Here Goes

How do I describe the indescribable?

How do I show up fully as my authentic self?

How do I share my journey in order to serve others while protecting my sacred, inner life?

How do I embrace my worthiness to live my soul’s purpose?

These are some of the questions I have been reflecting on during my break from blogging.

I haven’t really taken a break from writing, because I have been pouring myself into the pages of notebooks and notepads and the back of flyers and any space capable of holding the words my soul speaks.

NotebookThis break from writing online, however, has been absolutely vital for me.

At first, it was difficult. As soon as I committed to taking a break, I had a ten ideas of things to write about.

And yet, the deeper part of me knew I needed time.

Time to connect with my life in a visceral way; to feel it, taste it, smell it and touch it. The Yucatan is an amazing place to do that, surrounded by jungle, birds, monkeys (yes! I saw one walking down the road the other day!), ocean and crystal clear natural pools of water.

Cenote Azul

Flags HolboxIt’s been delicious. So delicious, in fact, that after a month away I wondered if I would find my way back. But on Wednesday night, under the light of a glowing Capricorn full moon, I embraced the knowledge that I cannot shrink away from expressing myself.

Full moon capricornThroughout this time of simply experiencing what unfolded and communing with the Presence within, I’ve accepted a few things I’ve known for a while but have been reluctant to admit:

I no longer see my focus as travel blogging, per se, but rather, sharing the practices which have supported my inner discovery and transformation.

The internal journey excites me far more than the external and is what I really love to talk, share and write about (I realise I am probably stating the obvious here).

Also this:

I’ve come a looooong way, baby.

Sarah Chamberlain yoga

My evolution is ongoing and remains my greatest source of inspiration and joy.

This break is the first one I have taken in almost four years and it has encouraged me to really practice the things which bring me peace.

Through meditation, Kundalini yoga, time spent with loved ones and connecting with Mother nature, I’ve been able to dive into the present moment with more gusto and as a result, I have become keenly aware of the miracle of this life.

Yoga terraceI came across this quote the other day which really spoke to me:

note to self

Let me reiterate: None of us are getting out of here alive, not as we know it anyway.

And while there is no rush, there is also no point holding back out of fear of judgement or failure.

I have come to understand from a million different sources, signs, divine inspiration, guidance and tarot readings, that my purpose is to fully embrace my inner journey and encourage others to show up for their own.

I keep asking for more guidance and clarification, but honestly, it is only my own fear which has thus far prevented me from fully stepping into my Light.

My Journey to Shine e-retreat has once again, been a healing, humbling and revealing experience for me, enabling me to see how my beautiful, imperfect journey has the power to elevate others.

Sarah Somewhere Lagoon isla BlancaMy path has taken me through the darkness of my ego and into the light of the Spirit which has existed within me all along.

It has been a sacred pilgrimage, one which will require more courage from me as I continue to surrender to my inner calling.

It’s one which I never saw coming but which reveals itself to me in the form of lessons, realizations and messages from the Universal postal system, delivered directly to my soul.

At thirty four and a half years of age (in this incarnation), five and a half years of recovery, three and a half years of nomadic existence and almost four years of blogging, I feel like I am just beginning.

So here goes.

Sarah Somewhere isla Blanca

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  1. Sarah,
    The parallels in our inner and outer journeys are astounding to me! You are such a beautiful soul, a guiding light, whether in person or through the internet. Divine grace is evident in your life and you are a leader, gently encouraging others to ignite their own divine flame deep within their hearts. Thank you for your practice, for your humility and authenticity. Shine brightly! <3

    • Mariah, I am so completely touched by this. I feel the same about you, sweet friend. Thank you so much for your kind words and beautiful heart. It encourages me so much. Shine on, sister!!! <3

  2. Sarah, I’ve loved following your transition from a travel blogger to someone who is on a great life exploration, and is encouraging others to show up for their own imperfect journeys, and to own them. Your e-retreat has been such an amazing experience for me, and it truly came along at just the right time. I love that quote because its the truth, none of us are getting out of here alive. So do what feeds your soul. You have a calling, and I’m so very glad you’re answering it. So looking forward to Bali!!

    Kristine recently posted..Musings of a Single Traveler……..My Profile

    • I love how our paths crossed online through the Rickshaw Run and then the e-retreat and very soon they will cross in person!!! That just blows my mind, and is why I do what I do. Thank you for being part of the journey, Kristine, I can’t wait to chat in person… IN BALI!!!!!!! xxx

  3. Sarah, you seem older now! Not in a negative way at all – in a way that reveals a wisdom that I think was always there but which you weren’t aware of. I don’t know if you realise that you always eluded these truths in your writing before the break but it’s like now you actually get it on a deeper level. :)
    Karyn Jane recently posted..The Vegan HuntressMy Profile

    • Ha! Yes, not long ago I was thinking about turning 35 in six months and was like, “Well, I guess I am an adult now.” Hehe :-) Thank you, friend, I agree, the wisdom is within us all, it just takes some courage to accept it, live it and express it. Oh and by the way, CONGRATULATIONS, Mrs Married!!!! <3 <3

  4. It has been heartwarming to witness your transformation in life and in your writing and blog genre. Life is pretty freaking amazing and as we grow older (and I’m facing 60 on my next birthday – which I can’t even fathom at this point) we can look back and think, oh, now I see why I did this or that. It was only a couple of years ago when I came to realize why I made so many changes in my life, everything from bedspreads to career moves. I get complacent to the point of boredom. And while I applaud those who hold the same job or live in the same house for 30+ years I would go insane at the mere thought. I love a new project, a new challenge, I embrace change. I didn’t know that for most of my life though. I kinda wished I had tuned in a bit more, but then again everything happens when it is supposed to. In short, I do take bits of your journey and see some resemblance to my life, when it comes to shaking it up. Anyhoo, I look forward to reading more and in the meantime, keep making good use of that hammock in the water! Does it get any better than that?!
    Patti recently posted..To Tour or Not To Tour ~My Profile

    • Hi Patti, 60 is the new 40!!! I honestly think that our awakening is happening globally and so it doesn’t matter what age we are right now, because ‘right now’ is the time to tune into our soul and follow it fearlessly (although, I’ve never NOT been scared to follow my soul, so I am working on that!). I think you are certainly doing it and thriving in the process. So grateful to share this journey with you. Rock on! <3

  5. well my dear, so good to see you took the time you needed, and yet that you’re back blogging because you always inspire me to look within. You are looking gorgeous and relaxed… so glad you’re back in your happy place.
    Rhonda recently posted..Searching for Answers at PaquimeMy Profile

    • Thank you Rhonda, I have started to honor the cycles of my life. Sometimes I need to be still, other times (like now) I need to get moving and creating. We cannot have one without the other. That’s why this lifestyle is so great, but can also be challenging. Without societies ‘rules’ to follow, I have become more tuned in to myself. I can no longer ‘push on’ when I feel a call to slow down. I am feeling my way through with the faith and hope that I am on the path which I meant to be on. So much love to you, beautiful friend!<3

  6. Your honesty and openness is what helps other to relate to you and your growth. When we lose clarity and enter the fog, that is when our strength is tested and we are forced to step beyond our comfortable boundaries. The best part is when the way starts to clear and that little grain of clarity is awoken. It’s inspiring and beautiful to read about your new path, as I embark upon exposing my own self for the first time and sharing my personal growth through travel blogging. Peace and love. Victoria

    • Hi Victoria!! I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to share my whole journey, including the challenging and confusing parts. It has been instrumental in me being able to accept my whole self and step into who I am really am without trying hide or pretend. It has given me such freedom! I truly wish you the courage to embrace your worth and express yourself to the world. The world needs more people showing up as their authentic selves. So many blessings to you xxx

  7. You’re not the only one who’s been taking a break! It seems to be the trend amongst the bloggers I still follow (mostly). I have been taking a much needed break as I figure out what my blog is about now that we’re not traveling. And it’s so worthwhile to take a step back and see the forest from the trees. I’m glad you will continue to write online, but don’t blame you for regrouping and just writing for yourself.

    • Yes, I’ve noticed it in other blogs I follow too! Thankfully, like yours, the name of my blog doesn’t have the word ‘travel’ in it, and can evolve as I do. I hope the same for yours. Yours is about the journey, and the journey doesn’t stop because you are not traveling, it may even be just beginning! The thing I have noticed about making the shift (which has been happening for a while now) is that I have attracted a beautiful bunch of people who are walking their own path but who I can share and relate with about the inner journey (and you are one of them!). So whatever you choose to write about moving forward, trust that you will actually attract more like minded people into your world. xxx
      Sarahsomewhere recently posted..Here GoesMy Profile