Playa del Carmen community projects and resources

Getting involved in the Playa del Carmen community is a great way to get off the ‘tourist trail’ and connect with the local residents of the town while serving those in need. Here are some reputable projects who are always happy for supporters:

The KKIS (Keeping Kids In School) project

The KKIS project is a local charity organization which provides school supplies and English tutoring to local school students in Playa del Carmen.

I volunteered as an English tutor for some of my time in Playa del Carmen, and it was a great experience. Over the summer break I also assisted with the packing of hundreds of school backpacks with school supplies and delivering them to families all over town.

There are many ways to support the project, either by volunteering as a tutor, offering a hand to pack backpacks and deliver supplies, or making a donation. KKIS also hold a large auction in February each year to raise money for school supplies.

If you are traveling from the states or Canada and would like to bring some supplies down with you, contact Janet or Marg at: for more information.

The Amigos Network

The Amigos Network is a not-for-profit group of Playa del Carmen ex-pats who give back to the community through a range of projects.

Co-ordinated by Russell Granger and Michelle Kinnon, the group runs programs such as ‘Kicks for Kids’ (providing footwear to children in outlying villages), as well as a range of educational and medical projects around Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya.

Contact them via their facebook page if you would like to get involved by making a donation or volunteering your time, or pop into Russell’s restaurant Don Chendos on Avenida 30, where you will find him most evenings.

The Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Playa del Carmen meets weekly and participates in a range of social and community events around town.

Email Bob at for more details.

Cocos Cat Rescue

Cocos does fantastic work in the community to provide free spaying/neutering for all cats in Playa del Carmen, in an attempt to reduce the cat population and improve conditions for them.

They are always looking for volunteers to assist them in their mission, as well as prospective homes for their foster/adoption program.

They also have ‘kitten cuddling’ on Tuesday afternoons!

Playa Animal Rescue

The Playa Animal Rescue focuses on providing care to stray, abandoned or mis-treated dogs through a range of care programs. They are always looking for support and donations of dog food, money and time.

They have a ‘Spa and Play’ on Saturdays where volunteers can wash and play with rescued dogs.


The following community-based websites are a great resource for staying in touch with local events, programs and organizations, as well as meeting new people:

In the Roo

A directory for the state of Quintana Roo with lots of information on local events and activities.

Playa Info

An online guide to Playa del Carmen with discussion forums, written by locals.

‘Life’s a beach’ blog by Michelle and Rob Kinnon:

A great blog written by an ex-pat couple with lots of information and updates on local news and events.

The Playa Times

A free English language newspaper focused on local news and events. Available at many outlets around town such as Ah Cacao and Oxxo.


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  1. Coco’s Cat Rescue is now called Coco’s Animal Welfare. Kitten cuddling program runs 2-4 on Friday afternoons. You can call them or email them for a map/directions. When in Playa I volunteer here at least once a week helping in kitten/cat care and helping out in surgery recovery in their spay/neuter clinic. Such an amazing and caring group of people working there and if you are in the area for an extended period of time (and love animals!) I highly recommend volunteering there. They occasionally offer training programs for volunteers.
    Playa Animal Rescue still runs the Saturday morning program but it is now called Group Walk and Charm School. You can spend time helping to socialize the dogs at the shelter, giving baths and/or helping to teach dogs how to walk properly on a leash. Transportation is provided to/from the shelter by other volunteers. Pickup is at 9:30am Saturday mornings in front of the Mega store. Someone will drop you off back at the Mega afterwards (usually between 11 and 12). Occasionally it is cancelled due to weather but all updates will be posted on their Facebook page. In the summer of 2013 it was cancelled often due to heavy rain and in the summer of 2014 because it was far to hot to walk the dogs on some days.

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