A note from eternity

eternityEternity sent me a note, and I thought I’d share it with you.

Precious Child of the Universe, you know who you are.

Come closer.

Unburden yourself of your past; step out of your old ideas and learned opinions.

You recognize the truth in your heart which hums with the life force of your essence.


Trust the wisdom which calls from within, which has always called. It never gives up; requires no rest; experiences no indecision or insecurity.

Shed the shackles you bound yourself with to escape your pain. The pain which came from knowing but being afraid to express it.

Return to what you’ve always known; return to the truth you are born of.

Worry not where others may be, they will find their way. They are already here even though they may not realise it. We are timeless; you and I and them; there is nothing to fear.

Come closer. Recognize our union; inseparable.

It’s okay to know it.

It’s the only thing you can ever know for sure.

Liberate yourself from the bondage of your mind, it knows not what it does. Why do you give it so much power? Its power is an illusion, born of false belief. You thought it was you, and you were it, until it’s tyranny forced you out. You escaped.

You wandered in the wilderness, searching for answers from others. Those you did not know taught you best. Their lessons found their way into your unspoken questions and unraveled them like a ball of twine. They spoke to your divinity and recognized your limitlessness before you were ready to.

The greatest teachers had no designs for your life, no motives other than igniting your freedom.

They kneaded your anxiety like dough and aerated your fear. They tempted your darkness into the light with the sweet honey of compassion.

They transformed you via their own awakening. Do you think they followed the rules? No, they negotiated their own. Theirs demanded no adherence, merely unveiled what always was.

You are alone and connected at once. Free to co-create. Once the truth is known it is never unknown. Move forward.

Eternity awaits.


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A note from eternity — 13 Comments

  1. Sarah…
    This helped me breathe easier again this morning. I soooo needed to hear all this. In my journey of opening my heart to love, my mind has been a harbinger of fear and continually tangles me up. I love the part “Liberate yourself from the bondage of your mind.” My anxiety has been high the past few weeks in navigating this new relationship I find myself in, and a lot of it has been caused by my thoughts. I SO needed this reminder that I am the guardian of my own thoughts, and to choose to tap in to the essence of the Universe and Eternity instead of the river of fear. It means so much to me that you shared this. Thank you. I love you friend! xx
    Laurie recently posted..Life-Hacking SkillsMy Profile

    • Well I am so glad it helped my sweet friend! Relationships are our biggest teachers. They are painful, revealing and transformative. Just do the very next right thing. Love ya xxx

  2. All this while I just came back from yoga and have been looking for a studio in which to practice when I get home (in 2 days!). I was really ready to receive this message. You know when you wait to read something because you just *know* that you should? I’m glad I waited.
    Carmel recently posted..I COULD SEE MYSELF HEREMy Profile

    • Yes, I do! Some things just feel like they come at just the right time that we need it. Glad it resonated with you, sending you lots of love and peace as you return home xxx

  3. Sarah,
    You are amazing, brilliant, shining with light. I am so enjoying traveling with you on all your journeys. I love the new website and your healing words. Stay well and blessed my friend!
    Love, Sala

    • Hey Natasha! Oh yes, of course I feel low, a lot more than I’d like, which is one of the reasons I began practicing meditation. I find that dedicating time in the morning to be still and aware, connecting with the truest part of myself rather than my thoughts and feelings, carries me through the low times. It’s a journey of creating space between ‘me’ (pure awareness) and my thoughts. Freedom is being able to step back from our negative thoughts and be aware of them while not becoming fully involved in them.
      It is a process, but for me it is well worth the effort! :-)

  4. I have a difficult time attempting to meditate. My mind takes me on a whirlwind tour instead.
    I find playing with the dogs I love very therapeutic. Reading is also my form of meditation.
    Especially sitting in bookstores. I can be there for hours! :)
    If you don’t already know about these – look into 5htp – it saved me at some very crucial stages of my life. I prescribe this to my patients as well. I’m not a believer in antidepressants unless you really need the help. And then again only for a short while until you find alternative ways to deal with your circumstances.
    I am really happy to hear that meditation is your little wonder drug! Keep inspiring! You’re doing a wonderful job !
    Natasha recently posted..The Sanctuary of Truth – where philosophy and artisans uniteMy Profile