My Summer of Love Tour 2016

This time last year I was in ‘The Summer of my Discontent.’ I actually called it that to add some levity to what was an extremely heavy time for me.

I’m grateful for that time. My suffering has never, ever failed to (eventually) deliver me into Love, propelling me forward into freedom.

I simply had to make a massive change or go through life forever feeling like something was missing. Turns out what was missing was me. I decided to choose myself and follow the truth of my heart at all cost. That action and an ongoing commitment to self-honoring has led me directly home to myself and given me a new sense of wholeness.

Now I find myself in a Whole New World, far beyond anything I’ve ever experienced or dreamed possible.

Sarah Chamberlain Divine Dance

The story of how I got here is a long one and you can find the full recap in the pages and pages and words upon words contained in this blog.

I’ve told you all about it and I am so thankful you’ve witnessed my journey.

It makes me able to stand in the glory of my new reality and tell you, ‘Yes, it was so worth it.’

And it continues to be. Despite my fear and self-doubt which still rears it’s head (usually when I’m making a big leap like this one).

So hopefully, you will know that any struggles or suffering you are experiencing are doing the same thing for you – always helping you realize your Self more fully.

Every, single bit. Every single piece of doubt and fear; rejection and confusion. It’s all leading you home to the light of your True Self.

And I promise, the True You is more luminous, radiant and beauty-FULL than you think.

So, I’m flying now. Literally and figuratively. I’ve just returned from an impromptu heart-led pilgrimage to Mexico City, Glastonbury, Ibiza, London and Paris which was a magical trip led by intuition and Joy.

And now, after a quick stopover in LA, I’m in Bali for my Journey to Shine yoga, meditation and Divine Dance retreat. (I still have one place left – join us!).

Afterwards, I’m heading to Australia to spend time with my family and friends – many of whom have been creating beautiful babies I need to meet and squeeze.

AND THERE WILL DEFINITELY BE DANCING!!!!! (Seriously, Perth gals, hit me up with your desired days and times so we can get together and dance!)

I’ve planned to head to India in late September to immerse myself in Kundalini yoga and community with a beautiful teacher I met in Mexico over a year ago, but honestly, it’s so far away that I have no idea where I’ll be by then.

I’m learning that all I have is each moment in which to choose the highest calling of my soul, and that my soul doesn’t care much for plans made months ago. So… we’ll see!

The transformation which has occurred within me these last few months is such that I’m not requiring anything from these these experiences that I don’t already have.

I’m overflowing with Love and know that I have Everything I’ll ever need. And yet, I know there is always More to experience, More magical people to connect, laugh and dance with and More Love to express and share.

So that is why I’m calling this journey my ‘Summer of Love Tour 2016.’

To celebrate everything I’ve been given. To remember who I am and why I’m here.

And to say Thank You. To Life. To the Journey. To You All.

I’m so grateful. Truly.

Sarah Chamberlain Playa del Carmen

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I know there is so much more coming that I’m feeling an ending of what was. Nothing remains the same, and I know I need to let go in order to welcome what is being born.

I’m free-falling into Destiny, which appears to be unknown, yet I know in my heart that it contains my Highest Joy, Deepest Desires and Ultimate Love. There is really nothing, ever to lose and Everything to gain.

I’ll see you along The Way Somewhere,

In Love All Ways,

Sarah xxx


“I cannot lose anything in this place of abundance I found.” – St. Catherine of Siena

All photos are shot by the amazingly talented Ashlie Woods. She is INCREDIBLE and I cannot recommend a session with her enough.

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My Summer of Love Tour 2016 — 12 Comments

  1. Sarah,

    Sounds like you have quite the summer in store! I’m so bummed to miss out on the Bali retreat this year, but I’m hoping there will be a Mexico one next year because I’ll be all over it! How long are you spending in India? Love, love, love the photos!

    Kristine recently posted..Feeling Very Conflicted…My Profile

  2. Filled with surge after surge of relentless joy as I watch this transformation. LOVE that you are courageously pursuing your destiny and following the call of your heart… As you have always told me, the heart knows. It KNOWS. So you go on with yo bad seff, your beautiful self, your true self. xo
    Holly recently posted..freeMy Profile

  3. Wishing you joy going forward. It’s lovely to see your beaming face and read your words of love and self-acceptance as you continue on your path. Wish I was with you in Bali!

    • Thank you so much dear Rhonda!!!! I have a feeling I’ll be seeing you in Playa del Carmen at some point!!! Much Love to you, Jim and the pup XXX

  4. It’s been so fun to watch you unveil your portraits, it’s as if you’re slowly unveiling your new inner self with your outer self portraits. They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words, and your portraits say so much – so much about the path you followed that lead you to the photo session in which your inner self shines through to the camera lens. It all shines through… the new design and feel of your website, the portraits, the trip to Paris and beyond, and now Bali and home to your family and friends. You’ve seemingly come full circle. Well-done, Sarah, well-done.

  5. I <3 the summer of love! Good for you!!! There is so much to live for, and so much love to spread… we just forget that sometimes. Sending lots of love your way :)

  6. Hola Sarah….you look amazing as I know you the new much light in your face and eyes..never more radiating…so many hugs! All the best and all the rest. Love you. Michele