Daring to follow my heart

“Follow your heart.” It’s a well-known phrase to describe a lesser-known path.


In fact, it’s a path which is entirely unknown, making it too risky for many.

I should know – I spent the first 29 years of my life in various stages of denial of this path, then the next six letting go of the many illusions I’d collected along the way which blocked me from it.

Then, quite suddenly (although 35 years is not really so sudden) my heart was handed to me. You’d think after such mistreatment and neglect, it would have been close to death or at the very least dysfunctional, but I’m pleasantly surprised to say that it’s in pristine, perfect order.

Turns out that it has been in perfect order all this time. Through all my denial, addiction, separation, confusion, and yes, suffering.

In fact, it was during the suffering that my heart was actually doing it’s most sacred work of guiding me back to it.

Through it’s messenger system – my emotions – it sent out all manner of distress calls, to let me know that I’d wandered far off its desired course.

Through my experiences to date, I’ve learned this:

If I act in alignment with my heart’s desires, the Universe will support me. If I act in opposition to my heart’s desires, the Universe will support me and it will show me this through suffering. The Universe loves me so much, that it is always supporting my true heart’s desires, even when I don’t.

The heart knows. It just does. We can deny it, run from it, bypass it, try to cover it over, look away, stick our fingers in our ears and sing ‘nah nah nah nah nah,’ but that doesn’t change the fact that it knows.

It knows because that’s it’s entire job.

heart has no questions

While the physical heart keeps our blood flowing through our body temple to maintain its health and aliveness, the spiritual heart, our sacred heart, keeps our soul’s desires flowing through our consciousness.

It’s just unfortunate that we are not taught this at a young age, but rather encouraged to take our cues on how to live from external sources – sources which have NO IDEA of our soul’s desires.

I lived that way until about age thirty, when I was struck with the bizarre feeling that I’d been asleep and had woken up in someone else’s life.

Even when we discover that the result of not following our heart is disconnection and emptiness, it’s still a daring proposition to follow the path of the heart because it is by it’s very nature, uncharted territory.

There are no trail maps for a journey such as this, just guide posts like ‘Pause,’ ‘Breathe,’ and ‘Listen.’

recognize that you are the truth

Following the heart means stepping into a brave new world  because the soul’s desires are live streamed in real time with no regard for our history, our age, our culture or what our family expects.

We have no crowds to follow behind either, just support crews to encourage us with words like ‘You got this!” ‘You rock! and ‘Trust yourself!’

Along with the support crews, however, are the judges and silent scorners. Yet even they are calling us into our heart for we must practice deep self-love and compassion in order understand that they are simply afraid, just as we once were.

They may call us selfish or weird, but the truth is that people who impact humanity positively don’t please people. They change them. Not by telling others what to do but by following their heart at all costs.

Despite the challenges, however, I believe this is where true freedom lies.

It takes some getting used to and a lot practice to let go of others’ expectations (a well as our own!), but now that I’ve tasted the sweetness of my heart’s true path and the liberation it delivers, there’s no turning back.


I’ve been so used to doing things in order to be successful, but I’m realizing that the only thing I can ever truly succeed at is being me. Fully, completely, unashamedly.

In every moment, your heart is speaking to you, guiding you to experience your most alive and fulfilled Self.

rose petal bowl

Do you dare follow it?

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Daring to follow my heart — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you for this. Easter always draws me in to reflect on my past. Up until recently, my past was filtered through suffering. But now when I look back that suffering has led me to a state of abundance. I live a joyful life quitely being my own best friend. Recently I offered advice and it was rejected with scorn and I realize that my experiences are unique only to me and that it is best to let others find their own way out of hell. I owe that realization to your advice to me in the ocean. You are so special Sarah Somewhere.

    • “I live a joyful life quietly being my own best friend.” Oh I LOVE this, and I love YOU, dear Patsi. You know, you’re one of the most truly joyful people I’ve ever known. Keep following that beautiful heart of yours <3

  2. You always seem to write to what’s in my head. The recent events in my life really made me realize this is my only shot at life and how quickly it could be altered. I’ve been asking myself that question “am I following my heart”. I have moments but the fire to do things usually fizzle to do what I think is safe. I had to learn to be more selfish during treatments. I was still trying to do what was expected. Thanks Sarah. I needed to read this today.

    • Oh dearest Bisa, this makes my heart sing! You ARE on this journey, beautiful woman because of the very fact that you are asking that question. You are going through so much and are doing SO great. Just keep asking and be very gentle with yourself – we have a lot of conditioning to let go of (which is all part of this journey) and it takes time. Love you! <3

  3. Rumi, one of my favourite poets and philosophers, once wrote “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”

    I’ve been living like that for the past three years, and I’ve never been happier or more fulfilled <3

    Wise words all around :)
    Tim UrbanDuniya recently posted..Nocturn: SydneyMy Profile

    • Oh YES. I love it, Tim – Rumi has been showing up everywhere for me lately!!! Thank you so much for sharing that. I am SO happy to walk this path of the heart with you <3