Learning Spanish in Playa del Carmen

If you’d like to learn Spanish in Playa del Carmen, here is some information on schools and conversation classes.

As Playa del Carmen is a tourist town where English is widely spoken, it can be difficult to pick up the language. You may like to attend a Spanish School or conversation class during your stay here.

Unfortunately, Spanish schools in Playa del Carmen are not cheap. We were pretty surprised by the high prices of tuition, and booked a week of lessons at Cancun Spanish School as it was the cheapest. It is located in a condo building on Av. 15 and Calle 16.

It was US$125 per person, per week, which was for five days of 4 hour lessons (20 hours).

The week we booked had a national holiday in it, however, so we only received four days of lessons, even though we were not advised before hand.

Honestly, it wasn’t a great school. We made the best of it and made some good friends but our teacher, who is also the head of the school was not particularly interested in teaching us. Her lessons were dry and regimented and as complete beginners we felt like total fish out of water. Maybe it would be different if you have some basic Spanish already.

Our classmates had already booked a month of classes, and therefore progressed to the next level, where they said the teacher was better.

We look back and laugh about it now, of course. We learned the basics, so all wasn’t wasted, but it was a case of getting what we paid for, or rather not quite what we paid for.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that our classmates paid over the odds for ‘homestay’ accommodation, which was basically a lady renting out grubby rooms at an inflated cost. Thankfully, they got a refund on their money and moved into our apartment building for the month they were here.

Other Spanish Schools who seem to have a good reputation but are a bit more expensive are:

Solexico: http://www.solexico.com/EN/home/

Playa Lingua: http://www.playalingua.com/

I don’t have personal experience with them, however.

There is also a Spanish conversation class that meets at a cafe on Saturday afternoons which I have heard good things about. The cost is just 25 pesos and the teacher who runs them also offers courses. Contact Katya of ‘Spanish Joyfully’ on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/spanishjoyfully or email: spanishjoyfully@gmail.com

I recently saw a listing in the Playa Times for free Spanish conversation classes on Friday evenings at the Chichen Itza language School (which also runs courses), located on Calle 4 and 10th Avenue: http://languageschoolchichenitza.com

Have you had any experience with Spanish schools/classes in Playa del Carmen? Please leave your advice below!

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  1. While in PDC in the summer of 2013 I took 2 weeks of classes at a school called International House. The school was very nice and the teachers were excellent. I was the only beginner registered so I ended up with private lessons the entire time — I don’t think this is a regular occurrence and I totally lucked out. Since then 2 of my teachers have started their own school — Chichen Itza language School. Although I did not take lessons at their new school, I can highly recommend them as the teachers were great and the cost is less than other schools.

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