We’re Going Home

I should be cleaning the house we are looking after right now. I should be packing. We drive to Denver to pick up the owners of the house tomorrow. Thursday, we begin the journey we have been craving for a while; the drive back ‘home’ to Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

I’ve spent almost seven years living in places other than my home city of Perth, Western Australia.

I have certainly missed my friends and family (which is when I usually ask them to come and see me!), but in all that time I cannot say I’ve ever been homesick. When I would hear people talking and writing about missing home, I could never relate. Never felt that ‘pull’ to return, never felt drawn back to my home.

That was until I found a new home, or I should say, we did.


I am still astounded that Tyrhone and I both fell in love with Playa del Carmen, the Yucatan, and the whole of Mexico as we did. We differ in our opinions on a lot of things. So I am so unbelievably thankful we both agree on our love for Playa, a place we visited on a whim and discovered a life beyond our wildest dreams.

We’re still not ready to ‘settle down’ in a permanent way. We have no interest in owning a home and we have no plans of having kids. I don’t know if we ever will. But we miss Playa. We miss the beaches and the food and the cenotes and the food. We miss our friends and our cafe and our whacky acquaintances.

Playa del carmen VW beetle

We miss walking aimlessly through the back streets and we miss our favorite mole place.

I miss the fresh juices, the yoga and my recovery community.

I miss the heat that turns a deliberate walk into a slow cruise.

I miss the Caribbean Sea like a missing limb.

Xpu ha beach Mexico

We both miss the flavor and freedom of Mexico.

We miss the lack of rules and regulations.

We miss our home.

I truly believe that timing is everything. I wasn’t taken with Playa when I first arrived because I was looking at it from the outside. After a few months of living there, however, I began to see it from within, through the people I met and the experiences I was led to. A year later, I saw it as part of me and me as part of it.

I knew I had found somewhere I belonged, which is why, of course, we left.

We aren’t ready to settle down, remember?!

I am so glad we left. I am so glad we had the adventures, mishaps and challenges we did. I am so glad we hit the lowest part of our journey in Guatemala, abandoning our plans for a central American road trip and house sat on Mexico’s west coast instead. I am glad we did this trip through the US to experience so many wonderful places and people.

desert view grand canyon

The Grand Canyon really is as grand as they say…

Glacier NP

Glacier national park is still stunning in the winter…

Colorado Ski Cooper

The Rocky Mountains are really high…

All these experiences have allowed me to grow and change and learn more about myself through the various melt-downs, break downs, epiphanies and moments of wonder they provided.

Tyrhone working hard

There was a lot of stress over Tyrhone’s flying last year. It almost broke us, but instead, it made us stronger, both individually and as a couple.

Watching him make his dream a reality has not only made me immensely proud of him, but has given me more resolve to follow my own.

I want to connect more, heal more and surrender more to who I truly am, more of the person who speaks to me in the stillness. I want to encourage others to do that too.

Tyrhone wants to fly, fly, fly! He hasn’t been able to fly at the altitude we are at, plus he tore a ligament off a bone in his ankle on his second day of snowboarding, so he is absolutely chomping at the bit to get back in the air.

I have never seen him so impassioned about anything in the almost-nine years we’ve been together, so to see him discover his ‘Thing’ has been quite miraculous (that is, if miracles include a lot of blood, sweat and tears!).

I have learned that following your heart always, always pays off and that avoiding difficulty by giving into fear doesn’t.

This journey has been immensely challenging, but the reward is that we both get to wake up every day, in love with the life we have created.

In love.

We will take that love with us wherever we go, but for now I am so glad that we get to take it, home.

Homesubscribe to sarah somewhereThank you, Americans! We have met so many wonderful people during our six month stay and we cannot thank you enough for your kindness, generosity and hospitality. Seriously, thank you for the meals, the coffees and the conversations. There are too many of you to mention but you know who you are xxx


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  1. Eee, I was just about to ask where you were headed! So happy for you that you’ve found where you ‘belong’ – at least for now. I’m on that quest as well, but all I know is that Mexico is one of the biggest gems of the planet. :) xx safe travels!!!

    • Hi gorgeous, yes, ‘for now’ being the operative word! I have a few places which feel like home, or at least that I am drawn to return to over and over. Was SO nice meeting you and your family, and I hope it’s not too long before we meet again xxx

    • Mi hogar es su hogar! Thank you! You too! Safe travels to your new job and all the adventures to follow xxx Thank you for our wonderful time in Vegas, I will never forget Rise! xxx

  2. I am so happy for the both of you and I am so excited for you to be heading home! And hey, it certainly doesn’t hurt that Tony & I are now in Mexico, either… 😉

    I definitely get what you mean about the shift from external to internal observer. I definitely felt that way when we first arrived in Asia. At first I found it overwhelmingly weird and couldn’t get myself to be ok with the things I found uncomfortable. Then we eased into a truce where the little annoyances no longer seemed so bad. And then by the time we had been there a year, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else even though a year previously I was certain I would never be able to live in Asia long-term. I think we dreamers sometimes underestimate how much time it can take to really find our grooves when we’ve shaken everything up, and how you can’t force adaptation and adjustment. They happen at their own pace, and the best we can do is just try to remain open and understanding throughout the process.

    So, I’m glad you’re returning to a place you love, but I’m also glad that your journey has taken you to all the places it has. If not for your decision to head northward and to spend some serious time in Colorado, we would probably still be only “internet friends”. And hey, internet friends are awesome, but turning them into real life friends is even better! Hasta pronto, amiga!
    Steph (@ 20 Years Hence) recently posted..That GOB Bluth MomentMy Profile

    • Hi Steph, I am so glad we are officially real life friends. Enjoy your Mexican adventures and I look forward to showing you around the Yucatan xxx

    • Hi Heather! Yes, It’s wonderful to discover home in the world, whether temporary or permanent. Latvia sounds(and looks) wonderful, I love following your instagram! Be well xxx

  3. What a wonderful love letter to, at least for now, the place you consider home. We have that feeling about Puerto Vallarta. I don’t know if THAT is where we will eventually land someday, but whenever we’re down or hurting or in need of “something”, we find ourselves heading back there. I can completely understand your feeling of never missing your home in Australia. When we were traveling I missed friends and family and the conveniences of that place, but never had a longing to be back there. Perhaps the reason we are so drawn to, once again, leave it. Happy travels on your long road trip and may you both find all you are looking for going forward… your journey’s are already on the right path! Hope you’re still in Mexico when we come through! XOXO R
    Rhonda recently posted..A Step back in Time in Alamos ~ Mexico’s Pueblo MagicoMy Profile

    • Yes, it’s funny how a place just grabs you, isn’t it? I love that area too, I met so many wonderful people there and would love to return so I am glad I now have two more reasons! Oh, I think we will still be in Mexico when you arrive xxx

  4. I know how you feel … Puerto or Playa I feel that way…. And I also feel that way in Whitefish so o am lucky that those scattered bits of heart are for me in more than one place, it’s Easter weekend almost. The city if filling up, really for the last time unt next Chrisas. We have been blessed with a few very chilly days recently. I know Tyrhone would love that ! He will live the fact that he can take off on the golf course here … At nine holes, it’s usually empty even during busy season. I wonder what you will notice that is different here ? For one, it is more $$ than when you left. By maybe a 1/4 to 1/3%. Playa is also busier and more caotic …but more choices than ever. Puerto is much much quieter – I hope not too quiet ! The fellowship is as good as can possibly be imagined. It is still what I love here best. Hurry home my friend !!

    • Yes, I think you definitely have the best of both worlds in beautiful Whitefish AND the Riviera Maya! Both amazing spots which we are so thankful to have experienced (with thanks to you!). Oh, we are so looking forward to Puerto and grateful for a new experience. I could be anywhere in the Yucatan and love it. Quiet is good! After being in the Rocky mountains with nobody around the noise of Mexico is probably going to be quite a shock! Can’t wait to hug you xxx

  5. Not at all surprised to hear you’re heading home, even if it’s an unexpected home. We have to go where our hearts feel free. :) Are you staying there until Bali?

    • Hi Karyn, yes, I am rather predictable! Yes, I will be there until Bali and will be returning to Mexico afterwards. We are thinking we will be there for a year, but you know, things change so we will see xxx

  6. Following one’s dream can certainly be stressful, but it’s also a very worthy pursuit – so glad to read this piece!!

    I’m currently enroute to my home (Lahore), via a place that I once called home (Chennai). Very mixed feelings being back in Chennai – I realised how much I had grown as a person since living here, and how life comes in such different shades of strength and love. I’ll be writing about this very soon.
    Tim UrbanDuniya recently posted..Yogyakarta: Indonesia’s cultural capital?My Profile

  7. Safe travels!!! Your posts from Mexico always have me dreaming about taking up residence there for a few months- can’t wait to see more beautiful pictures of the coast! Kristine
    Kristine recently posted..SandstormingMy Profile

    • Thank you Kristine! I hope you do. It’s a great place to live. Oh, I assure you, very soon you will be very tired of pictures of this coast! I have taken about 100 already! :-)

  8. Lovely post Sarah, and by now you are back home again. I was off line for 3 weeks while we were in Iran and in some ways I didn’t miss it at all, and in other ways I missed it terribly because my internet peeps are out there (you included) and I missed the daily updates and connections, but it was a good lesson in patience (which I have none of) so in all it was good. Can totally relate to the melt downs as I had a few myself over the past 3 weeks. I was so far out of my comfort zone I would just puddle right at the moment, but again, the hard things that come our way either break us or make us stronger and since I know it didn’t break me, I’m hoping my 3 weeks in Iran taught me many lessons that I will carry with me. Good thing we’re about to walk across Spain, I’ll have lots of time to think about it!
    Patti recently posted..Three Weeks in Iran ~My Profile

    • Wow, Patti! That is quite the adventure! Good on you. I guarantee you will have learned a lot about yourself and the world and am so damned proud of you guys! You rock! Buen camino, friend xxx

  9. Hi Sarah, it is not hard to see why Playa is calling you. The Caribbean sea, white, soft sand and good food is more then enough to make me want to go there. But I think you both have connected with the place in a very special way. I hope Tyrhone will get to find his wings again and fly, fly, fly.
    Gilda Baxter recently posted..Tobago – Hello Old Friend!My Profile

    • Thank you, Gilda, I hope you do go some time! Yes, we have. It definitely feels like very little time has passed. He cannot wait to fly and I have a feeling he’ll be up in the air soon. Can you imagine the view?! Thank you for your well wishes xxx

  10. I love this. We felt that way about Merida in the Yucatan. And yet, we left. Now we are in Spain, missing Mexico. I think it has something to do with not being from the same country as your partner. I’m a Kiwi and my husband is Irish so we don’t have that shared concept of home. Home is nearly polar opposite ends of the globe. I really think it’s something that multi-national couples struggle with – and Mexico is nicely in the middle.
    Emma Healey recently posted..How Much Does It Cost to Live in Spain?My Profile

    • I never thought of it like that Emma! My boyfriend is from South Africa, I am from Australia and we met in the UK! And Mexico is the place which feels most like home to us both… at least for now. I also have places like Bali and India which feel like a spiritual home of sorts for me. I hope you find your sweet spot in Spain and thanks for sharing :-)