The Beatles’ Meditation (Let It Be)

I made another video last night in which I shared about a practice which helps to cultivate self acceptance and peace. I call it ‘The Beatles’ Meditation’ because of the mantra I use throughout it: ‘Let It Be.’

Thank you for watching! I forgot to mention that it may be beneficial to close your eyes for this practice.

I also wanted to get this up today because there is a full moon tonight. It is a good time to perform a little ritual to let of the things which are causing you suffering and to set some loving intentions for moving through them so that you may stand in the light of your true being.

Lighting a candle, making a small altar out of some symbolic objects or simply taking a moment to connect with your inner self in a loving way are all ways we can bring our truest intentions to light.

You are souls

Have  a great weekend!

Sarah xxx

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The Beatles’ Meditation (Let It Be) — 4 Comments

  1. This was beautiful. Abraham Hicks says life is just a process of allowing, but allowing can be the most terrifying thing because we can be afraid we’ll allow the wrong thing. It’s a real battle with the ego.

    I’m glad you brought up the moon too, and yes, you are absolutely right that it has an effect on our internal tides. Witchly speaking (shut up, that’s a word! lol) the two weeks between new moon and full moon are all about gaining, acquiring, increasing, so on new moon you can do spells or set intentions for stuff you want to attain. The two weeks between full moon and new moon are all about releasing and letting go, so on full moon it’s perfect to do spells or set intentions about unburdening yourself or moving away from old thought patterns.
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    • Thank you so much Karyn!!! Yes, it certainly can be. If we don’t become aware of our ego it can seriously put us through the ringer, and I have been there more times than I can count! (and will be again, I am sure). Thank you for your insight on the moon. Yes, I thought it was new but it was actually full, shows how much I know about it all (!) but I do believe in getting into sync with that powerful energy. I am doing some unburdening today actually, clearing my physical space and inner space for what wants to emerge :-)

    • That is awesome Tim. Discovering that I am not only my thoughts and feelings, but a soul; a manifestation of the Divine, brings me so much joy. many blessing to you and thank you for reading, friend :-)