Gyms in Playa del Carmen

There are two main gyms in Playa del Carmen, located downtown:

Evolve: Calle 24, between 5th and 10th Avenues.


Tyrhone was a member here during our first stint in Playa del Carmen in 2012, and it is a pretty popular gym, although there wasn’t enough yoga classes for me to join.

The Gym: 1st Avenue, near Calle 14


At the time we bought our memberships, their price for an annual membership was 7000 Pesos per year (US$600). Unfortunately I just saw it has gone up to 8000 Pesos, but they do have some other specials such as buy 3 months, get one month free for 3300 Pesos.

We have been very happy with The Gym. The equipment is good, the premises are clean and well maintained and there is a fantastic selection of classes.

As well as multiple daily yoga classes, salsa, step, pilates and more, there is an Aquatone class in the El Taj hotel pool, and beach-front yoga and tai-chi classes on the weekends.

 Local Gyms

There are two ‘local gyms’ on Avenida 10, one near Calle 38 and the other toward Avenida CTM. They are much cheaper than the two mentioned above, as they are are ‘no frills’ with the basic equipment and no A/C.


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  1. Hi Sarah,

    My name is Vince, I’m coming to Paya this thurs May 5th, I’m certified Hoistic nutrition consultant/ health coach.. i am also in long term recovery, 8 yrs, I just wanted to thank you for providing this excellent resource, you have covered all the basis and then some!


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