Peace is a discipline and God is the eye of the hurricane

I used to think that discipline meant mindless dedication, but have since come to realise that the word, derived from the word disciple, means ‘student of.’

I’ve recently learned that in order to have peace, I must lovingly dedicate myself to learning about it.

If I want peace, I must love it more than I love drama; I must love it more than I love being liked. To have peace I must value it more than I value having the last word or being right.

It’s not easy to live in peace with our highly developed egos poised to react to every occurrence in our lives; hence the value of being a disciple to peace even if we can’t be masters.

My own journey with peace has been tumultuous. I’ve had to learn that I alone am responsible for my level of peace in any situation.

I’ve gotten myself in so many states of unrest over the smallest of situations and made enough valuable mistakes that today I must become a disciple of peace in order to experience it.

It must come before social status, success and other people’s expectations.

When I am in distress over a situation I cannot control (i.e most of them) I force myself to get really still and quiet while my thoughts and feelings swirl around me like a ferocious hurricane.

While it feels like I am being whipped around by its centrifugal force, there is a place deep within the beast which exists in perfect stillness. Sometimes I can barely make it out and other times I find myself held in its calm embrace. Though I may struggle to stay there, I take comfort in knowing it exists.

If I was ever to describe what God feels like to me, it’s that eye of the hurricane where all is calm and quiet and peaceful; where nothing needs to be done or managed or controlled. A state of being where no matter what is flying around me, threatening to destabilize me, I posses a deep knowing that it all is well.

It’s a place of recognizing the powerlessness of my ego with its many hurts, resentments and fears; understanding the power of what actually is: Peace.

Not everyone wants peace. For a long time I didn’t know to want it. Now I do. I want it above all else.

In order to experience peace I must dedicate myself to it and become its disciple, forgiving myself when I wander off course and spending as much time as possible seated in the eye of the hurricane, while the world spins round and round.

Peace mandala

Mandala by the very talented Ashlie Woods.

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Peace is a discipline and God is the eye of the hurricane — 12 Comments

  1. Beautiful post Sarah. Such a great reminder to me as I struggle with trying to control so much in my life, thank you.

    • Hi Debbie, thank you so much for reading. I have struggled with control too and believe many of us do. ‘Getting out of the way’ can seem very counter intuitive to many of us, but often it’s the only way to allow peace to unfold. I’m still learning, and will no doubt continue to make mistakes! The biggest challenge for me is to recognize that all is well in this moment despite what happened yesterday or what may happen tomorrow. Wishing you peace!

  2. I often try to remember my yoga practice in the midst of chaos. It’s so easy to remain calm and peaceful when sitting in a quiet studio, dedicated to your practice. It’s quite another thing to remember your practice when in the midst of a challenging situation. But that’s when it counts most. Beautiful.

    And I *love* that Etsy shop….
    Carmel recently posted..CREATION OUT OF CHAOSMy Profile

    • Yes, I hear you Carmel!! I know that for me, the more I practice, the more I am able to tap in to that peace when I need to. It’s not something I can control, because of course I would like to have it all the time, but time on the mat or meditation cushion does flow through to the rest of our lives. I cannot wait to attend regular yoga classes again!! And yes, Ashlie’s store is amazing. I just bought some beautiful jewellery and I love it!

  3. Very well said – and I’ve found peace can be hard to obtain if you’re constantly trying to make your perspective line up with somebody else’s. eg. relaxing about a situation when somebody else in your life is very much worked up about it. Maintaining your peace when somebody around you just isn’t on the same page requires true dedication.
    Karyn @ Not Done Travelling recently posted..Welcome To My New Look!My Profile

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