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Welcome to Essentially Yours, a community of people who are experiencing the benefits of doTERRA essential oils.

In Latin, ‘doTERRA’ means ‘Gift of the Earth.’

By reaching for Pure, Therapeutic Grade essential oils before toxins, we elevate our environment, our mood, our homes, our health and ultimately, our lives.

These potent, powerful plant-based beauties have enhanced my life immensely which makes passing on the gift extremely easy.

doTERRA Bali

I first thought that essential oils just smelled good (which they do!) but have since been blown away by the many benefits they offer, both topically and internally.

Peppermint has become my go-to mouthwash. My tired feet sing for the ‘Deep Blue’ blend after a day of walking and a drop of Wild Orange in my water bottle makes staying hydrated an uplifting treat.

DoTERRA wild orange water

The more I use the oils, the more I discover their many practical uses. A few drops of Lemon or Eucalyptus oil in a spray bottle of water makes a great smelling non-toxic kitchen bench cleaner!

Natural cleaner

When you think about how much money you spend on cleaning products for your home, perfumes and store-bought skin care, an essential oil lifestyle is not only better for health, but your wallet.

Essential oils also make amazing gifts.

essential oils and flowers I am so happy to share the health, wealth and wellness benefits of essential oils with you!


However you want to integrate essential oils into your life, I warmly welcome you!

Wide doTERRAReady to get started and learn how Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential oils can elevate your life?

Drop me a line for at sarah(dot)somewhere(at)hotmail(dot)com.

You can also learn about doTERRA oils by watching three short videos here.

On the wonderful doTERRA DIY blog, you can discover recipes and learn how to create your own home and healthcare products from scratch with no nasty fillers or toxins (I love this blog).

From my personal doTERRA site, you can absolutely purchase oils at retail price by clicking on ‘Shop,’ but I invite you to click ‘Join and Save’ to receive wholesale prices for life (this is the best way to save and grow your essential oil collection, whether for personal use or business building).

This way, you receive 25% off retail prices, are eligible for special offers, can earn commission on your recommendations, set up your own personal website like mine and, if you decide to join the awesome Loyalty Rewards Program, you will receive up to 30% back in free product points.

You will also become a member of my global team of Wellness Advocates and gain access to the Facebook groups and support systems I use to grow my knowledge and business.

*For Aussies, here is the lowdown on purchasing a local kit which offers great value and waives the $35 fee for becoming a wholesale member.

*US kits are here.

Drop me a line at sarah(dot)somewhere(at) and let me know how I can support you.

Shine On!

Sarah xxx

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