Sacred Objects: A Loverope Giveaway

Since shedding all my possessions in search of truth and freedom, I’ve experienced an interesting shift in my relationship to ‘stuff.’

I have, in fact, gathered more possessions since I left for Cambodia three years ago with a 20L backpack. The difference is that these things now serve one of the above purposes, either ‘truth’ or ‘freedom’.

We bought a car in Mexico, which easily falls into the ‘freedom’ category and was one of the best decisions we made on this journey, allowing us to drive across Mexico, Guatemala and the US.

I have bought a few pieces of clothing, most of which are brightly coloured and locally made to reflect a story of a country or place.

I’ve gathered a few pieces of jewellery with great meaning to me. A lotus flower ring I purchased in Bali to symbolize my spiritual journey and a gorgeous Mexican spiral ring given to me by my dear friend, Alison.

Beads made from Beans. Mala beads made from the sacred Rudraksha seed which I infuse with intention every time I meditate. A Guatemalan huipil. Woven blankets from Chiapas. A Montana Amethyst crystal which called to me from a basement ‘rock shop’ in Whitefish.


Books. LOTSA books to serve, inspire and entertain me on my journey.

To me, these pieces serve ‘truth’, for they are an expression of where I’ve been, who I am and who I am becoming.

So when I received an email from a young guy making simple, meaningful, jewellery, I took notice.

There was something about his email which was different to the others. It was authentic and kind and real. I checked out his website and fell in love with his mission to spread love via his creations.

Loverope is a customized, hand-stamped bracelet, to be worn as a reminder of an intention, person, emotion or thought.


I knew straight away that I wanted the Kundalini yoga mantra, ‘Sat Nam’ stamped on my bracelet, which loosely translates to ‘Name of Truth.’

Loverope sat nam

It’s a mantra I often meditate on by chanting it in time with my pulse. Having the words inscribed on a bracelet to wear at all times is a wonderful reminder of who I really am and what my purpose is –

To search for truth, discover truth, surrender to truth and express truth.


Christian from Loverope is giving away a free Loverope bracelet to one of you, to customize with your own sacred message.

The manifesto of the small company, consisting of three guys from Bavaria, Germany, is this:

LOVEROPE is a catalyst for

deep, meaningful conversations and positive energy.

We want people to share more truth, love, peace, beauty with one

another. Because it’s our essence.

We are not a jewellery company – we are movement.

Leave a comment below to go into the draw. The winner will be chosen numerically by our spirit guides.

Feel free to share your desired message and why it is meaningful to you.

If you so desire, share this post with your friends who might like to enter and follow Loverope on Instagram and Facebook which will help this young man spread his message of love to the world.


Sarah xxx

UPDATE: Thank you all so, so much for your thoughtful comments, I love all the words you chose and think humanity is in safe hands with so many loving intentions being sent into the world! The winner of the bracelet, was the  number 1 comment, Andi!!!



Sacred Objects: A Loverope Giveaway — 37 Comments

  1. I would have ‘To Give’ stamped on mine. It’s fitting considering he’s giving one of his pieces away to someone x

  2. I loved reading about your transition away from stuff to, well, symbols instead! Tony & I carry so much less with us now, yet it all means so much more to us. I like that everything we have acquired has either a specific purpose or a great story attached to it. I hope I never live a life of mindless consumerism ever again!
    Steph (@ 20 Years Hence) recently posted..Guided by our Guts in MadridMy Profile

  3. Sarah,
    Oprah has a Sunday morning program, “Super Soul Sunday”. While reading this post (on Sunday), a name for your posts could be “Super Soulful Sarah”. Love the way you write your thoughts and feelings.
    I would have “NOW” stamped on my bracelet to remind me not to let fear keep me from following my dreams.

    • Susan! I don’t know why my reply didn’t work, but at the time I originally wrote it, I was watching Super Soul Sunday!! I love it! It is my favorite show. So I appreciate your comment so much!!! I love ‘NOW.’ I read something this morning along the lines of, “There is no later. Later is now.” Or something like that. A good reminder to dive into our most authentic expression with everything we have right now, because tomorrow never comes! So much luck to you, friend xxx

  4. That is awesome and what a great mission statement! A company worth supporting for sure. Timely post for me as I’m shedding much of my stuff right now. I am so looking forward to setting up a sacred space in my new home with the meaningful objects that I keep from my travels near and far. My Loverope message/reminder would be “light”.
    Sam recently posted..Soaking in the SierrasMy Profile

    • Oh I love the cosmic timing, Sam. And you KNOW I love that word!!! You are light, and have so much to share. Thank you for entering, all the best with your spring cleanse, the move and good luck in the draw! xxx

  5. I love the simplicity of the bracelets, the mission, your story. It all resonates with where I find myself right now. Husband and I are converting a school bus to a tiny home and are in the process of paring down. Sounds funny as we don’t come from much, but still have found a way to accumulate. thank you for the chance to win one. Love and light to you! my word is “freedom”

  6. Beautiful bracelet, I love it! I had to think about this a bit, but I think I would choose the word “Sharanam.” It’s a Sanskrit word meaning “sanctuary” or “refuge” and it’s had great meaning to me in terms of being a sanctuary for myself.

  7. My word is ‘Serendipity’ The word looks beautiful, it sounds beautiful and it has a wonderful meaning!

  8. These bracelets are such a good example of simple beauty. Love Christian’s (and your!) philosophy on spreading love and light. Great post Sarah xx

  9. Beautiful. What a well chosen phrase. It has inspired me to carefully consider my own meaningful word.

  10. Love the idea! I have the words Faith and Integrity tattooed on my inner wrists. A constant reminder to be real. So….if I were to choose 2 words for a loverope, they would be: Let Go.
    Thank you for your Light. If you ever are back in Mexico, San Pancho area, you can stay with me. :)

    • Oh I LOVE ‘let go.’ I also need that one! You are so sweet!! We are heading back to Mexico soon, but to the Yucatan this time, so likewise if you ever find yourself in that part of the country. I love your email address, that would make a great blog name. Thank YOU for your light and good luck! Xxx