5 ways to save money parking at Melbourne airport

When you travel, parking at Melbourne airport is one of those extra costs that you just can’t seem to avoid. Taking public transport to the airport instead can actually pay for most of your parking at Melbourne airport. However, taking a taxi with a family can be frustrating.

So here are 5 tips to reduce the costs involved in Melbourne airport parking

  1. Book in advance: Wherever you decide to park your car, make sure to book well in advance because this way, you will be sure of a long term park. Airport carparks usually have deals for long term parking, so it pays to look for any deals well in advance and save yourself some extra money.
  2. Check for discount parking coupons: A quick online search can bring up a number of discount coupons for Melbourne airport parking. It always pays to do this and it is something that most travellers don’t even think about, but you can save a substantial amount of money with just this one tip.
  3. Unplug phone chargers and your GPS: When you leave your car for long periods of time, you don’t want to come back and find a flat battery. With so many of us keeping chargers and GPS units in our cars, if you don’t unplug these when you park your car at the airport, they can slowly drain your battery. So do a quick check and unplug anything you think might cause a problem.
  4. Check out parking alternatives: Parking just a few minutes away from the airport can seriously cut down the costs of self-parking at Melbourne airport. It is always better to book these spots in advance, but when you do – you realise how easy it is to find a reasonably priced and very secure parking space near the airport. These are extremely convenient because you just drive right into your designated parking spot and then hop on a shuttle bus for the short ride to the terminal. With some of these alternative parking facilities, you can even have your car washed and detailed while you are away.
  5. Check out local hotels: You might find that hotels close to the airport allow you to park your car there, if you pay for at least one night’s accommodation. If you live a fair way from the airport, an overnight stay might be exactly what you had in mind anyway, so ask them if they have a 7 or 14 day parking deal and you might find out that paying for a room and a week’s parking at a hotel is cheaper than parking at Melbourne airport.

These 5 tips should help you to save some serious money when you next park at Melbourne airport.

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