Video – Divine Dance Unleashed

I haven’t danced for anyone else in a really long time. I lead a weekly Divine Dance session with a group of amazing women here in Playa –  we dance to an hour-long playlist and close with relaxation and a guided meditation on our unique awesomeness.

I am never happier than when I glance around the studio and see ‘my girls’ rocking out or when a woman hugs me with tears in her eyes after class because she ‘hasn’t moved like that in years.’

After our session this past Saturday, I felt like I still needed to say some things.

So, I said them. And I filmed what came out.

There were no planned steps, routines or rehearsals (except 35 years of dancing around the living room), just me, the music and the dance. I danced the song 5 times (hence the sweat) and put it together in one clip.

I hope you enjoy it. I did.

*If Youtube pull the audio, the song accompanying the dance is ‘Say Something’ by A Big New World. 

“When there are no more words, there is the dance.” – Me. 

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Video – Divine Dance Unleashed — 17 Comments

  1. This is such a lovely post, Sarah. You know how people always say if they could be famous they’d be a singer? I always wanted to be a dancer. Now, in my 60-year-old (not so old) body I can’t imagine such a thing, but I will tell you I was a dancer for a few years in my youth. I danced ballet with my BFF (who is still my BFF) when we were maybe 12, 13, 14,… We lived in a tiny town in Nevada and once a week the ballet teacher would come to town and teach us. Once a year we’d all get to go to the big city, Reno, just an hour away to dance on a professional stage in full costume and on point. Yes, I danced on toe. I don’t remember why we all stopped dancing, but I think it was because the teacher could no longer afford to come to town once a week for such a small group. But, it was fun while it lasted. Now, I’m pretty much a klutz. Ha! Ha! Keep on dancing, Sarah.
    Patti recently posted..Hysterics of the What If Scenarios ~My Profile

    • Oh that is beautiful, Patti. You are a dancer! I think we all are. Moving is life and music makes everything better! Thanks for sharing your dancing story – maybe you will get an opportunity to dance on the cruise xxx

  2. that was so beautiful! I so wish I could join you on the upcoming retreat, it would have been an amazing way to celebrate my birthday on April 19!! Alas, the timing is not quite right, but I know I will be joining you and your incredible tribe at some point.

    Dance on with love and light!


    • Oh thank you Kim! I am sure of it!!!! Thank you so much for your kind words – I am sending you Big Love for an amazing birthday and I look forward to meeting you Somewhere awesome, some time xxx

  3. Gorgeous! I wish I could have been there with you – just watching you makes me want to dance!
    Beautifully photographed, and produced.
    Brava, my friend – you nailed it!

    Sat Nam!

    • Oh thank you, dear Divine Dancer! Just as I felt watching you light up the floor in Costa Rica. Please dance today – that will make me so happy. Bless you and thank you for your kindness and encouragement – I know we will dance together again soon. Wahe Guru! Xxx

  4. Love love love this video! My younger daughter is a dancer, and nothing moves me to tears quite like watching someone pour out her heart and soul to music. Thank you for sharing your heart and soul, Sarah!

    • Oh me too, there is nothing like it (except actually dancing, of course!). Thank you SO much dear Candace, it’s been a long time since I danced like this. Actually, I just realized it’s been well over a decade! Ha! Luckily I only just realized that otherwise I may not have had the nerve to publish this. I appreciate your encouragement so much and am so happy you enjoyed it. Thank you xxx

  5. So much love to you. This is beautiful, Sarah – as you are. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

    • Oh Sweet Sarah, bless you! So lovely to read your message – thank you. I hope you are well beautiful One ❤

    • Oh my dear dancing friend! The hours we spent together training, practicing and performing!! Not to mention the hours of makeup and hair – ha! Thank you so much. Sending you so much love – thank you for the beautiful memories. Say hi to your Mum and Dad from me! ❤

  6. Dearest Sarah,
    Physically I cannot be with you in the dance, but in the heart I am thrilled to be with you. What a beautiful video. Dance on!
    Love, Sala