Sarah Chamberlain

Sarah Chamberlain is an Australian traveller, writer, adventurer and seeker.

In 2012 she embarked on a journey of faith; leaving behind a ‘stable’ life of work and mortgage payments in order to discover if a life less ordinary.

She certainly found it.

After six months of travel in South-East Asia, she landed in Mexico on a whim (and a prayer).

Adventure-lust then led her across India in an auto-rickshaw with two other women, after which she returned to Mexico to settle in for a year of guacamole, terrible Spanish, making friends and discovering the country which would become a ‘home away from home.’

Belize, Guatemala and the US came next; house sitting and road-tripping, you know, just to make sure…

In 2015 she organized her first group retreat at a little-known beauty spot on the island of Bali, Indonesia, which she would return to the following year with a new group.

In the mean time, she started hosting free-movement sessions in her adopted home of Playa del Carmen, known as ‘Divine Dance.’

In 2016, Sarah hosted her first yoga and dance retreat on her favorite Mexican island, Holbox.

India then came calling again, in the form of an intense yoga training at an ashram in Rishikesh.

She’s back in the Riviera Maya of Mexico now, dancing, connecting with her community and always, always learning.

Her dance and yoga retreats are small, personal, relaxed and open to all. While yoga and divine dance are the practices offered; these are merely the tools which help you to open up to a new experience of yourself and the world.

Without an open mind, compassion and the willingness to get out of our own way and invite a new perspective, the practices remain just that.

Life is here, now. Unfolding. Happening.

It’s not waiting for us to reach enlightenment before we can begin. It is the teacher and we are the students. We can navigate the lessons of life’s highs and lows more fluidly by connecting with community, nature and honoring ourselves as both a physical and spiritual being.

Oh and laughter helps. Lots of laughter.

Sarah Chamberlain Mexico