Divine Dance

What is Divine Dance?

Divine Dance is a fun, uplifting free-movement practice I created out of my desire to get people dancing in a non-judgemental space.

Sarah Chamberlain Divine Dance

Where it all began…

I began dancing as soon as I could stand up and continued throughout my life in various competitive and formal settings, but found that I was considered ‘past my prime’ at the ripe old age of 23. Can you imagine?

Thinking my dancing days were over (except within the hallowed halls of nightclubs or on sprawling festival grounds), I began working and traveling around the world, catching an odd dance class here and there but always feeling unfulfilled by the limiting structure of the classes I attended.

That was until I attended a day-long conscious dance workshop in Salida, Colorado in early 2015. The workshop, led by the amazing Visudha de los Santos, awakened me to the healing power of dance.

That day, I danced for four hours straight and moved through much of the shame, self-judgement, fear and perfectionism which had kept me imprisoned for most of my life. 

sarah dance jump

Though I didn’t realise it at the time, that was the day Divine Dance was born.

Upon returning to my adopted home of Playa del Carmen, Mexico, I began leading Divine Dance sessions with a group of women in my local community.


Drawing upon my dance, yoga and meditation experience, I created Divine Dance as a self-nurturing practice to assist women to return to their bodies, their hearts and their joy.

yoga loft dance

Set to an eclectic and uplifting musical playlist, a Divine Dance session begins with a guided warm up, followed by an open session to discover your own dance. The session finishes with self-guided stretching, relaxation and then finally, a short guided meditation focusing on self-love.

The focus of the practice is on the inner experience of dance rather than the outer appearance.

By allowing the movement to be the guide (rather than the mind which tends to judge and control), we are open to receive the ‘medicine’ our body and soul needs on any given day.

sarah dance head back

Every dance is different as it is born anew in each moment, creating itself as an offering of our Divine essence. There is no such thing as a ‘right or ‘wrong’ movement, nor is there any such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ on the Divine Dance floor.

Every expression is welcomed, accepted and allowed to be exactly as it is, and in this way we cultivate the same attitude toward ourselves, realizing that we are dynamic, ever-changing beings who require no improvement.

By meeting ourselves in the dance, exactly as we are, we connect with our own essence and discover that we are unique, whole, loved and yes, divine. 

Divine Dance has brought me home to my body, my heart, and my soul. It has allowed me to move through the world with more freedom, creativity and spontaneity.

It has had a positive impact on the women I’ve had the pleasure of dancing with, and it’s the greatest joy and honor of my life to share this practice with anyone who will benefit from it (and I believe we all will!).

Right now, I lead Divine Dance sessions for women in Playa del Carmen, Mexico as well as retreats in Bali and Mexico.

Divine Dance party Bali

Divine dance Playa del carmen

 “Thank you for cracking open my world and filling it with dance!” – Steph, Mexico

“Divine Dance is awakening something deep within me – I love it!” – Ashlie, USA

I hope to see you on the dance floor!

Sarah xxx