Welcome to the Journey to Shine twelve week e-retreat!

Beginning on Monday, May 4, 2015, we will embark on a journey of connection, self-love and transformation and I am so excited to share this journey with you.

Here is a glimpse of the jewels we will be uncovering each week:

Week 1: Reflecting on Your Beautiful, Imperfect Journey and Moments of Clarity

We reflect on our beautiful, imperfect journey. We begin to see it as our unique work of art and the fingerprint of our life. We become willing to accept and love our journey for all that it is. We perform a simple ritual to embrace our journey so that we may enjoy the fullness of the present moment and look forward to what is to come.

We begin to focus on moments of clarity we have experienced in our life, bringing them into the light they deserve. We see how our journey is always showing us ways to be more joyful, free and fulfilled, if we listen. By identifying these moments of clarity, no matter how subtle, we prepare to receive more inner guidance so we may grow into the fullness of our true selves.

Week 2: Discovering Your Divinity and Practicing Presence

We reflect on what Divinity means to us, realizing that it will mean different things to different people. We become willing to embark on an inner journey of self-realization, which requires no particular belief on our part except a desire for more truth and freedom.

We experiment with the practice of morning stillness and explore simple techniques to connect with our inner being and the peace of the present moment. We begin to see our thoughts as rising phenomena that do not have power over us unless we focus upon them.

We discover the breath as our connection to the life force within us, becoming aware of it as a simple yet powerful way to practice presence and mindfulness.

We realize that this path of discovering our divinity and practicing presence is wide and varied; continuing to evolve and transform as we do.

Week 3: Releasing Secrets and Shame to Get Unstuck

We reflect on the nature of secrets as a source of guilt and shame, which prevent us from moving forward on our path.

We become willing to bring our darkness into the light through personal reflection and writing. We begin to understand that we deserve forgiveness and freedom. By releasing the things which keep us stuck in the past, either to ourselves, the universe or a trusted person, we are able to embrace what is to come.

We become willing to fully release feelings of guilt and shame with the knowledge that it is not our natural state. By continuing to nurture self-love, we align ourselves with the fullness of our inner being who always shines brightly.

Week 4: Navigating a Fear Map to Freedom

We reflect on fear as a common reaction to change and growth. We learn that by clarifying our fears, we dissolve their power over us.

We learn to make a fear map to see what our specific fears are pointing to. We identify areas of general fear in our lives and use them as a guide to expanding ourselves.

We learn that our fears can be our pathway to freedom and realization, if we take the time to see them for what they are.

 Week 5: Finding Fellow Travelers

By connecting with other people on our path, we heal ourselves and others. Reflecting on the benefits of community, either online or in person, we see how our experiences can serve others.

We begin to see our imperfect journeys as our path to the hearts of other people. When we have the courage to share our true selves, we experience a surge of freedom that comes from the power of connection.

Week 6: Harnessing Heartbreak to Find Forgiveness

We reflect on the times we have had our hearts broken and been hurt by people in our lives. These experiences often leave lasting impressions us, affecting our relationships and self-image.

By bringing these feelings and experiences into the light of our awareness, we are able to begin the process of letting go, so that we may be open to the expansion which awaits us.

This week is about liberation from our past hurts. We take back our personal power by practicing forgiveness, so that we may be as free as we can possibly be.
Week 7: Bumps in the Road and the Beauty in Between

We accept that life will throw up all kinds of situations and conflicts. We discover techniques to help us respond to life rather than react to it, so that we may abide peacefully, even in times of turmoil.

We look for the beauty in between moments of conflict, sadness and uncertainty. We begin to see that the contrasting nature of life allows us to learn, grow and become more resilient. There is always beauty to be seen, if we look for it.

This week is about rolling with the ebb and flow of life, realizing that it won’t always be smooth sailing but that we can accept the journey for what it is, allowing it to help us grow.

Week 8: Following Fault Lines to Your Vision

We acknowledge faulty thinking patterns which lead to our suffering. There are always new perspectives to discover in order to be more content, peaceful and free.

By loving ourselves enough to examine our thinking and behaviours honestly, we identify thinking patterns that hold us in the vibration of anger, resentment, fear and guilt.

We learn how to stay more aligned with love, even in the face of external stresses and pressures.

We turn our faulty thinking patterns ‘inside out’ to create a vision of how we would think, feel and behave without them.

When we change our thinking, we change our life.

Week 9: Cultivating Compassion

This week is about cultivating an unshakeable relationship with ourselves, which is the most important one we have.

The Buddha said, “You, as much as anyone in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

We cannot have compassion for others until we extend it to ourselves. This is the greatest lesson we will ever learn.

While it may not come easily, we can cultivate self-compassion in our lives and experience the transformation which occurs when we do.

Week 10: Loving Through Loss

Loss is an inevitable part of life but one we struggle with greatly. By sharing about loss, we remove our resistance to the topic, to help ease our isolation and that of those we love.

We open up a conversation about grief and the concoction of emotions surrounding this painful experience. We allow ourselves to feel the fullness of loss, cultivating compassion for ourselves and others during these times.

We understand that love and loss are inseparable, so we focus on the love we have for others as a way of becoming more compassionate beings.

Week 11: Surrendering Your Story

We reflect on the concept of surrender as a powerful practice with miraculous results. We discuss the fact that we do not always need to know the answers or have everything figured out.

By beginning the process of surrendering our stories, we transform more fully into who we really are.

By releasing ourselves from ‘what happened’ we open ourselves to ‘what is’ and the potential of what is to come.

When we let go, miracles flow.

Week 12: Shining Brightly

We give ourselves permission to Shine as brightly as we were created to. By discovering our true nature, we discover our inherent worthiness.

We realise we are worthy of our deepest desires and grandest dreams.

We know that we are more capable, powerful and loved than we once thought, and that we are enough, exactly as we are. We are perfect in our imperfection and nothing can prevent us from embracing the light within us and shining brightly in the world.

By showing up in our lives as the fullest, brightest expression of ourselves, we experience a sense of fulfillment and freedom beyond our wildest dreams.

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See you on May 4!

Love and light,

Sarah xxx

For all questions about the Journey to Shine e-retreat, please email me on sarah.somewhere@hotmail.com

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