ATMs, Money Changers and Banks in Playa del Carmen

Some information on how to access your money whilst in Playa del Carmen.


There are ATMs all over town, with those in the tourist areas charging heftier fees for withdrawals, so stay away from the ATMs on Fifth Avenue if possible.

We use the HSBC ATMs at the Mega supermarket and in front of the AKI supermarket (the latter is more reliable), or the Scotiabank on Av. Constituyentes and Av. 10th.

On the 15th and the 30th of the month, Mexican workers get paid, and lines for the ATMS can be long, with many machines running out of cash.


There is a HSBC branch in front of the AKI supermarket and a Scotiabank on the corner of Constituyentes and Avenida 10.

Money Changers 

I’ve never had any problems with the Money Changers I have used along Fifth Avenue. Just check the rate and check your money before you walk away, in case a mistake has been made. Apparently you can get a better rate at the bank, just bring your passport.

Western Union

We have used Western Union for international money transfers. The Banco Azteca inside the ‘Elektra’ electronic and furniture store on Av. Juarez and Av. 30 is a Western Union agent.

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