Thoughts before Bali

I fly out to Bali on Sunday. It seems like yesterday I had the (then) crazy idea of organizing a meditation retreat, but it was a year ago.

In a week and a half, I’ll meet up with 17 women from 5 countries and drive through the heart Bali, through rice terraces and temples to the village of Bondalem where we will spend seven days in relaxation, reflection and retreat.

bali statue

Blessed doesn’t cut how I feel right now. When I reflect on the group of people joining me, I am filled with gratitude, love and awe.

I know most of these women personally. My Mum. One of my dearest friends I’ve known since I was 10 years old. Some amazing souls I met on my recovery journey. A few kindred spirits I met in Mexico a few years ago and kept in touch with. Some new friends who I am beyond excited to meet.

From having the idea, to tentatively putting it out into the world to watching it unfold and attract the people it was destined for, I have learned a lot.

I believe more than ever in what I am here for and more confident in my abilities to make it happen.

She believed

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It’s also really fitting that I recently wrapped up my second ‘Journey to Shine’ e-retreat with 18 amazing souls (some of whom are also coming to Bali!).

The message of the e-retreat has resonated deeply within me this time, and every time I share it I am more sure that embracing our imperfect journey is a pathway to liberation.

I care deeply for the people I had the pleasure of working with on both e-retreats. They are SUCH talented, soulful, heart-centered beings. I saw so much of myself in them. My self-doubt, my fear, my shame. My potential.

By encouraging them to listen to their inner voice and embrace their light, I was able to do the same, and finished the e-retreat different to when I started.

It was a wonderful experience for me because to be honest, I’ve been a little uneasy on the internet lately. There is just so much ‘noise’ out there and I have become a lot more sensitive to what I read, see and hear. It’s something I will be continuing to look at so that I can create a comfortable balance for myself, but the fact remains that it has allowed me to attract a truly beautiful tribe of people who I am so blessed to be a part of.

Deepak Chopra says that technology is neutral and our experience of it is totally dependent on how we use it. I’ve learned a lot since I started writing this blog (often, painfully!) and am more committed than ever to use it to elevate, support and uplift others.

I feel that I am in a place of massive change. There is an energy and momentum brewing; the result of all the soul searching, yearning, dreaming and fear analysis I have done for the last few years.

I’ve learned that my ability to step into my light and live the calling of my soul is deeply connected to my level of self-love. I have been diving into the concept of self-love this year, practicing unconditional self-compassion for my short comings and creating healthier boundaries for myself.

It is working.

By becoming my own best friend, advocate and cheer leader, I am less reliant on the opinions of others. I am no longer waiting for permission from the world to become the connecter, teacher and healer I know, deep down, I am here to be.

I’ve learned that when we embrace our light, we encourage others to do the same.

I am also investing in myself, and have some really exciting experiences ahead that will encourage my expansion.

One of them is Bali, a place I am so happy to experience again. The fact that my sister, brother in law, two nieces and two aunts are meeting my Mum and I for a week of family fun after the retreat is an extra special bonus.

Of course, there is some apprehension on my part. I’ve changed, a lot, and it will be interesting to see if I will be able to remain flexible and centered in myself.

The imperfect journey continues, as do the lessons.

I’m really happy and excited about what the next few weeks will bring and am grateful to you all for your support so far.

Shine on,

Sarah xxx

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Thoughts before Bali — 9 Comments

    • Ooh thank you sweet Patti!! Yes, it’s funny, but it hasn’t seemed real until just now.I have been in North and Central America for what feels like so long that it is hard to believe I’ll be landing on another continent in a few days! And returning to the Bali Mandala retreat where much of this journey began. Full circle, indeed. And yes, I have had the time planned with my sisters and nieces for a while, but my aunts just decided to join which I am SO happy about. One just lost her husband and it will be her first time out of Australia. Thank you, as always for your kindness xxx

  1. Oh how I wish I was joining you there dear Sarah. Work commitments make this impossible this time, but maybe next time?
    I remember our special retreat there a few years ago so well and also had my 60th birthday at Bali Mandala with my family which was SO wonderful!
    Please remember me to Gisela and pass on my love and gratitude.
    Have a beautiful, spiritual time of love and ongoing learning.
    Love always,
    Sal x x x

  2. Thank you Sal! Will be amazing to see you again when the time comes. Yes, I will definitely pass on your love to Gisela! That is so great you had your birthday there. Sending you love my sweet friend. Thank you, as always for your support! Without it I don’t know where I’d be… <3

  3. I’m so excited for you Sarah, for the Bali retreat and for the momentum brewing. It is such a treat to follow the evolution of your journey! If I’ve learned anything this year which has resonated the most, it’s to embrace my whole journey and that’s straight from the retreat. And this: “I am no longer waiting for permission from the world to become the connector, teacher, and healer I know, deep down, I am here to be” – YES – I for one am so grateful for the connection, teaching, and healing that your writing and friendship has brought into my life. Safe travels!
    Sam recently posted..Backpacking YosemiteMy Profile

  4. Oh thank you so much Sam! It has been such a blessing to connect with you and witness you take so many courageous steps on this journey of transformation. So much love, sweet friend xxx

  5. Sarah,

    I can’t believe the retreat is almost here- it’s crazy to think that I’ll be in Bali on Saturday. 2 more shifts at work and then as they say in Arabic “Khalas” aka finished. Looking forward to meeting you and the other ladies- and am so open for some soul searching and stillness. See you very soon!

    Kristine recently posted..Moroccan FoodMy Profile