Are you a Healer?

I saw this on Caroline Myss’ Facebook page the other day:

Healing Caroline Myss

I thought, yes, yes I would! And I did! And it worked!

It got me thinking about the all the decisions I have made over the last few years, and how at the time I didn’t know it was healing I was seeking, when actually that is EXACTLY what I have received.

This literal journey over the least three years has been amazing. The things we have seen, done and experienced; the people we have met, the projects we have created, the skills we have learned.

But it isn’t just those things which have been the greatest gifts.

It is the internal shift I have received by showing up and doing the work I needed to do in order to heal.

Sarah Journey to Shine

Make no mistake, it takes courage and work to heal.

To face yourself fully and completely and risk having everything you thought you knew about yourself stripped away.

It’s been so rough at times. Painful. But my golly, it is has been so utterly worth it to heal my wounds and connect with who I am and what I am hear for.

Buddhist stupa

I’ve discovered that healing is in fact, exactly what I am here to do.

About five years ago, I attended a Hay House event in my home city of Perth, Western Australia. I was about five minutes sober, which meant I was completely insane.

It was the first event of that kind I had ever been to. I loved it. Like the first time I walked into a recovery meeting, I felt like I had come home.

During a break before Wayne Dyer took to the stage, I got chatting with the woman next to me.

She looked at me squarely and asked, “Are you a healer?”

I got flushed, embarrassed, like I had somehow misled her.

“Oh no,” I replied. “No,” and shrugged my shoulders, not having anything else to say.

“Hmm, not yet, maybe,” she said, giving me a knowing smile as Mr Dyer strolled onto the stage and began to speak in his deep, gravelly voice.

I’ve been thinking about that moment a lot lately.

By sharing my healing journey and connecting with others via my e-retreat, I have become aware that I am, in fact, a healer.

By that I mean that I am healing, and in doing so, I am able to hold space for others to heal.

I don’t believe I hold any special insight or powers except for what my journey has taught me. I believe that each of our journeys holds the power to heal us, if we take the time to connect with it.

There is no better quote to sum it up than this:


Without even knowing it, through my brokenness, I have become expert at mending. It is now the center of my life and my greatest joy.

I wake up every day and invite that healing power into my life. I know there are unhealed places within me and I love them anyway because they are the spaces which hold the potential for my awakening.

I am so, so grateful to my soul for leading me into this incarnation to have the experience I am having. Every single bit of it.

Five years after that moment at the Hay House event, I can say that, yes, I am a healer. It is a journey I am committed to for the rest of my life, out of sheer gratitude for the gifts I have received.

Sarah Somewhere healing

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Love and light,

Sarah xxx



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    • How did I miss this comment, Tim?! Thank you my friend, yes, I believe all of us who are dedicated to more love and light in the world are healers and that definitely includes you. I am THRILLED to have you on the next retreat and look forward to learning from you. The last retreat was all women, which was wonderful, but this time we already have two boys which is a nice change! I’m excited.