Sarah Somewhere » Discovering the beauty of an imperfect journey 2015-02-23T23:16:00Z Sarahsomewhere <![CDATA[Why you need to do The Thing you need to do]]> 2015-02-22T16:17:04Z 2015-02-22T16:17:04Z Keep reading...]]> You know The Thing. The Thing you day dream about, fantasize about and secretly wish for.

The Thing you are afraid to say out loud.

You need to do it.

Now listen up: We’re All Scared.

We are all afraid of putting ourselves out there, of starting something new, of expressing ourselves truthfully. We are all afraid of judgement and rejection and ridicule.

And selfishly, that is why I need you to do The Thing you need to do, like, now.

Because I need to live in a world where it is okay to try things.

I need to live in a world where showing up is celebrated.

I need to live in a world where success is measured by the passion and sincerity in ones heart.

I need to live in a world that applauds that.

I also need you to do Your Thing so I can do My Thing.

I need you to tell me about your process and I can tell you about mine. And we can laugh about our insecurities and woop it up over our failures because we know that Doing Our Thing is all we are really here for and that every time we try something and fail we are one step closer to The Actual Thing we are here to do which is all part of the crazy, beautiful process.

Start before you're ready

Before we dreamed of long-term travel and before I started my blog I tried to start a local magazine in my home city. I was going to be the over-seer, my journalist friend was going to be the writer and Tyrhone was going to be the designer.

It was going to be a free print magazine.


We designed covers, priced printing and projected advertising figures.

I thought it might be My Thing.

It wasn’t, but it passed the time until The Next Thing.

Selling it all to travel the world indefinitely and write about it seemed even crazier than a print magazine.

Ask anyone who has ever created a blog or a book or a project of sincerity hitched onto a crazy dream and I guarantee they will tell you that their hands shook and their knees knocked and their mouth turned into the Namibian desert the moment they sent their baby into the world to be rejected or accepted.

Because we do not yet live in a world where ‘trying’ is celebrated past the fifth grade. We do not yet live in a world which measures success in the amount of fear you had to overcome.

We do not yet live in a world in which people are honest about how little faith they really have in themselves because they think they are not talented/special/unique/intelligent enough.

Not Yet.

But soon.

Because as each of us show up and do The thing we need to do, we shine a little brighter. Our eyes clear and our heart opens and we feel a little more peace in our souls.

And even if we ‘fail’ in the eyes of those who measure success by numbers instead of guided, passion-filled moments, we have created proof that trying and failing does not kill us, but merely leads us to The Next Thing we need to do.

Rumi seek

So please, be honest with yourself about The Thing. I know you have one. Everyone does.

It doesn’t have to be A Big Thing and it could simply be The Next Thing.

Your head will tell you Your Thing is silly or unimportant or unoriginal, because you have been conditioned to play small. But Your Thing will find a way into the world with or without you, because it is bigger than you.

It is The Thing which creates worlds and if you do not allow it into being it will find someone who will.

So why not you?

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Sarahsomewhere <![CDATA[Reclaiming Spaces]]> 2015-02-16T15:43:42Z 2015-02-16T15:38:38Z Keep reading...]]> Before we left on this journey three years ago, my life felt fragmented. Like pieces of different jig-saw puzzles which didn’t fit together.

I remember hearing a line in a film which basically summed up how I felt all my life, “Life has a gap in it. It just does. You don’t go crazy trying to fill it like some lunatic.”

My life had been full of gaps. Covering over old, unhealed traumas created gaps, resisting my inner voice created gaps, and looking outside myself for validation created massive gaps.

I think a part of me knew when we boarded that plane to Phnom Penh that I was hoping to find the metaphoric equivalent of  ‘Selleys, No More Gaps,’ or at the very least figure out once and for all if those gaps were in fact, inevitable.

For a while the thrill of the dream and the excitement of adventure covered over the gaps, but very soon they became starkly, painfully, apparent. In fact, without busyness, fashionable clothes, possessions, a job title or old social patterns to disguise them, they seemed (and felt) bigger and gappier than ever.

Tired of allowing them to make me feel separated and different, I decided to surrender to them.

“Okay! I see you! You’re still here. You suck and I don’t like you, but I’m willing to love you because the alternative isn’t working.”

I began to accept and love the gaps and weirdly, their edges began to soften a little.

I still felt fragmented, but decided to own the different pieces of me. That was scarey. I don’t think I will ever have the words to describe how scarey, but I felt like I had to do it.

I’ve owned parts my life publicly and all of them privately. I’ve even owned those negative spaces; the places which used to feel like gaps.

Rather than looking for things outside myself to fill them, I’ve created from within them. New parts of me have expanded into those spaces and I can now see how absolutely vital and necessary they were.

Because the new parts have brought the other parts together.

This journey has given me the opportunity to explore my inner geography and reclaim lost territory, as well as discover new land.

China prayer flags

I finally feel integrated.

That doesn’t mean that there are no more gaps, it means that I now recognize them as fertile spaces that I will eventually grow new life from.

It is that distinction which now makes me feel whole.

In some ways the quote from the movie was true. Life does have a gap in it. But far from being something to fill in, it is actually an invitation to explore and expand.

Reclaiming Spaces

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Sarahsomewhere <![CDATA[My not-quite-a-book club]]> 2015-02-11T15:12:03Z 2015-02-11T15:12:03Z Keep reading...]]> I’m starting a not-quite-a-book-club thanks to a suggestion from my friend Emily! This means we read what we want, when we want and talk about ‘em! Are you in?

I’ll go first…

I have to confess to being a complete book whore. At the moment I have about five books on the go and feel out of control with my addiction to Amazon samples (They’re free! It’s try before you buy!).

But I want to highlight a few titles which have rocked my kindle app and my nightstand lately so we can exchange notes, ideas and other recommendations.


High – The Party Girl’s Guide to Peace

High Tara Bliss

I am so grateful that this gem of a book popped up in my ‘Recommended Reads’ section on Amazon. I downloaded the sample, followed the digital breadcrumbs to the website of the author – spiritual practice coach, Tara Bliss (yes, that’s her real name).

Not only is her website an amazing spiritual and life-skill resource, but she has self-published a killer book with a theme very close to my heart.

Tara is a self-proclaimed ex-party girl from Queensland, Australia. Her story of partying and traveling around the world, jumping from one destructive situation to the next really resonated with me.

High is a much needed beacon of light guiding young women out of The Party and into a life of true connection, expression and transformation.

While this is not a typical recovery book (Tara does not identify as an alcoholic or addict) it is an extremely insightful, inspiring and down-to-earth account of Tara’s journey from Party Girl to Peace Girl via a path of self love and awakening.

I truly believe that every party girl who has ever wondered if there is more to life than hangovers and heartbreak NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK. Because the answer, as Tara and her tribe so beautifully demonstrate, is a resounding YES.

The Desire Map

Desire Map

If you don’t know who Danielle LaPorte is, well, get in the know, sister! She is an absolute power house of feminine energy, creativity and abundance.

Her most recent book, The Desire Map is about getting clear on how you want to feel as a guide to living your most fulfilled expression.

It is also an excellent read about the modern spiritual path. Danielle is poetic, wicked-smart and laser sharp and I don’t know how she does everything she does, but is currently showing no signs of slowing down her contribution to the world. Check out her website for more inspiring offerings.

 Juxtaposed – Finding Sanctuary on the Outside

Juxtaposed Daisy

I introduce you to a woman I am proud to call a friend, Daisy Rain Martin. I was friends with Daisy on Facebook through my sister Holly for over a year before we met in person. She and her sweet husband hosted us in her hometown of Nampa, Idaho when we were en-route from Washington to Colorado so we were finally able to meet this truth teller and hope giver.

Her book, Juxtaposed, is a memoir about surviving horrific sexual abuse and thriving in her recovery from unthinkable trauma. Daisy is almost as witty, eloquent and opinionated in her book as she is in person. Her story broke my heart and reassembled it again, filled with more love, faith and hope (which I think is the sign of a good read).


Tracks Robyn Davidson

This book came across my path serendipitously. A friendly lady in an Asian imports store in Salida, Colorado told me about it upon hearing my Australian accent.

It is an account of Robyn Davidson’s 1700 mile journey across the Australian desert with camels.

Now, if that is not enough of a hook to get your attention, it is probably not the book for you, but while I haven’t finished it yet (sometimes I like to savor books so that I don’t have to say goodbye to the characters) I am loving it.

It’s certainly not a new book and the story is set in the seventies which paints a gritty and frighteningly accurate picture of outback Australia, complete with its inherent sexism, racism and brutality.

There is also a harsh beauty present within the story and I have to say, reading it makes me extremely homesick for rural areas of the sunburned country. If my Mum is reading this, you need to read this book!!!


The above (STUNNING) image is from the recently released photographic depiction of the journey.

Recovery 2.0

Recovery 2.0

I am including this book here (even though I have written about it before) because I think the movement it has inspired is the single greatest contribution to recovery and addiction awareness since the twelve steps.

In fact, it builds upon the foundation of the twelve steps and brings them into the 21st century by integrating a holistic approach of meditation, diet, yoga and other mind-body-spirit practices.

I was lucky enough to attend a workshop with Tommy in San Fransisco and am currently glued to his free online conference which is the most insightful, honest, open dialogue on addiction recovery today (this includes food and behavioral addiction, not just substances).

I truly think that every parent, parent-to-be, aunt, uncle and grandparent on the planet should tune into Tommy’s work as a gift to the next generation.

I hope you enjoy some of my latest not-quite-a-book-club titles and will offer your own recommendations for others in the comments below!

If you want to write your own not-quite-a-bookclub reviews on your blog, tag me on social media and use the #notquiteabookclub hashtag so I can read them, share them  and feature them in next month’s post!

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Sarahsomewhere <![CDATA[I’m Bringin’ Sacred Back]]> 2015-02-08T15:20:25Z 2015-02-08T15:12:44Z Keep reading...]]> When I was a little Catholic school girl, I purchased ‘holy cards’ featuring beloved saints from the church gift store and arranged them on a shelf in my bedroom next to my rosary beads, crucifixes and a mini-bible.

That bible was so damn cute. I never did get around to reading it, though. I just couldn’t get past the Old Testament.

I also remember buying a receptacle in which to house holy water. I took it to the priest to be blessed. It amazed me that the water was more special because of that and I wanted it ‘on tap’ in my bedroom for whenever I had a burning desire to bless myself, my dolls or my cat.

Twenty five years later, a lot more of has passed under the bridge (not all of it holy).

I have found myself on a path of discovery which is less informed by a particular religion than the insights provided to me by my own experiences and interactions.

Hosting my online retreat has brought me into close examination of the practices and tools which I have gathered in my spiritual basket and though they are varied, I have noticed that I am leaning toward bringing the ‘sacred’ back into my daily life.

Aside from my Catholic upbringing which was really more about going to school and church and blindly taking the sacraments so I could get a new dress or pair of shoes for the occasion, I was never really guided to discover the sacredness of every day life.

It is something I am only just discovering at 34 years of age and so I need a little help to bring it into my awareness.

Jala Blu altar

The altar at my local yoga studio, Jala Blu

I’ve mentioned that I have started bringing more ritual into my life, though being allergic to routine, my rituals are constantly changing depending on how I feel on the day.

I do find that designing a space for my morning meditation and devotion helps. Not only that, it is really fun for a nomad who doesn’t own a lot of stuff to create a little spiritual haven wherever I go.

sacred space

It is certainly a little more difficult in a crack-den motel than, say, a spacious log cabin, so I am not always successful in creating my sacred space, but I do try.

My beloved cushion that I picked up in Rajasthan, India has survived my many culls of possessions due to this fact.

meditation cushion

It is bright and colorful and reminds me of a wonderful day when our rickshaw broke down and we decided to go shopping! I stuff it with my Nepalese blanket and my shawl from Chiapas, Mexico, to provide comfort to my derriere while I breathe and connect with my inner self.

I’ve also begun creating altars, though today they look a little different than my childhood one.

Altar sacred

Rarely are they fancy, in fact they are often hastily constructed from items I deem of value that day. Almost always they consist of incense, a candle, a crystal and my recovery chips.

Reminders of what is important to me; light, clarity, authentic expression and well… I just love incense because I think if God had a smell she would smell like that.

Sometimes I’ll chuck on some Krishna Das and chant along to really up the ante. He sings ancient Sanskrit chants to modern music which are believed to evoke the Divine in their uttering.


Essential oils create fragrances which feed the soul and make connecting with the sacred more of a sensory experience.

sacred altar

No more boring hymns, scary confessions or penance for me.

I’m taking out the mundane, the restrictive and the rigid and bringin’ sacred back in a way which translates Divinity, love, abundance, fun, femininity and creativity into a language my soul understands.

I also love to burn shit.

Burning ritual

Sage, letters, ideas and old resentments all get put into the fire and their ashes returned to the Earth.


It’s a powerful ritual that I once would have scoffed at, but now appreciate because I know how much intention matters.

I love that when I open myself up to the sacred, I am constantly met with more ways to connect. The other day a friend happened to send me a link to a Labyrinth locator, and though I had never heard of walking them as a spiritual practice, two days later I found myself at the center of one, seeking clarity about an issue I’d had.

sacred labyrinth

Labyrinth protocol

It was in the next town behind the local cafe and I had no doubt walked past it numerous times without noticing. You’d think I’d be used to serendipitous stuff like that by now, but it still blows me away.

I also get really excited when I find a book on a dusty shelf in the back of a thrift store which I believe has been placed there by the universe, just for me.

Happiness book

I think what I love most about this journey is re-discovering a child-like wonder about the world.

Believing in miracles again and having fun with it. I try not to take it too seriously, but I have a rising devotion to the sacred which makes me feel centered and whole more than any other aspect of my life.

It is the perfect accompaniment to a life spent writing about myself on the internet and the ongoing neurosis associated with that.

Though I am often distracted by the desire for success, security and validation, I know that life is really just one sacred moment after another and it contains far more richness and magic when I am awake enough to experience them.

That is why:

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Sarahsomewhere <![CDATA[House Sitting at 9,000 ft]]> 2015-02-02T15:00:16Z 2015-02-02T15:00:16Z Keep reading...]]> We are almost one month into our three month house sitting stint in Twin Lakes, Colorado; a mighty 9,000 ft above sea level.

Colorado housesitting

We were expecting a very rustic home, but on arrival it was clear that the owners undersold it.

Home on the range

We spent a week with them before they left so they could teach us the lay of the land.


Tyrhone was put to work, chopping wood for the stove heater.


I began working on winning the affection of the Queen of the house.

Twin Lakes

Soon after we arrived, the owners took us to the actual Twin Lakes. We walked on frozen water as ice fishermen huddled under heated tents.

“They must be desperate to escape the wife,” I mused through chattering teeth.

frozen lake Colorado

Then it was time to hit the slopes and make the most of our season passes to the local resort, ‘Ski Cooper’. Having not snowboarded for seven years, I was a bit nervous but picked it up better than I expected.


After a day on the beginner slope to get our confidence up, we hit the ‘big hill’ and were having a blast until Tyrhone took a tumble in powder and twisted his ankle.

Being strapped into a sled and taken down the mountain by the medic was not the start to the season we had hoped for, but thankfully it was a minor injury.

Jala Blu Yoga Buena Vista

Brown dog cafe

In the meantime I’ve discovered my local yoga studio, ‘Jala Blu’, and my favourite cafe, ‘Brown Dog’. Both are located in the quaint town of Buena Vista, 20 miles away.

Green Bay packers

The owner of the home is a Green Bay Packers fan and converted Tyrhone before he left. So between his new-found interest in American Football and a sudden rush of web design work, he has kept busy while he recovers (and yes, we watched the Superbowl yesterday).


The weather recently heated up here, so I headed out for a hike on a local trail, grateful for blue skies and crisp mountain air.


It is stunningly beautiful here. We are surrounded by amazing vistas which are constantly changing along with the temperatures.


Last week I seriously thought Colorado had decided to cancel winter. I sat outside in shorts and gave myself a pedicure!

Pedi Colorado

The snow has since started to fall again, which is a good thing as we prepare to hit the slopes in a week or so.


Most days we pinch ourselves that we get to live this life.

House sitting inside

‘The hunter’s lodge,’ as we call it, is warm, cozy and comfortable.


Lazy mornings in bed are a winter luxury I am relishing.

Sunrise Twin Lakes

With sunrises like this, however, waking early is also a treat (thankfully, since the kitty wakes us up before dawn most mornings!).


Meaningful work, time to explore new places, a comfortable home to stay in and an adorable fur baby to pour our love into have created a great balance between creativity, relaxation and adventure.

The journey keeps getting better and I wouldn’t trade this ‘free range life’ for anything.


subscribe to sarah somewhereIf you are interested in house sitting, the sites we use are Trusted Housesitters and House Carers.

If you would like to learn more about photography, my friend Ashlie is starting a six week online photography workshop on February 23!

Want to learn how to travel the world long-term? My friend Kim has just launched Travel School and is offering a 20% discount if you register before Feb 9.

Sarahsomewhere <![CDATA[The Dance of Nothing]]> 2015-01-26T17:26:51Z 2015-01-26T17:22:57Z Keep reading...]]> In week two of my e-retreat we discussed discovering our Divinity and practicing presence. I mostly focused on stillness meditation via the breath, but also another practice which has been instrumental in connecting my mind to my body to my soul: dance.

I call it a Divine Dance Party For One and I have been practicing it for a while.

It’s dancing like no-one is watching (because they’re not) to your favorite, most uplifting music and letting it all go.

While stillness has played a big part in my level of awareness, I gotta say that sometimes, stomping it out through my feet is the only way I get completely free.

I’ve danced for as long as I can remember, first on the coffee table, then the trampoline and then in formal settings where steps and skills and competition were the focus.

Sarah kid small

I loved it, but it became problematic for me, so I stopped.

Talking about dance in our e-retreat facebook group the other day, however, I was able to verbalize a truth which has been buried within me for a long time; “Dance is my most natural expression, it’s when I feel most me.”

I also shared that in 2010 on retreat in Bali our meditation teacher Gisela took us through a class of the ‘5 Rhythms,’ a free movement meditation developed by Gabrielle Roth. Moving through the five rhythms of Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness, we allowed our bodies to lead the way and tell its story without steps or instruction.

The biggest challenge is to allow self-judgement to fall away. After we moved through the rhythms we were encouraged to dance freely… like no-one was watching, because they weren’t. Everyone was ensconced within their own rhythm and movement.

It was one of the most magical experiences of my life.

Bringing this to the forefront of my awareness again shifted something for me. On Thursday I Googled the 5 Rhythms and saw that there was a workshop the following day in the nearby town of Salida.

I got excited. Then I got shit-scared.

So I outed myself on the ‘Journey to Shine’ facebook group to make myself accountable.

Thank God for those women, because if it weren’t for them and the serendipitous chain of events which led me to do that Google search (thank you Karyn and Sarah!), I would not have danced myself silly for FOUR hours on Friday.

Visudha De Los Santos, a teacher and healer from Taos, New Mexico led the class. She only visits Salida for workshops a few times per year. To say the timing was cosmic was an understatement.

She said little, but her presence was powerful. Strong yet nurturing, she DJ’d an amazing set to naturally draw the rhythms from our bodies.

My fear wasn’t of not enough, but of too much, which is equally destructive. So I knew there was no other option for me but to completely let it go.

I allowed my feet to stomp out my story.

I gave my body permission to move in its most natural way.

It wasn’t about aesthetics, but an internal rhythm being expressed outwardly; the true purpose of dance.

I rode the waves of energy pulsating through me, at times becoming completely exhausted and spent.

.“The more you dance, the more you sweat. The more you sweat,

the more you pray. The more you pray, the closer you come to


- Gabrielle Roth, ‘Sweat Your Prayers’

Miraculously, more energy would move into me, coaxed by the music. Any time drumming, African or tribal music of any kind came over the speakers, my body would translate the beat into movement without effort.

In fact, the releasing of effort was the whole point. Surrendering to the motion and the rhythm without thought.

We identified fear and released it. The same for judgement and perfectionism. We literally threw them out the door.

By the time the afternoon session rolled around, I was mostly dancing with my eyes closed, detecting waves of inner energies and releasing them.

There were tears.

There was overriding joy.

At one point, my eyes firmly shut and my body telling its story to the space, I lost myself.

Nothing existed except the undulations of movement and I disappeared into the core of that, within it and without it at the same time.

The sheer ecstasy of that is like nothing I have ever experienced. Not on any stage or in any structured dance class.

 “Throughout human history,

people have been searching for something…

A drink from the river of life,

that stirs the soul awake

mystics, poets, madmen, artists, prophets and saints

describe the journey as….

                                          The Dance of Nothing”

I found home in The Dance of Nothing, as though it had been calling me since birth; calling me to return to myself.

At about the three hour mark, Visudha cried through the microphone, “DO YOU DARE TO SURRENDER YOUR LIFE TO YOUR SOUL?!”

I danced out my answer to that question, surrendering everything I had to the rhythm moving within me, expressing through me, daring me to allow it.

She posed the question, do we dare? Do we dare live the natural rhythm of our unique life force? Do we dare allow our soul its most authentic expression; to expand itself through us via the vessel of our physical bodies?

My answer was yes.

I dare.

Sarah Somewhere Dance 2subscribe to sarah somewhereSee the website, 5Rhythms, for information on teachers, workshops, classes and more.

Sarahsomewhere <![CDATA[Burn it Down to Light it Up: A Ritual of Rebirth]]> 2015-01-21T18:28:42Z 2015-01-21T18:04:10Z Keep reading...]]> Ever want to tear down something you created and start something entirely new? A blog you wrote, a house you built, a painting you did, a photo you took, a child you birthed… kidding.

My creative fire is burning, burning, but I feel stuck.

candle light

I feel trapped in my own creation, cornered by judgement and expectation (of my own making).

I’ve thought about starting another blog. But why would I need to do that? I already have one.

When I was a kid I kept a diary and whenever I would read an entry from the previous week, month or year I would tear it out because I couldn’t bare the proof of my naivety.

This is the longest I’ve been able to bear it, but I’ve been getting that ‘tearing down’ feeling again.

Nothing stays the same. Everything changes.

Especially me.

So, I’m burning it all down. Figuratively.

I’ve started inviting more ritual into my life. Because thoughts are things and intentions matter.

Intentions are matter, in the process of becoming.

We are powerful creators. Sometimes in order to create, we need to tear down that which no longer serves us.

I’m surrendering it all to the fire.


Allowing everything I thought I knew to smoulder and transmute into a different energy.

Lit Up by the flames.

I don’t know where I’m going. I thought I did, but evolution moves faster than real time. I can’t keep up so I’m gonna let it burn, burn, allowing the ashes to smoulder.

I can’t maintain something which no longer exists.

I can’t try to create something either, I have to allow that which wants to be created through me.

Prepare the space for the unfolding. Release control.

Allow. Breathe. Relax.

Throw it all into the cosmic fire.

Let it burn to the ground.

Destruction, rebirth, repeat.

Nothing in the past exists.

Every moment is virginal.

This breath is the first breath.

And so it begins… again.

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Sarahsomewhere <![CDATA[2015: The Year of Expansion]]> 2015-01-04T17:02:19Z 2015-01-04T16:57:51Z Keep reading...]]> My friend Laurie just published a beautiful post in which she named her word for the year. Rather than make a resolution or several, she selects a word to set the tone for the year. Hers for 2015 is ‘savor’.

I think that is a wonderful word.

It got me thinking about what mine is and I have decided that 2015 will be the year of ‘expansion.’

I feel the energy of that word coursing through me right now as I write this.

I am riding a wave of positive momentum which arose from some challenging times last year, most of which were created by my limited thinking.

Expansion is always occurring, which is why we feel so crappy when we are out of alignment with it.

That crappy feeling can give way to some pretty amazing revelations though, as was my experience.

It brought me back to myself in a deeper way and made me get clear on what I really want to do.

I faced the inevitable fear which arose from changing course, but since becoming intimate with it, it no longer had the power to keep me playing small.

I planned a meditation and yoga retreat in Bali, putting my faith to the test. When I hit publish on the announcement, it felt like free-falling, much like when we left our jobs and sold our home to travel.

I have learned that the things we are meant to do feel like free-falling at first.

It means we are charting new territory and creating something new (usually ourselves).

When we follow our bliss into something, however, we have the laws of the universe at our back (and front and left and right; above and below and within).

Universe selfie

We cannot fail. We can only learn.

I have learned that I must have faith in my own worth before anyone else will. And I do. I finally do. I falter a bit, of course, but then I only need to feel my beating heart to remember my worthiness is inherent.

Perhaps another word for this year could be ‘manifestation,’ because I feel like the seeds I planted in stillness (and doubt, and confusion) last year are finding their way through fertile soil into the light.

When I look toward the year ahead, I see that our ideas, like seeds, carry the potential for manifestation within them. All we need to do is plant and water them.

Tomorrow I will begin a twelve week journey of connection and transformation with a wonderful group of people. (JOIN US!!!)

Journey header

Between sharing and connecting on the e-retreat, I’ll be learning to snowboard (again). It’s been years since I’ve done it, and back then I didn’t have the time, conditions or mental clarity to enjoy it.

We applied for a three-month house sit in Colorado due to its proximity to a ski resort with well priced season passes. It’s a new experience for us to live in below freezing temperatures at 9,000 ft but one which we are really excited about.

Leadville house

More ideas have expanded into reality and I feel like we really can do whatever we believe we can.

We are the creators of our destiny and also our limitations.

I’m sure the next three months will throw up some challenges, but I know they will only serve in expanding my ideas about myself and what I can do.

I don’t have any resolutions or goals for this year, but I have a clearer vision of what I am walking toward. And with every step, I will be expanding into fuller expression, more creativity, deeper presence and greater service.

I’ll be headed to Bali in August to meditate with 11 amazing women (and counting!) for a week. (JOIN US!!!)

I recently received an email from a woman I’ve never met who is giving herself the gift of the Bali retreat for her birthday and taking the leap to do something she has never done before. It became very clear to me that only by expanding ourselves beyond our limitations can we encourage others to do the same.

And I hope to do much more of that together in 2015. I hope your year is filled with the blessings of your choosing!

Let go

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Sarahsomewhere <![CDATA[The Power of No]]> 2014-12-29T18:07:12Z 2014-12-29T18:01:04Z Keep reading...]]> This will be title of my second book, if I ever finish the first one. I’ll get to cash in on Eckhart Tolle’s Amazon searches and make a mint!

power of no

But seriously, with ‘the silly season’ upon us I have been thinking a lot about the power of that little word, ‘no’.

Anyone else have trouble with this word? I sure have. It has plagued me with its miniscule elusiveness and my inability to utter it when I want to.


It sounds so simple, so why have I always had such a hard time with it?

Because saying ‘no’ means not giving people what they want in favour of what I want.

It’s a self-esteem issue through and through and I since am a recovering people pleaser from way back, I’ve been experimenting with this powerful little word.

Because, you see, I am developing a pretty clear vision of how I want to live.

Slow. Connected. Inspired. Free.

I love my own company more than I ever have and I gather my energy in stillness, not through busyness.

I am more concerned these days with what I think about myself than what other people do.

Believe me, this is massive turn around from how I lived the first 30 years of my life, which is why I am still finding my feet with it. But with the new year (and my 34th birthday) almost upon us, I am thinking about the things I am saying ‘no’ to in order to make space for my deepest desired ‘yesses.’


Yep, I am saying ‘no’ to the force which has driven me through most of my life. Whether it’s striving for ‘success’ or popularity or creative accomplishment, I am saying no to that urgent, impatient way of getting there so that I can say yes to following my bliss and know that all I desire will manifest in divine timing.


I have pretty much let go of my old friend, ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ but I do occasionally use the word ‘should’ in regards to our travels. The truth is, I like doing nothing in exotic places sometimes. This is my life, not a vacation and like the seasons, my energy ebbs and flows, along with my desires.

I want to honour that and listen to my inner being, rather than stick to pre-determined schedule.

We’ll be spending my birthday and New Years’ eve in Salt Lake City on our way to Colorado for a house sit and I can think of nothing I’d rather do than stay in the hotel room eating Thai food and watching TV. If Mick Dodge or The Kardashians is on, I will be the happiest girl alive.


Of myself and others. Letting go of the jury in my head who analyzes every interaction. I lose my cool, I react negatively sometimes, I have ‘a past’ but I am human and so is everyone else. I don’t hold any grudges to any person on the planet, so why should I hold any against myself?

We are all just trying to find our way in this world and I truly think the ultimate lesson down here is compassion. For ourselves. For our fellow humans. We may have different opinions and ways of doing things, but there are reasons for that and many of us are the product of our experiences.

Things that don’t bring me Joy

If it’s not going to raise the joy-meter, I’m not doing it. That goes for all things professional and personal.

I’d rather have a few, high-quality relationships and focus on a couple of deeply satisfying projects than try to be everything to everyone.

Of course, I will wander off course with this one because I am still figuring out what I want, but I have begun to follow my joy into everything I do. No more putting it off until tomorrow ‘until I get this done or keep that person happy.’

Saying a (simple, respectful) ‘no’ to the noise ‘out there’ allows me to say a resounding “Hell Yes!” to the things which matter to me: Time. Stillness. Self-love. Presence. Joy. Freedom. Connection. Creativity. Adventure.

The things we love are the things we’re meant to do, and since those things are different for everyone it is vital to get clear on them so we can be true to ourselves.

I don’t think we will have a true sense of fulfillment until we do.

As 2015 approaches, I encourage you to say no to whatever is preventing you from saying YES to that which lights you up from the inside out.

For you will be doing yourself and the world a BIG favour when you do.

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Sarahsomewhere <![CDATA[Merry Christmas! Here’s a gift!]]> 2014-12-24T17:16:06Z 2014-12-24T17:16:06Z Keep reading...]]> Wishing you all a very merry Christmas from Vancouver, Washington (just outside Portland, Oregon) where we are house sitting for the holidays!

We arrived to a beautifully decorated home, complete with a real Christmas tree (I know this is common in the US, but less so in Australia).

It is decorated beautifully with twinkling lights which is such a treat for two minimalist vagabonds like us!

Christmas tree

The owners of the home were so friendly and welcoming to us and even left us a present under the tree. How kind is that?

I wanted to pass on that sentiment and give you a gift to say thank you. For reading and following and connecting and helping me do what I love.

sarahsomewherejourneyIt is an original artwork by the exceptionally talented Lauren Younis. I love her writing, her spirit and her beautiful art so much that I asked her to make this for you.

You can print it, save it as a screen saver or frame it and give it to someone you love (just right click and save).

I think Christmas is the perfect time to go easy on ourselves, release perfectionism and accept ourselves exactly as we are.

In mildly related news, I saw the Wild movie yesterday!!!

Wild movie

Oh my God. One of my favourite reading experiences just become my favourite viewing experience. Talk about a beautiful, imperfect journey!

I laughed. I cried. Then I cried some more.

Pieces of me were healed by this film that I didn’t know were still wounded and I left the theatre feeling more acceptance of my own journey than ever before.

It reiterated the power of story telling for me and I am more inspired than ever to own all the pieces of myself and my story.

Tyrhone saw it begrudgingly with me but loved it so much he now wants to hike the Pacific Crest Trail! Eek!

I hope you get the chance to see it.

Blessings to you all and merry Christmas from me and the bearded one (who is fitting in quite well in Washington state and Oregon).

sarah Somewhere Oregon waterfall

“It was my life – like all lives, mysterious and irrevocable and sacred. So very close, so very present. So very belonging to me.” – Cheryl Strayed, Wild.

Sarah xxx

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