Essentially Yours – November offerings!

Hi friends!

I’m really stoked to be an advocate for doTERRA essential oils because they rock my world.

These oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade – 100% natural and responsibly sourced.

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What are essential oils?

They are naturally occurring aromatic compounds found in the stems, roots, leaves and flowers of plants.

doTERRA means ‘Gift of the Earth’ because essential oils are exactly that – Mother Nature’s way of protecting and rejuvenating herself.

How do I use them effectively?

They can be used topically, aromatically or internally to provide emotional, mental and physical benefits.


Apply directly to the skin, such as Lavender or Frankincense for skin irritations, or ‘Deep Blue’ blend for muscle pain.

Melaleuca is the ‘go-to’ for cold sores (believe me, I’ve been suffering with them for years).

Apply to the soles of the feet and allow the ancient science of reflexology to do it’s work with the help of Mama Nature.


Place a drop in the palms of the hands, rub together and inhale.

Diffuse into the air (non-heating diffusers allow the compounds to remain in the air for hours).

Use as a non-toxic perfume. Essential oil aromatherapy


Sip ‘Slim and Sassy’ metabolic blend in your water.

Add Lemon, Peppermint or Wild Orange to smoothies.

Use Basil, Black Pepper or Rosemary to enhance your cooking.

Take one of the many amazing supplements created by doTERRA for cellular health.


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November is the perfect time to open a wholesale account with doTERRA and receive amazing deals.

For Australians:

If you join with an order of 100PV and then place another 100PV order in December, you will receive 100PV of product points to claim on FREE product!!!

This is a seriously amazing deal and a great way to get started with essential oils.

For US residents:

If you join with an order of 100PV and then place another 100PV order for December, you will receive the Lifelong Vitality Pack of 3 essential oil supplements, valued at over $100 for FREE.

Essential oils gift of the Earth

With Christmas approaching, you could effectively do your Christmas shopping with doTERRA and receive free products in the process (although, they are so good you’ll want to keep them).

Handmade essential oil body spritzers, sugar and salt scrubs and room sprays make incredible, thoughtful, and life-affirming gifts.

It’s only $35 to set up a wholesale account, which gives you 25% off retail prices and the option to earn Loyalty Rewards Points on every purchase. This fee is waived if you purchase an essential oil kit.

There is no monthly minimum required, you will have full control over your account online (another reason I love this company) and delicious oils delivered straight to your door.

You’ll also join my global community of essential oil lovers and have access to a wealth of support, education and information.

European, Canadian and Mexican residents can also access doTERRA wholesale prices!!

You can download the full product guide here.

To set up your wholesale account, please drop me a line at sarah(dot)somewhere(at) so I can support you.

Sarah Somewhere Sarah Chamberlain

Happy Holidays xxx