House Sitting at 9,000 ft

We are almost one month into our three month house sitting stint in Twin Lakes, Colorado; a mighty 9,000 ft above sea level.

Colorado housesitting

We were expecting a very rustic home, but on arrival it was clear that the owners undersold it.

Home on the range

We spent a week with them before they left so they could teach us the lay of the land.


Tyrhone was put to work, chopping wood for the stove heater.


I began working on winning the affection of the Queen of the house.

Twin Lakes

Soon after we arrived, the owners took us to the actual Twin Lakes. We walked on frozen water as ice fishermen huddled under heated tents.

“They must be desperate to escape the wife,” I mused through chattering teeth.

frozen lake Colorado

Then it was time to hit the slopes and make the most of our season passes to the local resort, ‘Ski Cooper’. Having not snowboarded for seven years, I was a bit nervous but picked it up better than I expected.


After a day on the beginner slope to get our confidence up, we hit the ‘big hill’ and were having a blast until Tyrhone took a tumble in powder and twisted his ankle.

Being strapped into a sled and taken down the mountain by the medic was not the start to the season we had hoped for, but thankfully it was a minor injury.

Jala Blu Yoga Buena Vista

Brown dog cafe

In the meantime I’ve discovered my local yoga studio, ‘Jala Blu’, and my favourite cafe, ‘Brown Dog’. Both are located in the quaint town of Buena Vista, 20 miles away.

Green Bay packers

The owner of the home is a Green Bay Packers fan and converted Tyrhone before he left. So between his new-found interest in American Football and a sudden rush of web design work, he has kept busy while he recovers (and yes, we watched the Superbowl yesterday).


The weather recently heated up here, so I headed out for a hike on a local trail, grateful for blue skies and crisp mountain air.


It is stunningly beautiful here. We are surrounded by amazing vistas which are constantly changing along with the temperatures.


Last week I seriously thought Colorado had decided to cancel winter. I sat outside in shorts and gave myself a pedicure!

Pedi Colorado

The snow has since started to fall again, which is a good thing as we prepare to hit the slopes in a week or so.


Most days we pinch ourselves that we get to live this life.

House sitting inside

‘The hunter’s lodge,’ as we call it, is warm, cozy and comfortable.


Lazy mornings in bed are a winter luxury I am relishing.

Sunrise Twin Lakes

With sunrises like this, however, waking early is also a treat (thankfully, since the kitty wakes us up before dawn most mornings!).


Meaningful work, time to explore new places, a comfortable home to stay in and an adorable fur baby to pour our love into have created a great balance between creativity, relaxation and adventure.

The journey keeps getting better and I wouldn’t trade this ‘free range life’ for anything.


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House Sitting at 9,000 ft — 21 Comments

  1. I’m curious… is the cabin the owners full-time residence, or as you say their hunting lodge? At 9,000 feet there is potential to be snowed in, yes? It looks to be an absolutely beautiful place to call home for 3 months and the peaceful calm must be wonderful!
    Patti recently posted..Planning ~My Profile

    • Hi Patti, yes it their main residence. We just call it ‘the hunter’s lodge’ but it is a fully equipped home. I guess there is potential for getting snowed in, but the neighbour plows and we also have one if need be!

  2. Another lovely house sit Sarah, looks cosy and peaceful. Perfect! Look how happy you look with the kitty on your lap. Ha just as I am writing this, our cat has jumped on my lap to do the same thing!

    Have you named all the animals in the living room yet? :-)
    Rob recently posted..Life on the farm – Latest house sitMy Profile

    • Hi Maddie, yes I was a bit nervous about it leading up but it has turned out better than we expected! For some reason it doesn’t feel as cold as it is, I think because Colorado has a lot of sunny days. You would love it up here!

  3. Thanks for sharing your amazing journey and the beautiful images! also for all the online classes and tips. Keeping living the life amiga!

  4. Hi Sarah, totally inspirational as usual! And thanks for your amazing reply from my last reply. I really appreciate your advice. I ended up started my own business as well – and that totally involved moving thru the fear and letting go of apvl seeking. xxxx kaz

    • Oh. Does that mean you DON’T want Katie Perry riding a giant robotic tiger puppet?! I better get him to start again 😉 Actually, I saw it this morning – I love it!! Xxx

    • Yes, she definitely has us wrapped around her little paw! Tyrhone gets up every morning before sunrise to feed her and then she sleeps on his lap for an hour.

  5. It was so awesome to experience a bit of “home on the range” life with you and Tyrhone last week! Thanks for sharing it with me. Stunning photos! I hope more fluffy powdery snow goodness is headed your way soon :)
    Sam recently posted..Soaking in the SierrasMy Profile