Allowing Abundance

I’ve been thinking about abundance lately; about what it actually means, what my relationship is to it and how I can align myself with an attitude of it.

A-bun-dance (noun) a very large quantity of something.

blooming flower

When I reflect on my own journey with abundance, I can see the shifts I’ve made in my attitude to money and possessions and in my relationship with myself.

For most of my life I have operated out of the idea of lack. Growing up in a single income family, I was always taken care of, yet I knew I wanted more.

More is okay, in fact, more is the law of the universe, which is always expanding and growing.

But my desire for more didn’t come from an acceptance of abundance as truth, but from the idea that I was lacking and therefore had to work very hard to achieve more. It was a struggle I believed I was winning when over the course of many years and many jobs, I made more money.

But when you operate from a sense of lack, as though ‘there is something missing within me which I am going to fill,’ then no matter how much money or possessions you have, they are never, ever enough.

I remember that feeling of lack most keenly when I was making the most money I ever had. Nothing I had or owned felt like a reflection of who I was, because it came out of that lack mentality.

I realised that while I was making more money, I was poor. Time poor, fulfillment poor and happiness poor.

The shedding of my home, possessions and job was a necessary step for me.

Strip it all away and see what’s left, I thought.

What was left was me following a dream which felt in direct opposition to what my culture dictated.

But I knew, deep down, that there was more for me and that ‘more’ did not necessarily have a monetary value.

For a while I looked to travel to fill the void that shedding a job and a house and a lifestyle left, but because I was still operating out of that lack mentality (and a lot of fear and insecurity) it didn’t fulfill me.

I had to go within to find wholeness and over the course of some amazing, joyful, painful, confronting, exciting experiences, I came to know who I really was.

What I have discovered is this: the closer I come into alignment with who I really am (whole, loved, divine, worthy, provided for), the more abundance I feel.

Initially we were staying in $5 per night bungalows in South East Asia because we were terrified of spending all our money. While we had more money in our bank accounts back then than we do now, we felt the sense of lack more, which I think was because we were weening ourselves off familiar systems of ‘security.’

Bungalows wide

 Koh-Tonsay, Cambodia, our first destination (and so much fun!)

Since becoming clearer on how we want to live in the world, we’ve had some pretty amazing experiences. We spent a year in a studio apartment in Playa del Carmen, a month in a colonial house in San Miguel De Allende and three months in a hotel with a roof-top pool on the Pacific coast of Mexico. We’ve stayed in a treehouse, a yurt, a teepee and a luxurious ‘smart home’ (it has an electronic toilet) in Whitefish, Montana.

I have come to believe that there is always going to be something amazing coming down the chute, and I have developed trust that I’m always provided for. At the same time, I am not attached to what that something is.

While we are making less money than we did working full time jobs, it seems that the laws of  abundance dictate that we feel richer.

I don’t think this is news to many people and I think most of us do value experiences over money, but in my recent delving into the concept of abundance, I have come to believe that we can, in fact, have it all.

We can have both money and time. We can have freedom and wealth.

We can make a living by doing things we love, but we need to define what ‘a living’ means for us.

Abundance doesn’t have a set monetary figure. It is different for everyone and I think if we have any chance of allowing ourselves to feel the bliss of that, we have to define it in general terms for ourselves.

How does abundance feel to you? Free? Luxurious? Simple? Whimsical? Adventurous? Cozy? Warm? Creative?

We cannot look to society as it is right now for our queues on how to do this. We have to continue to shed old ideas and cultural narratives that no longer serve us.

Basically, we have to release ourselves from the global lack mentality which economic ‘experts’ purport as the truth and which media outlets seem to like to shout about.

Take a look around at your own life rather than looking to others.

Think outside the box a bit.

Realise the intrinsic abundance available in each moment, no matter your circumstances. Even if you don’t believe that, surely you can concede that it is preferable to feel better about your situation rather than resistant to it?

The fact that you are reading this means that you have survived out there.

There has been enough for you. You’ve been taken care of.

You’ve probably worked jobs you didn’t like to pay the bills because most of us have. You may have piles of debt that seem insurmountable, so I get it if abundance is not a term you have much faith in.

But I think it’s the story we have been told and have bought into which creates the feeling of lack endemic across the world.

I believe with everything I am that abundance is the natural state of the earth. I do not believe we are destroying the planet, or ourselves, but that we are finding balance out of the perceived imbalance.

A forest must burn to the ground before it rejuvenates itself.

trees, wild

Old structures we used to accept mindlessly are falling away and I think we are learning new, better ways to thrive and be happy. I strongly believe that there is enough for everyone and that ‘enough’ never runs out.

vibrant color

Greed arises out of an attitude of lack, not more, so I believe service is the key to thriving in the new economy.

Our motives are going to dictate how we are going to feel about that service. If we are serving others out of a sense of lack (in ourselves or others) which we are trying to fill, it won’t do us any good (I’ve tried it).

When we learn who we really are, what we love and how we want to help others, however, whether it is by designing a new computer game or giving massages, then I believe we are on our way to attracting the abundance which is our birthright.

Palenque waterfall

Your cup was designed to runneth over.

flower bowl

In the face of the fear-mongering of mainstream news media, I encourage you to allow an attitude of abundance to rise within you in relation to your own life, the economy, the environment and humanity.

And why would we do such a crazy, out-there thing? ‘Cause it feels really, really good.

waterfall Ty

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Allowing Abundance — 20 Comments

  1. I read something once about giving oneself… I might completely mess it up but it went something like this: If u give a person something (an apple, a book, a necklace, a finite item), only one person gets to have it or keep it. But if you give of yourself (ideas, encouragement, love), both people walk away with something. You never run out, you’re never left empty handed. I loved that idea and your abundance post reminded me of it. Living in abundance doesnt require things. For me, it requires people. It means pouring myself out over and over only to be refilled over and over. It feels good to do good. Love this post. You consistently encourage people to go deep, look inside, and live their best lives.
    holly recently posted..suicide momMy Profile

    • Yes, that is so true! When we know that we are filled from within by an eternal source of abundance we can give freely of ourselves and continue to be fulfilled. It is such a subtle yet powerful shift that I have experienced, that I find it difficult to put into words!

  2. I definitely agree that more money does not mean more fulfillment. I’ve seen studies suggest that after making around the $50k/year (USD) that money stops making people more fulfilled and happy. Personally I have to agree, I’m at a career high right now and living comfortably, but the more I make, the less it fulfills me. It’s times like this where I need to take a step back and re-asses what’s most important to me. I’ve gotten reacquainted with the little things in life and it’s made all the difference. Great post, thanks for sharing your thoughts
    Craig recently posted..Our Road Trip to New Orleans – Horrible and ExcitingMy Profile

    • Hey Craig, thanks for your insights. Yes, I think we are moving away from simply making more, to thinking about how we want to feel by making our living. I think making more money is great if you are enjoying the process. I look at someone like Richard Branson and think that it is not really about the money for him but the creative process he participates in that makes him keep going. More is good when we are expanding ourselves. It doesn’t feel so great when our lives contract in order to have more money. All the best with your journey!

  3. Sarah this was SOOOO needed in this season of over stress, over spending, and over abundance of STUFF that, in the end means nothing to the soul. I am quite astonished to finally realize Christmas is next week. We do have a tree because we love that bit, but have avoided the malls like the plague and have yet to buy a single other thing holiday related. Although I love the holiday, it has gone so far from the joy of family and friends and being grateful for what you have (not to mention the near total loss of connection to the religious reason it all began!) that I find I am no longer enjoying it. I listen to those around me gripe and moan about how much they have to spend and how terrible it is because they have to go to the mall and I just think… so don’t. Just stop. Just stop over-doing in an attempt to buy what your spirit needs..and what will never be found at the mall. I think everyone should be required to do an extended (even if only for a couple of months) backpacking type trip around the world. Only when you have very little, do you realize how little you really need. And only then can you become truly grateful for what is really important.
    Rhonda recently posted..Stopover ~ Singapore StyleMy Profile

    • Yes, the pressure can be crippling! I remember resenting it so much when we were saving like mad to travel. You are right though, you just have to say no. I actually enjoyed sending a few gifts this year because I no longer feel that pressure. And they were things that felt right, made by people I love to support. I am not against consumerism, I am just for people being true to themselves. Glad you are!! See you SOON! Xxx

    • Oh me too! I am constantly unraveling, shedding, and leveling in order to expand further. I think it is the natural way for us all which is why it is so important not to resist it when it happens (even though it is difficult at times)

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  5. Hi Sarah, I also believe that abundance is the natural state of the earth. I’ve realized that poverty is a state of mind and if we can only switch our mind to tune in to abundance then we can access the infinite bounty of the universe. I feel blessed to be given what I asked and have a peace of mind knowing that things will be provided when I need them. Most of all, I’m deeply grateful to be blessed with the opportunity to give back.
    Marisol recently posted..Our Journey To AntarcticaMy Profile

    • Hi Marisol! You’ve been on my mind! So lovely to hear from you on this topic as you are a shining example of living in abundance. I definitely look to people like you who seem to possess a special something, so I feel I am heading in the right direction. I will never forget your generosity to Jorge, and have always been in awe of your spirit which shines so brightly. I cannot wait to read your Antarctica post! It is on my wish list! Wishing you and Keith an abundance of love and light for the holidays

  6. This is so perfect! Ah this is so true and so my life right now! And it is such a reminder that abundance is not just a monetary figure! It can be anything that gives us joy!

    What I loved was this was a reminder that the bank account stuff doesn’t matter as much when our needs are being met and to wake up and see the blessings that are around, rather than looking at it through the limited lens of expectations. This was a good jolt for me… I realize I am so abundantly taken care of! Thanks Sarah!

    • That is so wonderful Erika! Yes, I agree, abundance is a state of knowing that all your needs and desires are in the process of being met so you can relax and enjoy this wonderful adventure called life! Much love to you ❤

  7. The other day I bumped into a woman I used to work for and she grilled me about my new job. She couldn’t understand why I’m earning less than I used to. I tried to explain that this new job is going to give us the freedom to explore the world but she just couldn’t comprehend why that would be better. Then she told me all about how her dream is to own a house and the only way she can do that is to earn more money. To her that’s abundance but to me that’s obligation and debt and being locked in to something for decades. But because she’s so married to the idea of home-owning being abundance she can’t understand why anybody would choose anything different. *shrug* Whatever. Let her have her abundance. I’ll have mine.
    Karyn Jane recently posted..A Walk Through Angkor WatMy Profile

  8. Hi Sarah, I read this when you posted it and still can’t stop thinking about it. I LOVE IT and so much of what you have written here resonates with me. Thank you! I wish you and Tyrhone a very Merry Christmas. Lots of love xoxo

    • If it resonates with you then I am on the right track Jots!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know, sweet friend, love you so much xxx Merry Christmas to you guys xxx

  9. Read this again today and it felt new – like I hadn’t read it before. I love that! Different points resonated with me this time. Thank you for reposting. I’m in a ‘less stuff’ mode and each time I let go of something (whether it is a tangible thing or an idea or opinion or judgment), I feel more abundance. I feel fuller and richer with less ‘stuff’ as if those things were taking up the space where love and light and abundance should live. Idk if that makes sense. Love u. xo.
    Holly recently posted..buen caminoMy Profile