My (surprising) journey with essential oils

It was back in Colorado that I discovered essential oils at a health food store and decided to make my own scented sprays. Lavender, lemongrass and rosemary were my oils of choice; lavender to relax, lemongrass to uplift and rosemary to… I wasn’t quite sure except I loved the woody scent.

A while ago a woman who I follow online and have enormous respect for began sharing her experience with doTERRA essential oils.

essential oils dottera

She is a spiritual practice coach, author, Kundalini yoga teacher and entrepreneur form Queensland, Australia.

She is also an ex-party girl who has traded short term highs for long-term bliss.

Over time, as I watched her journey with essential oils become a lifestyle and then a lucrative business, something whispered to me to find out more.

I loved essential oils, but didn’t really know what they could be used for. I began to do my research about doTERRA and oils in general. I was surprised to learn that pure, therapeutic grade essential oils can be used not just aromatically, but topically and internally.

To be honest though, I didn’t give them much credence. I’m pretty weary of sales pitches and since doTERRA is a direct selling company, the image of the dreaded ‘pyramid scheme’ sent alarm bells ringing.

Then, I started seeing doTERRA popping up in my facebook and instagram feeds. Artists, authors, healers and yoga teachers who I admire were using the oils and singing their praises as the purest on the market.

doterra in tune

Some were building teams and as a result, integrating doTERRA into their businesses.

That tiny whisper encouraged me to stay open minded and find out more.

I did my research about the company and its progress. I began devouring Youtube videos about the oils, their uses and the viability of making residual income by sharing them with others.

One video made all the difference. It was from the Australian women I mentioned. She was sharing doTERRA as a business in between yoga classes and snowboarding trips to Japan. And she was succeeding in dispelling the outdated ideas I had about network marketing.

She spoke with integrity and authenticity. There was no ‘hard sell.’ I could relate to her desire for freedom, adventure and abundance while remaining spiritually connected.

She spoke about the most important question to ask yourself before embarking on any business idea or project.

That question is: “Why?”

I began to dive into my concept of why.

Why did I want to learn more about the benefits of essential oils? Why did I want to share the oils and build long-term, residual income? Why, why, why?

My answer included being able to elevate my spiritual practice, my space and my health (physical, mental, emotional) via Mother Nature.

Being able to fly my Mum out to see me anywhere in the world, giving my nieces awesome cultural adventures during their lives, serving my global community in greater ways and continuing this nomadic lifestyle I love so much.

My ‘why’ also included empowering others to live their best lives – physically, emotionally and financially. I thought about all the women I know who are just scraping by and not yet living their dreams due to financial constraints. I wanted to give them an option to change that.

Also, I realised that I am ready to give myself the gift of financial abundance because I finally believe I am worthy of it.

I bought an essential oil kit and in the process, joined an amazing global team of women who support and learn from each other, rather than compete.

I have been using my oils religiously since I got my hands on them. They are an integral part of my day, from when I begin diffusing them during my morning meditation, to adding a drop of Wild Orange to my water bottle, to applying the ‘Deep Blue’ athletic blend to my feet at night.

Sarah Somewhere meditation

DoTERRA wild orange water

During my time in Bali, I thoroughly enjoyed becoming my own shaman, as well as being able to offer natural remedies to others. Peppermint eased motion sickness during the windy drive to the retreat center and a few drops of the digestive blend kept nausea at bay.

Tea tree and lavender helped soothe bug bites and skin irritations, while spritzers made from citrus oils and peppermint kept us alert during meditation.

My energetic nieces loved the ‘magic’ diffuser (while being unaware of my motives – the calming effects of Lavender and Chamomile!).

Diffuser fun

My long flight home was made less daunting with my essential oils in tow. Frankincense is historically known for its many benefits – placing a few drops on my wrist and inhaling it made me feel grounded at 36,000 ft.

Essential oils Mexico

My swollen feet sung when I rubbed some peppermint oil on them in flight and a few drops of lavender on my travel pillow allowed me to get some much needed rest.

doTERRA essential oils flying

I am continuing to learn more about how the oils can be used to create many of the products I usually buy, such as lip balm, moisturizer, perfume and body wash, as well as how to use them in cooking.

I’m in love with these oils and it is a real pleasure to share them with others.

doTERRA essential oils Bali

I’m building a community of essential oil lovers called ‘Essentially Yours’ and I’d love you to join me. Find out more here.

Email me at sarah(dot)somewhere(at)hotmail(dot)com so we can discover your ‘why.’

No hard sell here. It’s all about education, elevation, freedom and FUN. Come play!

Shine On!

Sarah xxx


My (surprising) journey with essential oils — 5 Comments

  1. Sarah,
    Good for you!! I bought some essential oils in Bali and I’ve been using them since I got back, but had never thought about adding them to water. I think I could’ve used some of the peppermint/digestive blend on the dolphin tour!! Best of luck- I can’t wait to hear more about it!

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  2. Oh believe me I wish I had taken them on the boat! That is great Kristine, just be sure that if you are going to use them internally that they are pure therapuetic grade (which means pure plant extract with no fillers). Enjoy your oils! I will be holding some online classes about how to use essential oils soon. Keep you posted xxx

  3. I used to use essential oils literally every day! Even before I became a witch, I burned them all the time and wore them as perfume. I discovered though that they are dangerous to use around cats, as over time they build up in their livers and cause toxicity (even if just inhaled). So since we moved back in with my parents where my kitty lives, I haven’t been able to use them at all. Hopefully the day will come soon where we will have our own place and I’ll be able to use oils again! I’ve missed them. :)
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