Pura Vida Intro to Kundalini Yoga Online Course


Welcome to the 6 week, ‘Pura Vida’ intro to Kundalini yoga course! 

I’m excited to share this simple and profound technology for awareness with you!

This course is for all levels of experience, with a particular focus on beginners. If you have never sat on a mat; if you have ever said, “I can’t meditate,” or if you have thought that you are not flexible enough to do yoga, then this course IS FOR YOU.

Kundalini yoga combines simple breathing, movement and mantra in a way which elevates us beyond our limited self and into our full potential.

Whatever you background, gender, religion or experience, Kundalini yoga will enhance your life with every breath.

How the online course works:

Each Sunday, I’ll post three videos (live from my living room!) on the course page – an introduction and warm up, the exercise set for the week (called a ‘kriya’) and the weekly meditation.


This is so that once the course is complete you can access individual sections and practices that interest you as well as mix and match the warm ups, kriyas and meditations.

I’ll also post a Spotify playlist of uplifting music to enhance your practice.

You may download all videos and they are yours to access for life.

Then, every Tuesday at 9pm US Eastern Standard Time, I will hold a 30 minute, live, interactive meditation circle and discussion. This circle will be recorded for you to access afterwards if you miss it.

The regular cost for the 6 week course is US$60, which is just $10 per week, but the introductory rate is just US$50. That is just over $8 per week (bargain!) and you will also be part of our Facebook community where I will share extra resources to support your practice.

To join, please make the US$50 payment via Paypal here.

Then, enter your email address here and on Sunday December 4th, I will send you the password to access the course.

Then, GO TO THIS PAGE, enter the password and gain access to the weekly videos and the details for the live meditation circle.

I look forward to sharing this journey of discovery with you!

Sat nam,

Sarah xxx