Remembering Her, Re-membering Me

Transformation is cyclical, with no beginning or ending. Something is continually calling us forth; creating us.

I’m currently experiencing one of the most radical re-births of my life. I’ve already experienced many, and I’ll experience many more, but this one isn’t pulling out any stops.

Nothing is what I thought it was. All my ideas about myself, about relationships and about life have been carried away to make way for a new way of being based on radical Self-honoring.

I’m being called to deeply nourish myself, body, mind and soul, for what feels like the first time in my life. And that shift has set a tsunami of Self awakening in motion. I am seeing where I have been starving myself and as a result, how I allowed others to starve me too.

I am beyond grateful for what is being revealed to me, for I know this is my work here; to learn, to grow, to heal; to teach. 

Through cultivating my relationship with the Divine Feminine I am re-membering myself, and it’s the most exciting time in my life so far.


So I wrote a poem about it:

She dreams me in order to remember Herself. 

The stage was set with precision to create my dis-membering, sending me on my destiny path.

I cut away pieces of myself to fit through the narrow mold my family and society called me through.

I severed my intuition and shaved away the expansiveness of my soul so that the shape of me would fit in with the others who has also dis-membered themselves. 

But She dreams me in order to remember Herself; I am a vital piece of Her cosmic equation.

Hearing Her whispers, I am remembering; waking within the dream I am becoming Her lucid expression. 

She calls me forth; unfurls me. 

That which was cut away was not lost but simply pruned; the wholeness of Her lives in my bones and my blood; dormant and patient. 

She understands the natural cycles of Creation, knows that conditions must be ripe in order for the seed to flourish and bloom. 

She guides me via an internal drum beat; the secret She coded into me at the moment of my incarnation. This is where my infinite memory is stored; never truly forgotten. 

As I remember Her, She re-members me. I am Her and She is Me, we are One; inseparable. 

She send me signs and symbols that connect with the forgotten depths of my Self, signs I recognize but cannot explain with logic or reason.

I allow Her to adorn my body with Her memory as a symbol of my commitment to never forget again. 

flower of life

Her call is so powerful, so nurturing, so sure. Through Her life is a sensual delight; a Divine dance. Her wisdom seeps forth from my eyes, layering everything with Love, reverberating back to my heart.

She nourishes me with Her medicine, cleanses me with Her ancient rituals, calls me into harmony with Her cycles. 

Through Her I am healed and reborn, prepared to carry the flame of Creation.

Our dance together requires no thinking on my part, simply surrender.

I’m re-membering everything I’ve always been; everything I am; everything She dreams me to be. 
remembering her

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Remembering Her, Re-membering Me — 8 Comments

  1. My turn to experience the tears. This is so beautiful, so intimate, so simple… and yet more profound than the mind can take in all at once. I love this. I have read it and re-read it. My heart is exploding with joy at the revelations you are sharing along your journey. Self love eradicates shame, it empowers us to believe we CAN.
    We are. We will. We can.
    We are She and She is us. Ohhh how special and wonderful and magical that is. Thank you (times infinity) for sharing your journey. What a gift to this world you are.
    Holly recently posted..seventeenMy Profile

    • Thank you so much sweet sister, I know, even my mind cannot… it’s pure heart transmission from Her… and for a few days there I was being filled with insights I had no logical reason for knowing… hence, the remembering, for that’s what it felt like. Oh, but what came before was a total purging of shame – feeling it keenly and allowing her to cleanse me with my own tears and convulsions… sounds horrible but was beautiful pain, the sort which needs to be felt in order to be released, and then She carried it away as promised… She knows I have been holding it far too long. So grateful for you too! See you in two days!!! <3

  2. How beautiful – I wish you all the best on this path of transformation. As I get older, I myself have begun realising how cyclical life can be – it’s fascinating and beautiful.

  3. I recognise this sort of transformation – too deep for words, but you have expressed it as beautifully as a human can. :) xx Sending you so much love.

    Also – “I severed my intuition” – YES, how many of us have done this!!

    • Been thinking of you! From following your own amazing journey I get that you get it!!! I’m blessed to walk this path of awakening with you. Sending BIG LOVE back, beautiful. xxx