Is an RV more economical than a hotel?

If you are single or even a couple, then a reasonably priced hotel, may well be more economical for you than an RV. The problem is that RVs are so seductive, that many people don’t worry about any differences in cost, because they just love being out on the open road.

For most families however, an RV is more cost effective than paying for two or three rooms in a hotel, as well as feeding everyone in restaurants for the holiday. Apart from the food and accommodation costs, there are two other big benefits to hiring an RV, rather than simply booking into a hotel.


Exploring the country

When you are on the open road, you can go where you want, when you want. You can explore places you have never been before and go to favourite spots again. There is no time schedule and you can spend as many days as you like in a variety of camp sites, deciding to move on just because you feel like driving today.

There is so much of our beautiful country that many of us have not explored and it is wonderful if you can take your children along, drag them out from behind the computer and introduce them to our fabulous country and our history.

Knowing more about our environment and our wildlife, is great boon for your children and you can do all of this together, in your own time when you hire an RV for your next holiday.

Spending quality time with your family

In an RV, you are just about always together. There is no opportunity for everyone to race off in a variety of directions because of different interests, which is so easy to do when you stay in a hotel. Sitting around a campfire and cooking the evening meal, brings the entire family closer and increases your bond, far more than staying in a hotel will ever do.

You can cook together, go for walks together, and explore the bush, the beach or the townships together when you are on a road trip. You can even take your pets with you on holiday, so you don’t have to worry about leaving them at home or in kennels or catteries.

With an RV you can pull up at the beach and spend the day in the surf, then move on to another camp site for the night. There are just so many options when you hire an RV, options that do not exist when you stay in a hotel. After all, if you want to go out and explore the area when you are staying in a hotel, the costs can really mount up, especially for a family. So when you are organising your next holiday, check out the RV hire from DriveNow and look forward to a wonderful time with your family.

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