Doctors, Hospitals and Dentists in Playa del Carmen

Here is some information on hospitals, doctors and dentists in Playa del Carmen who I have some knowledge of, either personally or from recommendations by friends.


There are many local medical clinics around town, though thankfully we haven’t had the need to go to many.

We did attend the ‘Playa International Clinic’ on Avenida 10, near Calle 30 when Tyrhone hurt his neck, and received pretty good care. The prices are directed at tourists, so it is more expensive than the local clinics.

Later in the year, Tyrhone’s persistent neck problem led us to Doctor Hernandez at Hospiten private hospital, a GP who referred us to Doctor Corona, the traumatologist. They both speak fluent English and gave him excellent care.

I saw Doctor Mariel Pliego, also at Hospiten, for my annual gynaecological appointment (remember to keep up your pap smear tests and breast exams on the road ladies!). She is very friendly, professional and speaks fluent English.

For basic prescriptions and minor illness like coughs and colds, there are many local medical clinic around town that charge a mere 35 Pesos ($3) for a consultation.  I haven’t used one myself, as most medications for minor ailments are available over the counter at Pharmacies in Playa del Carmen.


Hospiten, Carreterra federal, southern end of town past the entrance to Playacar

Phone: +52 984 803 1002

Hospiten is a private hospital with excellent doctors and facilities. For emergencies and for serious medical issues, this is where I would go.

I must mention, however, that the clerical staff are not exactly efficient, and that they do tend to overcharge tourists.

I suggest when making an appointment, you say you live in Playa del Carmen (I have never been asked to show proof) and ask how much the consultation is (to my knowledge, appointments have recently gone up to 600 Pesos, or $50). When you arrive at the front desk, confirm the price you were quoted.

When it comes to paying the bill, double check all charges and if is higher than you were quoted, ask for it to be amended.

Emergency Clinic, Calle 2, cnr Avenida 25

I haven’t been to this clinic myself, but have heard good reports about it and it is definitely cheaper than Hospiten.

General Hostpital of Playa del Carmen, Avenida Constituyentes and 135th Av, in the Ejido

I have not visited the public hospital in Playa del Carmen, but they do offer medical care to locals and foreigners at a standard rate. I cannot vouch for the care being either good or bad.


There are many Dental clinics around Playa del Carmen, but not all are created equal, as we found out the hard way. One dentist who comes recommended by many ex-pats is Dr Jorge Armenta.

His clinic is on Calle 6 bis between Avenida 30 and 35. We have not been here ourselves, I’m just passing on a recommendation I’ve received from several ex-pats. He is not the cheapest but I have heard good reports about his work. Phone: 984 873 2816.

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