7 Useful Apps For Travelling Backpackers

Get the lowdown with TripAdvisor

Wherever you’re going someone has already been there, had a look around and written a review about their experience on TripAdvisor. This is one of the greatest travel review sites online and is constantly updated with candid and honest posts on locations the world over. The ‘Top 10 things to do in…’ sections are an excellent way of ensuring you never miss the best attractions a place has to offer.

Golden gate

Never get lost again with Google Maps

Negotiating your way around a new city is never easy, especially if there is a language barrier to contend with. Google Maps is like a ‘you are here’ spot marked on a landscape, it’s an invaluable resource for finding your way around any location fast. It can reveal the quickest routes on public transport and also provides handy estimated arrival times.

Stay in touch with your folks using Skype

Once you’re out there enjoying the change of scene it’s easy to forget about people back home, but Skype is a free, easy way of reuniting you with family and friends who have an internet enabled device. Although it is best known for live video calls, Skype can also be used to launch a group messaging chat, call a landline or send files and images.

Get a handle on your cash flow with XE Currency

If you are visiting multiple destinations the variations in currency can be bewildering, XE Currency is hassle-free tool that can be used to calculate costs in a way that makes sense to you. You can also use it to work out how much you’ll pay in credit card fees for a foreign transaction and spot any hidden charges when you cash in a travellers cheque or purchase currency.

Keep your information safe with Dropbox

Every trip comes with a pile of essential documents like your annual travel insurance, an itinerary and a passport. It can be stressful to carry around all these vital pieces of information, but if you back them up in Dropbox and you’ll never lose them again. There’s also an extra photo management section called Carousel which allows you to backup and share your favourite images.

Store your tickets and loyalty card details on Passbook

Passbook comes for free with all IOS devices, it allows you to store and access you paperwork from your phone, meaning that if you forget a boarding pass or ticket, you can still travel. Passbook works by scanning the barcode on a paper copy, downloading the document from a webpage, or having it added through an email attachment.

Keep the finances fair and square using Shareabill

If you’re travelling with a friend or friends it’s likely that you’ll be shouldering the cost of your trip between you. However, right after a meal you might not feel like sitting down to work out what everyone should be contributing, so let Shareabill do the hard work for you. It’s far easier than amassing a pile of receipts and even includes taxes or tips where appropriate.

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