Live Music in Playa del Carmen

There is a good local scene of live music in Playa del Carmen. I for one am usually home in bed by ten o’clock, but if you are less boring than me and would like to listen to some local bands play original music and covers, then there are a few places around town known for their musical acts.

Zenzi Beach Club, Calle 10 and the beach

Zenzi is a beach club with a lovely atmosphere, located on the beach amongst prettily lit coconut palms. They feature two live bands every evening from 5pm – 12 am, either reggae, soul or rock. On Wednesdays from 830pm they have free salsa classes. The food is okay, if not a little overpriced for my liking, but you are paying for the location and lovely atmosphere so it’s worth checking out.

Indigo Beach Club, Calle 14 and the beach

Indigo has live music on Sunday evenings, usually classic rock. You can watch local families fish off the pier while listening to music under the palm trees. Again, I’m not a huge fan of the restaurant, but it’s a nice spot for sunset drinks.

Fusion Beach Hotel, Bar and Grill Calle 6 and the beach

I haven’t been here myself, but have included it as it is a popular and well-known spot for live music every night of the week.

Wah Wah beach club Calle 2 and the beach

Wah Wah is a good venue for live music with a large stage and dance floor set under a huge thatched palapa on the beach. They have live music from Wednesday to Sunday, from classic 70s rock to Cuban Salsa. Sundays are popular for the pork spit roast they serve.

Le Lotus Rouge art cafe and bar, Calle 2 and Avenida 35 

This place is located away from the tourist area and is worth a visit for it’s eclectic, whimsical design and unique atmosphere. They have a range of performances most evenings, both musical and theatrical, from burlesque to magicians and everything in between.

Kitxen Bar Fifth Avenue, near Calle 20

This great little bar on Fifth Avenue hosts good local musicians every night of the week. Even if you don’t go in for a drink, you can stand on Fifth or sit on one of the benches and enjoy a few songs. We have heard some good cover bands there.

Bad Boys beach bar, Calle 4 and the beach

This beachfront bar is the the ultimate old school venue for live music in Playa del Carmen.

My friend Elizabeth Ynez rocking out at Badboys….

Dig your feet into the sand and enjoy a range of acts from rock to blues, and enjoy the host of interesting characters boogieing away on the sandy dance floor.

La Bodeguita del Medio: Fifth Avenue near Calle 34

This is a lively Cuban restaurant and bar which has either a Cuban band or a free Salsa class on most nights.

Of course, you need only walk out your front door to hear live music in Playa del Carmen. Every evening, Mariachi and Mexican folk musicians do the rounds of the locals restaurants such as El Fogon as well as the more up market establishments on Fifth Avenue.

There are also a variety of music festivals in Playa del Carmen throughout the year.



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  1. Why does everyone ignore Karen’s restaurant (5th Ave between 2nd and 4th Streets) when listing where you can find live music in Playa??? They’ve been around since the 90’s and have always had live music 7 days a week. You can hear music for lunch, dinner and afterwards. Is the music that bad or is Andes folklore (and other genres) not considered “real music”, even though many customers are fascinated by the sounds of pan flutes and other little-known intruments? Many people return year after year to Karen’s for the music.

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