The Problem with House Sitting

Our first house sitting assignment is drawing to a close. It’s been a truly great experience and we have enjoyed almost every minute. While the humidity of the Mexican summer has certainly challenged us, it is starting to cool down and we are making the most of the fresh mornings and comfortable evenings.

house sitting mexico sunset

It’s been interesting to witness the sunset gradually move across the horizon and the days become shorter. We’ve loved watching the storms roll in over the mountains and the magnificent lightning over the water.

We’ve enjoyed living in a local town we would otherwise never had the opportunity to see and have become used to waking up to 180 degree views of the Pacific ocean, punctuated by a little blip of an island called el coral.

isla corale snorkeling

When my sister came to stay for the weekend we caught a boat to the island and snorkeled around the mound of earth we’d been staring at for two months. It turns out that isla el coral is indeed a tiny chunk of paradise.

isla corale guayabitos

isla corale guayabitos 2

We’ve enjoyed great food, friendly locals and interesting ex-pats; balmy evenings spent watching families stroll along the malecon and some lovely drives to explore the towns and beaches of the ‘Riviera Nayarit.’

But despite all these wonderful things, the biggest problem with this house sitting business is that we have to leave Chica and Matu, the two cats we have come to love as our own.

Housitting Chica

I really didn’t see this coming (the loving, not the leaving. That, I knew about.) I mean, I like animals and adored my adopted stray cat as a kid, but didn’t expect to fall in love with these two balls of fur like I have.

me and Matu

I got it bad.

It’s not just me, either. If anything, Tyrhone has an even stronger bond with them as they have warmed to him more than me. Watching Chica canoodle with him as he scratches her belly is just hilarious, particularly as she wouldn’t let us near her when we arrived.

Our sweet, anxious tom cat Matu is still a rather unpredictable soul. He will occasionally relax long enough for a belly rub but for the most part seems to be suffering some post traumatic stress from his days as a stray kitty in the jungle. Poor Matu. We love him so much.

So much, that even when he eats geckos and vomits them up in the kitchen or brings in dead birds to devour, leaving bloody internal organs for us to discover, we can’t get mad at him. Such is the nature of unconditional love.

We are happy that soon they will be reunited with their dads, who have been missing them during their time away in Canada. But I am already worried about who will be looking after them next summer and am thinking of asking the owners of El Panorama if I can be part of the vetting process to ensure our babies get the best possible care.

I’m kidding (kinda).

I know that when we leave, we will miss them more than they miss us.

Which is why Tyrhone made us this video to watch whenever we are feeling cat sick for Chica and Matu, who have without a doubt been the best (and the worst) part of our house sitting experience.

You’re welcome.

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The Problem with House Sitting — 26 Comments

    • I totally understand how you guys felt now. Don’t even get me started on the street dog who comes to see me out the front! She kills me. I have fantasized many times about adopting her but the truth is she is actually very happy here. I think that’s the awesome thing about animals, they love so freely but don’t get attached. It’s definitely us who suffer when it comes time to say good bye!

    • Actually they made it quite tough for us! They really didn’t want to know us in the beginning so we just let them get used to us and BAM, suddenly they are in our bed!!!!

  1. Kitties are so much fun and so dang independent. Sadly, I am very allergic so we cannot have one, but we do have a feral cat who has adopted our deck. He loves to lounge in the shade. He has piercing blue eyes – the bluest of blues – so I named him Frank Sinatra. He is a beautiful cat, soft gray with black rings on his tail and he looks to be part Siamese. He’s a sly guy, won’t come to us but no longer makes a mad dash for his life when he sees us. I got him to drink some milk the other day. He also “works” our neighbor across the street for food. I think if we weren’t leaving I could eventually make friends with him because even though I’m allergic, I’m aching to pet him. Yeah, I get why you don’t want to leave your babies! 😉
    Patti recently posted..Transitional Flux ~My Profile

  2. I can totally relate Sarah. We landed a 5 month stay for our first house sit(we are 2 months in now) and I am so connected to the dogs we are looking after already. we have 3 months to go and I know saying goodbye will include many tears:( I love the video Tyrone made!I want to make one of the dogs for Makai to remember them.
    Tracey recently posted..5 Tips to Get Your First House SitMy Profile

    • Oh Tracey, I feel for you!!! Yes you should definitely make a video of your pup and all the animals you will meet in future house sits. It will be sad to leave them but I am so grateful for the experience we have had.

  3. Oh boy do I understand this! We always knew we would get attached to animals on our travels given that we have 2 dogs of our own and we knew we would be looking for surrogates, but I don’t think I fully anticipated just how quickly we would get attached and how hard leaving some of the animals we met along the way would be. When we lived in Saigon for 3 months, we rented a bedroom in a family home and they had the most adorable little dog named Mickey. We played with him every single day that we lived there and it was definitely hard to say goodbye the day we moved out. We’ve also been known to bond with stray puppies over the course of a lunch or dinner hour too, so you can imagine how hard it was to leave after 3 months!
    Steph (@ 20 Years Hence) recently posted..A Tale of Two London MarketsMy Profile

    • Hi Steph, yes that would be so tough! There is also a little street dog here who am I desperately in love with. I call her Happy because she is just so damn happy ALL THE TIME. They are such beautiful creatures xo