Announcing My Online E-retreat in January!

Hello friends, family, subscribers and random Google searchers. I am grateful you are ALL here.

When we started this journey almost three years ago, I didn’t really know what it was I was looking for in my life, I just knew it was something very different to what I’d been doing.

A year previously, I’d sat in a wooden boat on the Ganges River in Varanasi to celebrate my 30th birthday and when I was encouraged to ask the ‘Mother Ganga’ for something, I searched inside of myself for what I truly wanted.

“Meaning,” came the answer from a place deep within me. And so, with every ounce of intention I had, I asked for it.

A great yearning then roared within me which allowed me to shed a job of ten years, an apartment, and life which didn’t feel like it fit me.

That yearning burned within me through South East Asia, China, India, Mexico, Guatemala and here to the US. I have made meaningful connections with wonderful, amazing people all over the world, and every, single, experience has allowed me to find the courage to step into the light of who I truly am.

I never set out to have a spiritual awakening and yet, I have many, big and small. I have also had a few ‘dark nights’ of the soul in which I questioned everything about myself and my journey.

Throughout the whole experience, though, I have been carried. At times, I felt the presence of a force which was guiding me to wake up to the possibilities for my life. Not a life of striving and achieving but one of inner richness; the likes of which I had never known before.

Sometimes it was a gentle nudge and at other times a swift kick in the pants. I didn’t always want to see the truth of what it was showing me, but eventually, I came to devote myself to the wisdom it was whispering to me in the stillness.

I surrendered to being shown rather than trying to run the show.

And here we are.

What I have been led to is that I really want to connect with others to help them embrace their own journeys, participate in their own healing and surrender to the light within them which shines brightly.

I began to write a book to carry this message; the words pouring out of me as I drew on my own journey of healing over the last five years.

Those words will make it into book form at some point, I think, but when I sat in the stillness and listened for what the next step was, it was to deliver the message of the book within a community of people who needed it, like, now.

I feel a strong force sweeping the planet right now, calling us to rise to the calling of our truest selves. I sense that people, particularly women, are feeling a deep, primal urge to evolve into the beacons of light they were created to be.

My message is this: It doesn’t matter where you come from, what you’ve been through or how royally you have messed up.

You were created to Shine.

You were created to shine, not in spite of your imperfect journey, but as a direct result of it.

Every failure, mistake, hurt and heartbreak is a call to go within and discover your true nature. Not a test or a challenge, but an opportunity to expand your luminosity.

Starting on January 5, 2015, I will be leading a twelve week, online e-retreat for those of you who would like to embark on a sacred journey of healing, connection and transformation with me.

It’s called ‘Journey to Shine’ and all the details are HERE.

Journey to Shine E-Retreat

Throughout the twelve weeks, we will discover the beauty of our imperfect journeys as a pathway to our liberation. Each week I will deliver a lesson in the form of reflective writing, personal stories from my journey, videos and guided practices.

I will also share the resources and teachings which have helped me along the way.

There will be daily inspiration, connection and encouragement in our private Facebook community.

If you join the e-retreat, you can participate as much or as little as you would like. Observe or interact. It’s entirely up to you.

The cost of the twelve week e-retreat, which includes 5 classes per week (sent Mon-Fri via email), a lesson outline e-booklet, email sharing, a Skype session and membership to our private Facebook community, is US$60.

I figured $5 per week was a very reasonable price (the cost of a gingerbread latte!) which most people can afford. I am delivering the retreat in this format because I want to direct my energy to a smaller, intentional group of people.

If for some reason you cannot afford this charge but would like to join us, please let me know.

Please check out the outline of the E-Retreat, and if it speaks to you I would love to have you join the journey.

Connecting with folks in a true and meaningful way is my favourite thing on earth to do, so whilst hosting this e-retreat is a big step for me, my journey so far has taught me to trust the process and to show up in spite of my fear.

In fact, it has been my experience that fear can point to the very thing we are meant to do.

Details and sign up information for the E-Retreat are here.

I hope you will share this message with anyone you think will be interested in joining us on this adventure of self-discovery.

I wish you a very merry Christmas and blessed new year!

Sarah xxx

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Announcing My Online E-retreat in January! — 14 Comments

  1. This online retreat sounds really good and the price is very good too! Unfortunately at the moment things are so tight that even that amount is more than I can spare but hopefully I’ll be able to take part if you do this again in future.
    Karyn Jane recently posted..A Walk Through Angkor WatMy Profile

    • Hi Karyn! I would love to have you as part of this! How about I add you and you pay what you can, when you can? The retreat runs until the end of March so there is plenty of time, and if it speaks to you I would rather you join us than not! Xxx

      • Thank you so much for that offer Sarah! I will have a think and work out what I can afford and let you know! I think this would be good for me. :)

  2. Just saw this here in my neighborhood internet source cafe and you are speaking to me, Sarah! I am giving it to myself for Christmas! My money comes in a few days and I will finish signing up. I am so excited that you are doing this! Had been a little sad that am not able to participate in Bali, but am overjoyed that I have discovered you are doing something online. You are always way ahead of your time, Girl! I never thought I would be grateful to computers or the internet for anything spiritual, but I am! Merry Christmas, My Dear, will see you in the Happy New Year! Love you!

    • Alison, I can’t tell you how happy this makes me! I am so honored to have you as part of this and so excited to share this experience with you (and to benefit from your wisdom). So much love Amiga! Merry Christmas! Xxx

      • As much as I would love to, I don’t know that I can commit to it 100% :( I’m leaving to backpack around India in early March, and working on three major personal projects until then… that’s kind of why I was asking about future projects… I would certainly love to hear about it though, and if there was to be one later in the year when things are a bit more stable for me, I would be first in line <3
        Tim | UrbanDuniya recently posted..Chennai marks ten years since tsunami destructionMy Profile

        • Yes, I totally get that Tim! Ooooh I am so envious about your India trip. I love that country. It was the setting of some of my biggest break downs and break throughs! I understand not feeling like you can be 100% present for it with what you have going on, but everything is delivered via email so even if you are away from the computer you can save the content to reflect on later and I will be available for support via email/Skype even after the official retreat ends. When I have the e-booklet completed, I’ll send you a copy and you can decide from there :-) Thank you so much for your interest!