drove closer, hundreds of these beautiful birds were feeding in the shallow pools.

Please, remember to charge your camera battery, unlike me who had to make do with my phone!

It was also really cool to drive along the deserted peninsular running between the salt pools and the coast. Rally driving in a hire car has never been so much fun.

The town of Las Colaradas is nothing but a few fishing boats and eating shacks, but was still great to see.

Afterwards, we headed to the town of Ria Lagartos where they were selling tours of the lagoon, but since we had seen hundreds of flamingos for free, we just had dinner at one of the nice water-front restaurants before heading home.

I could have stayed a night in Ria Lagartos, but we had to get the car back. It is really relaxed and the sunset is spectacular.

You can read the post I wrote about it here.

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