Discover the beauty of your imperfect journey and shine as brightly as you were created to.

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Throughout my own journey, I have discovered that the things I deemed ‘imperfect’ were in fact guiding me to discover my true self.

I’ve learned that my mistakes are my pathway to self-compassion. My failures galvanize my spirit, my fears are my road map to freedom and my faults are invitations to expand.

When we stand in the light of our truest selves, we Shine brighter than we could ever imagine.

We have all had our hearts broken. Made mistakes. Experienced loss and trauma.

We all doubt ourselves and experience feelings of unworthiness.

We all desire love. Freedom. Authenticity. Connection.

We all dream of a life in which we can stand in the light of our highest potential.

And all of those experiences, desires and dreams make us beautifully, perfectly human.

You are not alone. You are not broken.

You are deserving of all the richness life has to offer.

Open Journey to Shine

You have the capacity to participate in your own healing; to release the things which block you from connecting with your truest self; to feel happy, peaceful and free.

Your imperfect journey is the fingerprint of your life. Along it are jewels of wisdom to encourage your expansion. When you discover them, you connect with your true self who always shines brightly.

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Over twelve weeks we will reflect on twelve different jewels to support your evolution. Each lesson will include personal reflections, guided practices, suggested exercises, videos and more.


Join me on this journey of healing, self-discovery and transformation if you would like:

Encouragement and inspiration on your journey

Healing and connection

To be more present and mindful in your life

To step into the light of your true self and live from the heart

To be free from events of the past to live your best life

A life which reflects who you truly are, rather than what others expect

Extra support in your recovery from addiction

To drop the self-judgement

A community of people to share, discover, laugh with and learn from

To embark on a journey of self-discovery and realization


Recommendations from previous ‘Journey to Shine’ participants:

Sign up! It’s been a beautiful, open time, with deep sharing amongst a group of total strangers (at the beginning). Sarah is a beautiful and gentle leader. You’re in for 12 wonderful, thought provoking weeks!”  

~ Mary, California.

“The e-retreat was an eye opening and freeing experience for me. The exercises and practices helped me discover things I was holding on to allowed me to finally release them. Through the meditations and writing, I am feeling more present and aware in my life.”

~ Bisa, Chicago.

“As a participant in the last e-retreat, I can wholeheartedly recommend it! Even just being part of a group striving towards the same goal of self love is hugely powerful. If you are even thinking a little bit of doing it, please don’t hesitate.”

~ Karyn, Melbourne.

This e-retreat is open to adults of all ages, gender and backgrounds. How much you participate is entirely up to you. Pace yourself or dive right in. Observe or interact. The choice is yours.


What you will receive:

Lesson outline

Five e-classes per week (Monday to Friday) for twelve weeks, sent via email. They include reflections, personal stories from my own journey, videos and guided practices to heighten your awareness and support your evolution.

I will also be sharing the resources and teachings which have helped me on my own journey.

12 Sharing sessions with me via email, where you can ask questions and share your experiences.

A one-hour Skype sharing session with me (optional).

Daily inspiration, connection and encouragement in our secret Facebook group (optional).

What you will need:

A notebook and pen

An internet connection

A pinch of willingness

 Journey to Shine E-Retreat Outline:

Week 1: Reflecting on Your Beautiful Imperfect Journey and Moments of Clarity

Week 2: Discovering Your Divinity and Practicing Presence

Week 3: Releasing Secrets and Shame to Get Unstuck

Week 4: Navigating a Fear Map to Freedom

Week 5: Finding fellow Travelers

Week 6: Harnessing Heartbreak to Find Forgiveness

Week 7: Bumps in the Road and The Beauty in Between

Week 8: Following Fault Lines to Your Vision

Week 9: Cultivating Self-Compassion

Week 10: Loving Through Loss

Week 11: Surrendering Your Story

Week 12: Shining Brightly


Sarah Somewhere healing

This year, give yourself the space to connect with your true self so that you may shine brightly.

I look forward to sharing this sacred journey of connection, self-love and transformation with you!

Sarah xxx

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