2016 – A Manifesto

Keep it light – value each beautiful, painful, joyful moment as a masterpiece of the Universe.

Connect then release – share ideas but don’t depend on anyone’s opinion or seek permission to be you.

Seek wisdom – from teachers, teachings and friends, but above all, from within. Your heart center is your soul’s only true guidance system.

Play – laugh, dance, sing and then do more.

Let go – of struggle against change. You will never, ever know what is coming next. Just breathe and welcome what is emerging.

Risk – everything you think you know for everything you don’t. Continually empty out sub-conscious programming so that you may experience consciousness – innocent, awake, aware, creative.

Feed yourself – and feed others. Love and food are inseparable.

Be grateful – because you’ve hit the cosmic jackpot just by getting here.

Make things – to reach the hearts of others. This is your legacy which will succeed your temporary body.

Speaking of which, honor your body – Nourish, love and protect it. It’s your miraculous all-terrain vehicle of physical experience.

Listen – to the whisper of your soul and the loud call of Spirit which will always guide you home to the light of your wise, wild soul.


Artwork – a handmade birthday card by my buddy, Karl – a true artist.

I wrote this in my writers’ group last week and thought I’d share it with you. Have you considered writing a manifesto for yourself for 2016? Feel free to share with me!

Sending boundless blessings for this new, new year,

Sarah xxx

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2016 – A Manifesto — 8 Comments

  1. This is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I love this and will come back to it whenever I need some inspiration and/or perspective this year. And the main part of my manifesto for this year… a simple “keep on keeping on” because this path of self-awareness and self-acceptance from within just keeps on getting brighter and brighter!
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