Sarah Somewhere » Discovering the beauty of an imperfect journey 2015-06-02T13:29:20Z Sarahsomewhere <![CDATA[Surrendering to Stillness]]> 2015-06-02T13:29:20Z 2015-06-02T13:26:23Z Keep reading...]]> When I was in first grade, I had an amazing teacher, Mrs Homme, who I’ll never forget. She encouraged me to start my first ‘blog,’ consisting of a scrap book in which I wrote about my life with thick crayon.

Every week I would write a poorly spelled story and she would read it. Not only that, but she would write back to me, commenting on my observations.

One week I told her about the kittens who were born under the water tank on the farm where we lived. I drew pictures of them and their big blue eyes in almost indecipherable scrawls of crayon. Beneath the picture I wrote, “the kitns r sooooooooo kyoot!”

She never corrected my spelling, but simply wrote back, “and so are you, Sarah.”

One week I delivered my ‘blog’ to her with the following words: “I dont hav anything to rit about today.”

She wrote back, “Well then I don’t have anything to write back to you!”

I have been thinking about that this week as I have struggled to find the words to express where I am at.

Like that time when I was five years old and had nothing to ‘rit about’, it isn’t that nothing is happening. In fact, the times when I don’t feel like writing are generally when the most is happening and I have have too many words to formulate a single idea.

Also, the words that are flowing through me right now are new to me. As my journey progresses and continues to expand me, so does my vocabulary of experience and I feel shy and unsure about how to express them.

On the flip side of that, I am one month into my second my e-retreat, ‘Journey to Shine’ with eighteen beautiful souls.

I am very, very comfortable in that space of connecting and sharing our journeys in a private, sacred space and right now, the internet at large seems too big and scarey for me.

Journey to ShineFilming my weekly e-retreat video…

My journey continues to lead me inward in deeper ways and I know that what I have to offer the world lies in staying true to my inner calling.

Hence, though it is the opposite of what my ego wants, I am at a place in my journey where I am called to surrender to stillness, for it is only in non-doing that I am able to hear the guidance of what I need to do.

The best things this journey has delivered to me have been things I didn’t plan for. They have come to me when I have surrendered what I think I should do/have/receive and I have instead gotten what I needed.

We have recently been given the opportunity to house sit our friends’ beautiful waterfront apartment.

If you had told me three years ago when we first set off that this is where we would be, living on the shores of the Caribbean coast of Mexico thanks to some wonderful friends we met along the way, I’d probably have told you that you were dreaming.

Stillness caribbeanSometimes I can barely catch my breath at the rate of profound change in my inner and outer life. Through both the challenges and the joys, I have received more blessings than I can count.

The things is, I know they do count. I know there is a reason for them, and it isn’t all about me. I am blessed so that I may bless others, and that is what my journey continues to reinforce.

I don’t think I will ever, ever have enough words or blog posts or facebook updates to express my gratitude to those of you who read them. This journey has blown me open in ways I never dreamed of, and if you weren’t here reading my ramblings, announcements and confessions, my journey would not be as rich and rewarding as it is.

I think that’s why I want to write to you to tell you I don’t have anything to write about for now. And also because writing to you helps me communicate in a clearer way with myself.

Knowing me, I probably won’t be able to stay away long. ‘Sarah Somewhere’ is my labor of love, my greatest creation and my life’s work. It has evolved me in the process of its unfolding and I know that there is so much more co-creating ahead.

I know today that I have a purpose, and that purpose is to evolve, connect, inspire, share and teach.

For now, though, my present involves lots of Kundalini yoga, meditation, staring at the sea, belly laughs with good friends, focusing on my retreat projects and working with some women here in Mexico who are beginning their recovery journey.


Oh, and beaches. Lots of beaches.

I love my life today and it has more meaning and purpose for having you in it. Thanks for still being here after all these years and you will be the first to know when I feel like I have something to write.

In the meantime, you can follow me on instagram which I can’t seem to stay away from!

Sarah xxx

My ‘Return to Wholeness’ meditation and yoga retreat in Bali is just under three months away and there are still two places available! Join me and fourteen amazing women from four countries for a week of stillness, reflection and relaxation on the shores of the north Bali sea.

balimandala buddha

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Sarahsomewhere <![CDATA[Kundalini Rising]]> 2015-05-18T18:59:56Z 2015-05-17T13:19:35Z Keep reading...]]> It all started in a yoga studio in San Francisco where I attended a Kundalini yoga and recovery workshop with Tommy Rosen, a teacher whose work I admire so much.

That first class made me cry. Sob, actually. It was a physical reaction to a breathing exercise designed to cleanse and detoxify the body and mind. In that moment, I released a long-held sadness I wasn’t even fully conscious of.

But actually, it started before that.

I began practicing Kundalini yoga before I even knew what it was. It was a meditation suggested by Gabrielle Bernstein.

At that time, I wanted to organize a meditation retreat in Bali and write a book and do lots of things I didn’t feel qualified enough or capable enough to do.

It may sound crazy, but those meditations cleared the way for me, through the mire of my mind, to allow both those projects to be born.

I literally breathed through the fear to allow them into being (the ‘book’ is now my e-retreat).

But it actually started before that.

Long before.

Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Khum Nye yoga (a Buddhist style) and even Bikram yoga.

For more than a decade I have been breathing and twisting and ommming in yoga studios around the world, and yet, I always considered myself a dabbler rather than a yogi.

Honestly, the last year of (almost) daily meditation has done more for my psyche and spirit than a decade of downward dog, but I do not discount that it all led me right here, to this moment, and to the practice of Kundalini.

Sarah Somewhere Kundalini meditation

I have two wonderful teachers here in Playa del Carmen, who lead morning classes in a beautiful palapa-style studio at ‘Posada Suuk.’

The word ‘kundalini’ refers to a coil of energy situated near the base of the spine. The practice of kundalini yoga allows this energy to rise through the chakras (energy centers), balancing them and cultivating consciousness.

Posada Suuk Kundalini

Palapa Suuk

I look forward to class so much. We chant, we sing, we breathe and we move. Most of the classes are taught in Spanish, with a few translations kindly thrown in for the English speakers, but the language of Kundalini is universal.

“Kundalini Yoga is called the Yoga of Awareness. It is a dynamic, powerful tool that is designed to give you an experience of your soul.”

This description from the 3HO website, a foundation developed to expand the practice of Kundalini in the west, sums it up better than I ever could.

Kundalini is very different different from traditional hatha yoga, and honestly, if I had walked into a class five years ago, I don’t know that I would have liked it much.

In fact, I know I was far from ready for it then. But now, I am at a point where I am willing to extend myself outside the limitations of what I once deemed as ‘normal’ to feed the deepest, truest part of me and nurture my connection with the Divine.

Which is why, when I stumbled upon an event listing on Facebook announcing a masterclass with Gurmukh, the founder of one of the largest Kundalini schools in the US, Golden Bridge, I just about fell off my chair with the serendipity of this journey.

Gurmukh Yogi Bhajan

Just several months after my first ever formal class, the Mother of Kundalini in the west and a student of Yogi Bhajan (the man who brought the practice to the US from India) came to Playa del Carmen for a one-night-only women’s workshop.

What the?

In the beautiful Yogaloft studio in downtown Playa del Carmen, I joined more than eighty women for a ‘Radiant Power of Women’ masterclass in which we sang, danced, sweated and breathed our way into our Divine feminine power and it was… magnificent.

Kundalini women

Photo by Karla Sekera

Basking in Gurmuh’s warmth and glow was a complete honor. Beneath the turban and the aura of holiness is a warm, caring and accepting woman; a woman who well and truly lives in the world and has dedicated her life to helping other people live happily within it too.

Gurmukh Yogaloft

At the workshop I bumped into one of my teachers, Karla, and found out that she was a student of Gurmukh at Golden Bridge.

The fact that I am in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, receiving the Kundalini teachings directly from those most intimate with them is such a blessing I really don’t have the words to express it.

Gurmukh Kundalini

At the end of the masterclass, Gurmukh remarked how amazing it was that in a world of seven billion people, we found ourselves in the same space.

Meeting Gurmukh instilled a greater sense of knowing in me that I am on the right path. Life keeps delivering messages about what I am meant to do and right now, it’s to keep showing up for this inner journey which continues to transform me.

I am really excited about what this new phase of it will bring.

Sarah Somewhere Kundalini

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Sarahsomewhere <![CDATA[Journey to Shine begins tomorrow!]]> 2015-05-04T01:21:58Z 2015-05-04T01:21:58Z Keep reading...]]> Tomorrow I embark on a twelve week online e-retreat with a wonderful group of souls.

If you would like to be more present and mindful in your life, release feelings of fear, blame or shame and cultivate self-love in order to shine as brightly as you were created to, then join us!

I would love you to be part of this experience.

You can preview the Journey to Shine e-retreat outline here!

And please watch my video invitation to you:

Sarah xxx

Sarahsomewhere <![CDATA[Journey to Shine: reflections from my first e-retreat]]> 2015-04-27T14:41:31Z 2015-04-27T14:33:03Z Keep reading...]]> From January to March this year, I hosted my first online retreat, ‘Journey to Shine.’ Fourteen women from four countries shared a journey of connection and transformation via the wonders of technology (namely Facebook, email, Youtube and Skype).

Journey to Shine image

As you know, it was the first event of this kind I had hosted and therefore it was uncharted territory for me. While I had written most of the content in advance, I had no idea how it would resonate with people and how they would respond in the e-retreat setting.

But I have learned that when I am called to do something with the intention of uplifting and inspiring others to their own greatness, I cannot fail, only learn.

I had a hunch that even though I was leading the e-retreat, I would also benefit from the wisdom and experiences of the other participants, but I had no idea how humbled, inspired and healed it would leave me.

Those who participated absolutely blew me away with their honesty, sincerity, vulnerability and strength.

Obviously, what happens on the e-retreat, stays on the e-retreat (it’s like a spiritual Vegas), but I can say that there were many moments throughout the twelve weeks which stopped me in my tracks and blew my heart so wide open that I felt so blessed to be able to facilitate such intimate connection.

Those moments of identification between participants are the sort of moments I live for, which can be summed up by the following words:

Me turns into we

There were several things I thought I knew before but which were completely solidified for me during this experience.

1) Connection is fertile ground for healing

Many of us isolate with our feelings of self-judgement, shame, hurt and fear, but the truth is that we all feel those things at certain times. Isolating with our feelings adds loneliness on top of it all, making it more challenging to bear.

When we see that others also experience similar feelings, our isolation lifts and we become connected to something greater than ourselves. We no longer feel alone and that in itself lightens the load we are carrying. Often, it can remove it all together.

Journey to Shine connection

2) We all need a witness to our journey

We all need another human being on this planet to witness our journey; to acknowledge our struggles, hurts, triumphs, pain and joy. We need someone to see us and to listen to us without judgement.

Many people do not have this in their lives. They have bought into the message that their journey is not important enough to be witnessed and that their pain is invalid. This leaves them crippled by never being able to show up in the world as their true selves.

It was one of the biggest privileges of my life to witness the sacred journeys of those who shared with me.

I didn’t need to fix them or change them or make them better, I simply needed to show up and say, “I see you. I hear you. I love you.”

3) Non-judgement is vital to creating a sacred space

What touched me most about the group aspect of the e-retreat was the absolute love and acceptance of all who participated. While much of the deeper sharing occurred in private (confidential) emails with me, the secret facebook group saw its fair share of interaction and I was so impressed by the love shown to every single person regardless of their beliefs.

Without needing to spell it out, we all realised that supporting each other on our different paths, rather than judging each other, promotes healing.

There is no one way to do anything and we all have something to learn from each other.

While we all had different backgrounds, beliefs and ways of relating to the world, we came together on the one thing that connects us all: Love.

The outpouring of love, support and encouragement for each person who shared themselves was truly a beautiful thing to witness.

So beautiful, in fact, that it is still going! While technically the e-retreat may be over, the facebook group is still very much in session because those who were a part of it wanted to keep sharing with each other.

I am so grateful to every single person who participated in the first ‘Journey to Shine’ and for making it the transformational experience that it was.

I feel lighter, freer and more ready to share this experience with others than ever.

On May 4 I will be beginning another journey with a new group of people.

We have a couple of males participating this time which I am thrilled about, and while the content and structure will be similar, this experience will be completely unique.

I invite you to discover the beauty of your imperfect journey with us and shine as brightly as you were created to.

Journey to Shine jewel circle

Each week we will focus on a different jewel of wisdom.

I will send 5 emails to you per week, from Monday to Friday. The first email will be a story from my personal journey. The second will usually be a reflection on the topic and the third and fourth will be practices and rituals of some kind.

The fifth email will be a video from me with some links to resources which have helped me on my path.

I will also be sending out some extra gifts, such as mindfulness meditation audios.

Each week you will have the opportunity to share your experiences with me via email, and at some point on the retreat, if you like, we can schedule a Skype session to chat about how you are going and what is coming up for you.

The secret facebook group is where we connect together and I will be posting there daily to encourage you on your journey. No-one can see who is in the group or what is posted except members. I will create an entirely new group for this retreat.

All of that, of course, is optional and if you simply want to receive the emails and observe, then that is absolutely fine too. It is completely up to you how you want to experience the e-retreat.

The investment is US$60, which is just $5 per week and you can pay however you like, weekly, monthly or in full.

If it isn’t the right time or vibe for you, I totally get that, but would REALLY appreciate you sharing the details of the e-retreat or the graphic below with anyone who you think may benefit from it.


Thank you all for your support and encouragement! You can sign up for ‘Journey to Shine’ here and feel free to email me at with any questions.

Sarahsomewhere <![CDATA[This Day Will Never Come Again]]> 2015-04-22T15:20:50Z 2015-04-22T15:20:50Z Keep reading...]]> We were having lunch in Puerto Morelos, a small town between Playa del Carmen and Cancun. It was about our third day back in the Yucatan, and we were filled with excitement about being on the Caribbean coast again.


caribbean mexico
After spending the morning exploring the beaches south of the town, we went to our favorite seafood restaurant, ‘La Pepita’ and were treated to such a delicious meal accompanied by friendly service that we could barely contain our joy.


Pepitos Puerto Morelos
‘Containing joy?’ As I wrote that I just thought about what a bizarre concept that is and why on earth we would ever want to contain joy… but I digress.
My boyfriend, who inserts the word ‘balls’ into every song he ad-libs can also, on occasion, be quite philosophical (don’t tell him I told you).


He turned to me and said, “The way we label and categorize time makes it seem as if it is an endless commodity. Like, ‘Monday’ and ‘next weekend’ and ‘next year’ make it seem like if we miss this one, we just get the next one. But that isn’t true. We will never get another day like this one. This is it.”

“Yes! This day will never come again!” I said, reciting the Herman Hesse quote I had recently heard in an online seminar by Caroline Myss:

“This day will never come again and anyone who fails to eat and drink and taste and smell it will never have it offered to him again in all eternity. The sun will never shine as it does today…But you must play your part and sing a song, one of your best. ”

― Hermann Hesse, Klingsors letzter Sommer

Puerto Morelos beach

After lunch we strolled along the small malecon next to the beach and stumbled upon Jesus and his disciples.

sand sculpture Puerto Morelos

The sand sculptures were most likely created for semana santa (holy week) and they were spectacular.

Sand art Puerto Morelos

To be honest, I did not become aware of the metaphorical thread until later. Posting pictures of the sculptures on Instagram that evening, my own inner Yoda made the connection with impermanence and the importance of appreciating the beauty of each moment.

Easy for me to say, I guess. I live on the Caribbean, am healthy and materially rich by world standards.

That is what my inner gremlin says when it wants to shit all over my Yoda.

But I know I am only able to appreciate what I have because I have become dedicated to presence. I started really practicing presence when I was absolutely miserable in Guatemala a year ago.

Moment by moment, I attempted to see the beauty of it, even when it was challenging and tough.

Time is now

For much of the last year, I wasn’t where I wanted to be. Geographically. Creatively. Emotionally.

And yet, I knew I was where I needed to be and that the miracle of breath flowing through my lungs was cause for celebration even though at times my mental and emotional state was in flux.

I think it’s normal to think of other people’s journeys as being easier than they are and that joy comes naturally to some but not others. I used to think like that. Yet I have come to see joy, presence and gratitude as practices. It has very little to do with what you have but with what you make of it.

I have practiced these things over the last few years, stumbling around in my own psyche, wrestling with it in the darkness. I’ve discovered tools which work for me. Breathing mindfully, meditation, stillness and movement all play a part at different times.

But it’s been a willingness to let go of everything which blocks me from the beauty of the moment (shame, blame, fear) which has benefited me most.

No-one can do this for me. While I may have a blessed life, I can only fully embrace it if I do the work.

Now my challenge is to not to feel like I have to contain the joy which abounds within me.

Because this day will never come again.

My time here is precious and limited and I am relishing the miracle of it like never before.

Sarah Somewhere presence

subscribe to sarah somewhereMy next e-retreat, ‘Journey to Shine’ begins May 4. For twelve weeks, I will be sharing tools, practices and stories from my personal journey to encourage you to embrace your own. This will be the last e-retreat for the year and I hope you will join me in this space of healing and transformation.

My friend Sam just wrote about her experience of participating in the e-retreat and I am so touched by the connections and discoveries she made.


Sarahsomewhere <![CDATA[At home in Playa del Carmen]]> 2015-04-19T15:30:39Z 2015-04-19T13:52:31Z Keep reading...]]> A couple of months ago, this photo appeared in my Facebook news feed and I felt a pang of homesickness.

Quinta Margarita staff

It was posted on the facebook page of Quinta Margarita, the place we called home for fifteen months of our lives.

When we decided to go back to Playa, we did look around for another place to stay in the interest of trying somewhere new. But we couldn’t find anything that lived up to Quinta Margarita and we simply had to come back home.

When I emailed our landlord, Offner, about returning, his reply was, “We look forward to welcoming you home.”

Quinta margarita rooftop

Now that we are back, I am reminded of why we can’t seem to go anywhere else in Playa del Carmen.

Quinta margarita Jardin

Firstly, we have the best landlord in Mexico (and believe me, I’ve heard horror stories). Offner is very laid back, yet he runs Quinta Margarita like a well-oiled machine. The staff are extremely friendly, from the hard working ladies in the lavenderia to the bubbly girls on the front desk to Wiburt, the amazing caretaker.

Some things have certainly changed since we have been away. Firstly, Wilbert’s English has improved a lot, so we are having fun practicing our reverse language skills with each other.

Secondly, the place has received a face lift, with new gardens, furniture, artwork and a renovated roof terrace complete with a sparkling pool (a definite upgrade from the plastic pool we used to splash around in on our first stay in 2012).

Playa del carmen roof top

The common areas have been transformed into stylish spaces for working or relaxing (and I like to do a combination of both).

Quinta Margarita terrace

Our simple studio has everything we need, including a simple kitchenette which I am happy to say we have barely used since we arrived.

Quinta Margarita Kitchen

We have absolutely loved getting back to our favourite local restaurants and have been eating like kings while spending very little. A large meal for two rarely exceeds US$10 including drinks and tip and it is SUCH a relief to not be worried about blowing the budget anymore.

ceviche playa del carmen

Tacos Playa del Carmen

Playa itself has certainly grown in the year we have been away and is showing no signs of slowing down. It’s glitzier than it’s ever been in the tourist areas, but it still holds so much beauty.

Playa del Carmen plaza

We have been walking our legs off since we arrived, exploring the different neighbourhoods to see what has changed and what is the same.

We live in the northern end of town, which has easy access to the beach, the pedestrian walkway of Fifth Avenue and the local Colosio neighbourhood with a plethora of restaurants, market stalls, concrete block houses and stores.

Colosio house Playa del Carmen

Just down from the yoga studio where I have been attending Kundalini classes is our favourite fruteria and juice store. For $1.50 you can buy a huge fresh fruit salad and just next door, green juice and coconut water.

Fruteria Playa del Carmen

On our second morning we took a long walk on the beach, heading north past all the hotels and beach clubs. We found ourselves on the most pristine beach we’ve seen on the Playa del Carmen coast and there was barely a tourist in sight.

Playa del carmen Esmerelda

Children played in a lagoon adjacent to the ocean, which I assumed was fed by seawater. Upon closer inspection, I saw that water was flowing out of the ground and didn’t smell or look like salt water. I sat on the edge and plunged my feet in to the natural jacuzzi which was refreshingly cool.

A man came over to rinse off from the sea and I asked him if it was a cenote (a fresh water hole fed by an underground river system).

He confirmed that it was and with a chuckle expressed that it was one of the few left in the area that was still free to the public.

Esmerelda Playa

The local families were certainly making the most of it and I was so thrilled to discover a new place in Playa with so much natural charm.

Playa del Carmen lagoon

Esmerelda cenote

It’s also been good to re-visit our old haunts. Though when we went to our favourite cafe, Ah Cacao, we didn’t recognize any of the new staff.

So when our usual order came out (dos cafe lattes medianos, por favor), complete with a personalized message from our favourite barista, Rene, I could have cried.



To say we are happy to be back is an understatement. Reconnecting with my friends here has been so good for my soul. It’s felt natural and easy to slip back into life here and yet, I still find it so exciting.

The last year of traveling and exploring new places has given us a renewed perspective. What were once simple pleasures like early morning beach walks and watching the sunrise over the Caribbean now feel like luxuries.

Playa del Carmen sunrise

We are grateful for the life we have here. I can only sum up how we feel with something Tyrhone said the other day on one of our many walks:

“Playa may not be perfect, but right now, it’s perfect for us.”

Sarah Somewhere Playa

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Sarahsomewhere <![CDATA[The Road to Queretaro]]> 2015-04-12T20:33:44Z 2015-04-12T20:20:45Z Keep reading...]]> Land borders fascinate me. No matter how many I cross, I am always amazed by their peculiarity. I mean, a land mass is divided into ‘ours’ and ‘theirs’ and suddenly an entire way of life comes to a halt at a man-made line.

Hard to wrap your head around, really. Especially at 6AM in the morning. Especially after six months in the US where Mexico seemed to be a distant (recurring) dream.

Laredo Texas mexican border

These days I make the effort to be present and grateful for where I am and what I have. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t long for Mexico in those last few months in the states. I did. Badly.

So when we crossed the border at Laredo, Texas, a town where the lines between Mexico and the US begin to blur, I could hardly believe we were back.

The more-than-twelve hour drive to our first Mexican destination, however, certainly gave me time to process it.

More than enough.

We rolled into the centro historico of the city of Queretaro as darkness fell upon the day, yet this didn’t manage to dull the brightly coloured facades of the buildings, the gleaming cathedral domes, or our spirits.

We were back in Mexico, baby, and it felt better than I ever thought it could.

The site of the quaint colonial hotel Tyrhone had booked us into made me melt into an emotional puddle.

quinta lucca

“Oh it’s so cute! Look at the colours! It has a well!”were among the many gushing comments I made as fatigue and excitement combined to make me feel like I’d been pulled out of anesthesia with a shot of speed.

Queretaro well

It was rather surprising to me how happy each little detail of the simple hotel room made me feel.

Quinta Lucca Queretaro

We asked the hotel receptionist if there was anything special happening in the square for Easter Sunday.

She looked a bit confused (perhaps by my terrible Spanish) and then answered, “Mmm, no. No especial.

We decided to walk down and check it out anyway, if only to grab a bite to eat and stretch our car-cramped legs.

It turned out that ‘no especial’ in downtown Queretaro on a Sunday evening included a heaving food market, public salsa dancing and blaring live music.

Queretaro mercado de comida

This is the face of a man who has been driving for 14 hours and needs a taco…

queretaro salsa

Nothing special…

As the only gringos, you’d think we’d attract a bit of attention crashing the fiesta, but no-one paid us any mention as our eyes bugged out of our heads at the array of gorditas, quesadillas, sopes, tacos and pozole being stuffed, grilled and assembled before our eyes.

We washed down a large sampling of the local offerings with jamaica, a sweet hibiscus tea.

Queretaro tacos

Then, of course, a ginormous brick of flan.

Queretaro flan

Then came the fireworks. We joined the crowd of families under the light of a nearby cathedral, craning our necks to ‘oooh’ and ‘aaah’ at the blasts of color in the night sky.

Queretaro fireworks

It was quite the welcome ceremony.

The evening was cool, but it wasn’t cold and the air was thick with a certain quality which exists in Mexico. A softness I didn’t realise I missed until I felt it again.

Much of my feelings for Mexico are indescribable. I don’t know why I love it as much as I do, because God knows it’s not perfect. It’s a little shadowy in places and downright ruined in others, yet life springs forth from it in a way which feels very natural to me.

As a result, I feel more relaxed here. Though we were only in Queretaro for two nights, I felt my whole self completely exhale with relief.

As we wandered into ancient churches and circled around the quaint squares the following day, I could barely believe that we were a day’s drive from Texas.

Queretaro architecture

Queretaro church

Three days previously, we were having breakfast at a cheap motel in Roswell, New Mexico when we were warned by a couple of well-meaning fellows about the dangers of Mexico.

Queretaro news

sarah somewhere Queretaro

I think the greatest danger of this country is that we may never want to leave again.

Queretaro Picante

Dondesubscribe to sarah somewhereMy next 12 week e-retreat, ‘Journey to Shine,’ begins May 4!

Sarahsomewhere <![CDATA[We’re Going Home]]> 2015-04-01T14:49:19Z 2015-04-01T14:49:19Z Keep reading...]]> I should be cleaning the house we are looking after right now. I should be packing. We drive to Denver to pick up the owners of the house tomorrow. Thursday, we begin the journey we have been craving for a while; the drive back ‘home’ to Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

I’ve spent almost seven years living in places other than my home city of Perth, Western Australia.

I have certainly missed my friends and family (which is when I usually ask them to come and see me!), but in all that time I cannot say I’ve ever been homesick. When I would hear people talking and writing about missing home, I could never relate. Never felt that ‘pull’ to return, never felt drawn back to my home.

That was until I found a new home, or I should say, we did.


I am still astounded that Tyrhone and I both fell in love with Playa del Carmen, the Yucatan, and the whole of Mexico as we did. We differ in our opinions on a lot of things. So I am so unbelievably thankful we both agree on our love for Playa, a place we visited on a whim and discovered a life beyond our wildest dreams.

We’re still not ready to ‘settle down’ in a permanent way. We have no interest in owning a home and we have no plans of having kids. I don’t know if we ever will. But we miss Playa. We miss the beaches and the food and the cenotes and the food. We miss our friends and our cafe and our whacky acquaintances.

Playa del carmen VW beetle

We miss walking aimlessly through the back streets and we miss our favorite mole place.

I miss the fresh juices, the yoga and my recovery community.

I miss the heat that turns a deliberate walk into a slow cruise.

I miss the Caribbean Sea like a missing limb.

Xpu ha beach Mexico

We both miss the flavor and freedom of Mexico.

We miss the lack of rules and regulations.

We miss our home.

I truly believe that timing is everything. I wasn’t taken with Playa when I first arrived because I was looking at it from the outside. After a few months of living there, however, I began to see it from within, through the people I met and the experiences I was led to. A year later, I saw it as part of me and me as part of it.

I knew I had found somewhere I belonged, which is why, of course, we left.

We aren’t ready to settle down, remember?!

I am so glad we left. I am so glad we had the adventures, mishaps and challenges we did. I am so glad we hit the lowest part of our journey in Guatemala, abandoning our plans for a central American road trip and house sat on Mexico’s west coast instead. I am glad we did this trip through the US to experience so many wonderful places and people.

desert view grand canyon

The Grand Canyon really is as grand as they say…

Glacier NP

Glacier national park is still stunning in the winter…

Colorado Ski Cooper

The Rocky Mountains are really high…

All these experiences have allowed me to grow and change and learn more about myself through the various melt-downs, break downs, epiphanies and moments of wonder they provided.

Tyrhone working hard

There was a lot of stress over Tyrhone’s flying last year. It almost broke us, but instead, it made us stronger, both individually and as a couple.

Watching him make his dream a reality has not only made me immensely proud of him, but has given me more resolve to follow my own.

I want to connect more, heal more and surrender more to who I truly am, more of the person who speaks to me in the stillness. I want to encourage others to do that too.

Tyrhone wants to fly, fly, fly! He hasn’t been able to fly at the altitude we are at, plus he tore a ligament off a bone in his ankle on his second day of snowboarding, so he is absolutely chomping at the bit to get back in the air.

I have never seen him so impassioned about anything in the almost-nine years we’ve been together, so to see him discover his ‘Thing’ has been quite miraculous (that is, if miracles include a lot of blood, sweat and tears!).

I have learned that following your heart always, always pays off and that avoiding difficulty by giving into fear doesn’t.

This journey has been immensely challenging, but the reward is that we both get to wake up every day, in love with the life we have created.

In love.

We will take that love with us wherever we go, but for now I am so glad that we get to take it, home.

Homesubscribe to sarah somewhereThank you, Americans! We have met so many wonderful people during our six month stay and we cannot thank you enough for your kindness, generosity and hospitality. Seriously, thank you for the meals, the coffees and the conversations. There are too many of you to mention but you know who you are xxx

Sarahsomewhere <![CDATA[Are you a Healer?]]> 2015-03-29T15:42:21Z 2015-03-29T15:34:19Z Keep reading...]]> I saw this on Caroline Myss’ Facebook page the other day:

Healing Caroline Myss

I thought, yes, yes I would! And I did! And it worked!

It got me thinking about the all the decisions I have made over the last few years, and how at the time I didn’t know it was healing I was seeking, when actually that is EXACTLY what I have received.

This literal journey over the least three years has been amazing. The things we have seen, done and experienced; the people we have met, the projects we have created, the skills we have learned.

But it isn’t just those things which have been the greatest gifts.

It is the internal shift I have received by showing up and doing the work I needed to do in order to heal.

Sarah Journey to Shine

Make no mistake, it takes courage and work to heal.

To face yourself fully and completely and risk having everything you thought you knew about yourself stripped away.

It’s been so rough at times. Painful. But my golly, it is has been so utterly worth it to heal my wounds and connect with who I am and what I am hear for.

Buddhist stupa

I’ve discovered that healing is in fact, exactly what I am here to do.

About five years ago, I attended a Hay House event in my home city of Perth, Western Australia. I was about five minutes sober, which meant I was completely insane.

It was the first event of that kind I had ever been to. I loved it. Like the first time I walked into a recovery meeting, I felt like I had come home.

During a break before Wayne Dyer took to the stage, I got chatting with the woman next to me.

She looked at me squarely and asked, “Are you a healer?”

I got flushed, embarrassed, like I had somehow misled her.

“Oh no,” I replied. “No,” and shrugged my shoulders, not having anything else to say.

“Hmm, not yet, maybe,” she said, giving me a knowing smile as Mr Dyer strolled onto the stage and began to speak in his deep, gravelly voice.

I’ve been thinking about that moment a lot lately.

By sharing my healing journey and connecting with others via my e-retreat, I have become aware that I am, in fact, a healer.

By that I mean that I am healing, and in doing so, I am able to hold space for others to heal.

I don’t believe I hold any special insight or powers except for what my journey has taught me. I believe that each of our journeys holds the power to heal us, if we take the time to connect with it.

There is no better quote to sum it up than this:


Without even knowing it, through my brokenness, I have become expert at mending. It is now the center of my life and my greatest joy.

I wake up every day and invite that healing power into my life. I know there are unhealed places within me and I love them anyway because they are the spaces which hold the potential for my awakening.

I am so, so grateful to my soul for leading me into this incarnation to have the experience I am having. Every single bit of it.

Five years after that moment at the Hay House event, I can say that, yes, I am a healer. It is a journey I am committed to for the rest of my life, out of sheer gratitude for the gifts I have received.

Sarah Somewhere healing

My next 12 week e-retreat, ‘Journey to Shine,’ begins May 4!

All the details of the e-retreat are here.

Sign up now and don’t pay until May. The cost is US$60 and payment plans are available.

Love and light,

Sarah xxx


Sarahsomewhere <![CDATA[Sacred Objects: A Loverope Giveaway]]> 2015-03-25T15:13:38Z 2015-03-22T15:16:58Z Keep reading...]]> Since shedding all my possessions in search of truth and freedom, I’ve experienced an interesting shift in my relationship to ‘stuff.’

I have, in fact, gathered more possessions since I left for Cambodia three years ago with a 20L backpack. The difference is that these things now serve one of the above purposes, either ‘truth’ or ‘freedom’.

We bought a car in Mexico, which easily falls into the ‘freedom’ category and was one of the best decisions we made on this journey, allowing us to drive across Mexico, Guatemala and the US.

I have bought a few pieces of clothing, most of which are brightly coloured and locally made to reflect a story of a country or place.

I’ve gathered a few pieces of jewellery with great meaning to me. A lotus flower ring I purchased in Bali to symbolize my spiritual journey and a gorgeous Mexican spiral ring given to me by my dear friend, Alison.

Beads made from Beans. Mala beads made from the sacred Rudraksha seed which I infuse with intention every time I meditate. A Guatemalan huipil. Woven blankets from Chiapas. A Montana Amethyst crystal which called to me from a basement ‘rock shop’ in Whitefish.


Books. LOTSA books to serve, inspire and entertain me on my journey.

To me, these pieces serve ‘truth’, for they are an expression of where I’ve been, who I am and who I am becoming.

So when I received an email from a young guy making simple, meaningful, jewellery, I took notice.

There was something about his email which was different to the others. It was authentic and kind and real. I checked out his website and fell in love with his mission to spread love via his creations.

Loverope is a customized, hand-stamped bracelet, to be worn as a reminder of an intention, person, emotion or thought.


I knew straight away that I wanted the Kundalini yoga mantra, ‘Sat Nam’ stamped on my bracelet, which loosely translates to ‘Name of Truth.’

Loverope sat nam

It’s a mantra I often meditate on by chanting it in time with my pulse. Having the words inscribed on a bracelet to wear at all times is a wonderful reminder of who I really am and what my purpose is –

To search for truth, discover truth, surrender to truth and express truth.


Christian from Loverope is giving away a free Loverope bracelet to one of you, to customize with your own sacred message.

The manifesto of the small company, consisting of three guys from Bavaria, Germany, is this:

LOVEROPE is a catalyst for

deep, meaningful conversations and positive energy.

We want people to share more truth, love, peace, beauty with one

another. Because it’s our essence.

We are not a jewellery company – we are movement.

Leave a comment below to go into the draw. The winner will be chosen numerically by our spirit guides.

Feel free to share your desired message and why it is meaningful to you.

If you so desire, share this post with your friends who might like to enter and follow Loverope on Instagram and Facebook which will help this young man spread his message of love to the world.


Sarah xxx

UPDATE: Thank you all so, so much for your thoughtful comments, I love all the words you chose and think humanity is in safe hands with so many loving intentions being sent into the world! The winner of the bracelet, was the  number 1 comment, Andi!!!