You Can Still Earn a Living While at a Retreat with These Part-time Ideas

Are you wanting to go on a retreat but worried about how you’ll pay for it or how you won’t be earning money whilst you’re away ? Well the good news is you can make money while you’re away to facilitate your stay without it intruding on your stay.

Realistically we don’t all have the disposable income or time to be able to jet off and do these things without this concern however this shouldn’t hold you back from such experiences. So below are some ideas which can earn you money on a part-time basis;


Trading Online

Don’t run away just yet, this is one of the easiest and increasingly more popular ways to make money. Unlike in the past when trading was solely offline, technology has made it possible for people to trade from their computers, tablets or smartphones without the need of even leaving the house. There are plenty of online resources which can help you get started with little or no experience whatsoever. One of the places which you may consider visiting is CMC Markets. This online platform offers a comprehensive guide for starters by the use of demo accounts which you can use to trade using virtual currency until you are satisfied that you are ready to start doing business a with real money.

Freelance Writing

Many companies are nowadays outsourcing work with the aim of increasing traffic to their websites which would translate to leads. If you have a passion for writing, becoming a freelance writer is comfortable and does not need any investment, apart from your laptop and a stable internet connection. There are plenty of freelance writing sites available which you can register with and start earning immediately. Some of the companies pay on a daily basis, and this can help you in generating a steady income while still enjoying your time fat from home. Some of the writing tasks are quite simple, and they will take just a little of your time.

Car Hire

If you have a car and planning to spend a lot of time on your retreat, hiring out your car can be a good idea. There are various reputable companies which are willing to hire your car at a reasonable rate instead of leaving it idle. Car hire companies will take care of your vehicle, and you can liaise with them to send your money to you for the retreat time. This method of earning part-time income is an excellent idea since it will not affect your retreat schedule as the entire work of running the car hire business belongs to the car hire company.

Rent Your House

There are people always looking for residential houses which they can stay while on vacation, instead of checking in a hotel. Different people have diverse preferences of the house location. Companies like

Airbnb plays the role of a middleman where they link the clients with homeowners. Contacting such companies with the details of how long you will be away for a retreat can generate you a good income. The prices are based on the current market, and you will be assured of finding your house in order while still receiving payments from wherever you are.

Find Gigs

There are various sites which pay people to carry out tasks in their area. When you visit a region where you will be holding your retreat, a simple search on gig sites will give you an overview of the tasks which are available for you in the area. These duties include taking pictures of features in the area for a small payment. This amount may seem small, but a compilation of many gigs will go a long way in earning you a decent income working on easy and exciting tasks.

Receive Payments for Your Photos

While on a retreat, you will probably be visiting new places where you need to take pictures for memories. You can turn these pictures by uploading then on sites like Shutter stock where you will be paid when your images are downloaded. The payments for these photos may be a few cents to $100 depending on the number of downloads. This method will not only be a passive form of income, but you will earn from your photos for years to come without breaking a sweat.