#DEARME – A message to my younger self — 12 Comments

  1. Beautiful honey. Can you pop that in the post to my younger self too? It certainly makes for a harder journey being more sensitive but allows for so much more too. Lots of love x

    • Done!!! It is for anyone who needs to hear it. A few women on facebook said the same thing, which confirms my suspicions that we are more the same than we are different. Thank you Eggy xxx

  2. I am about a million blog posts behind so hopefully tonight I can catch up. :)

    This was beautiful. I love how you have eluded to things that are in the future even from this point in time – such as being loved by the presence you will probably spend the rest of your life trying to find, etc. I would love to see a letter to your younger self in 20 years’ time – which would be a letter to your current self right now. I would love to see this wise lady receiving advice once she’s an even wiser lady. xx

    (BTW your hair looks good when it’s not tied up!).
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    • Hi Karyn, thank you for watching and for all your thoughtful comments. Yes, I think me 20 years into the future will have some wisdom, for sure. I think she will be more accepting, more peaceful and more at ease, because that seems to be what my journey is delivering with every passing moment. Have you thought about what you would say to yourself? I found it a great exercise. I didn’t plan exactly what I was going to say, but when you speak from the heart to your younger self, it is interesting what comes out.
      p.s I cannot wait for Your Thing! Please let me know when you release it to the world xxx
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  3. My Thing is coming soon, so soon! Still got some behind the scenes stuff to do but it’s almost here, I can taste it! 😀