Let it go.

“The spiritual life is never one of achievement. It is always one of letting go.”

– Anonymous

What are you hanging on to? What burdens your waking hours and haunts your dreams?

The things we hang on to change the course of our lives. They inform our decisions, our interactions, relationships and attitudes.

The more we hang on to, the less freedom we have.

Letting go isn’t always as easy as saying it. We hang on to things that we aren’t willing to face and feel fully. Everything that happens to us must be fully felt in order to be let go of. When we dive and duck and resist the pain, it sticks to us and follows us anyway.

It niggles like a stone in our shoe. In order to remove the stone we need to admit it’s there and is causing us discomfort.

We need to take the stone in our hand; hold it and feel its shape and weight; observe its colour and texture. We need to get intimate with the thing which is bothering us, even if it seems silly.

And when we truly know it and fully feel it, we need to throw that motherfucking stone away.

It doesn’t serve us and it doesn’t belong in our shoe.

Let it go.

Let it ALL go.

Be brave enough to face those stones which keep you trapped in suffering. You have them. Everyone has them. I have many, and because I constantly accumulate them as I walk the path of life, letting go is a daily exercise.

What are the stones in your shoe? Only you can remove them. Only you can face them and feel them and throw them away.

Imagine if everyone let go of One Thing which keeps them in a destructive pattern. And old hurt, a past mistake, a current resentment.

We choose to hang on. Our ego mind likes something to chew on, for it requires fuel for its survival.

But we are not our egos. We are not our past hurts and regrets. Beneath all the noise we are unfaltering, unwavering love. We are made from it and for it. Until we fully realise the love which flows through our entire being and is available to us in each moment, we stay separated and alone because we don’t understand what we are.

Let it go.

Let go of the thing you know you need to. Why punish yourself? Do you think there is a human alive who hasn’t hurt someone or been hurt or made mistakes? Do you think there is anyone who has avoided the pain of loss and life?

untetthered soul cover

I’m reading a brilliant book right now called The Untethered Soul by Micheal Singer. This book excites me more than anything I’ve read in a while. I feel like it was written just for me because it speaks to the truest parts of myself and describes my psyche to a tea. Which is a rather scarey thing.

I’ve finally come to realise that my thought life has been the source of my suffering my whole life.

I’m ready to let it go.

It is an ongoing, minute by minute process. Letting go takes courage and commitment. It requires constant awareness. Absolute self-forgiveness.

Moving beyond the ego is the warrior’s path, and I believe we are all warriors. It’s uncharted territory which does not come with a map but we are led by the unfaltering wisdom of our spirit.

Our destination: Love. Peace. Awareness.

Let go of the thoughts and emotions which distract you from the beauty of the present. Let go of people’s opinions, because they are always gonna have ’em. And believe me, you cannot be fully yourself and please everyone.

Pleasing everyone requires you to become a chameleon. I’ve lived like that and it is freaking horrible. Everyone was happy with me except me.

I love this line from the book,

“You are just standing on one little ball of dirt and spinning around one of the stars. From that perspective, do you really care what people think about your clothes or your car?”

From that perspective, are you really willing to hang onto all that mental and emotional baggage which prevents you from fully experiencing the miracle which is your life?

Let it go.

Sit quietly and feel what niggles you. As each person or event or hurt comes up, feel the emotion attached to it. Allow it to expand within you. Feel the weight of the pain; the pain that comes from living and loving and learning.

Be brave enough to face it all. It didn’t kill you the first time so it won’t kill you now. Feel it, verbalise it, write it out. You might have to take some action like making an apology, which our egos avoid at all cost. Believe me, I have made many, and while they are tough, they are the path to freedom.

You may need to forgive someone. Do it because you cannot be free until you do.

Then let go of it all with love and respect for what it (or they) taught you.

Everyone deserves to walk the earth in freedom, and often, we are the gatekeepers of our own emotional prisons. You hold the key. Unlock it and walk free.

Let it go.

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Let it go. — 10 Comments

  1. It just keeps getting better and better! Something has changed within you. I see it in your writing. It’s exciting to witness! Keep going. Keep inspiring. This is perfect and true.
    holly recently posted..a year of firstsMy Profile

    • Thank you Holly! Yes, it’s honoring the change and sharing it with others that is the scarey part, but I know I must in order to fully experience it. Xxx

  2. Oh Sarah! This is a powerful blog and.. I MUST reserve that book at the library after you have been promoting it! Ever since that moment at the lake a couple of weeks ago when the true tragedy of my moms’ lost dreams hit me, I’ve been thinking a lot about her… wishing I’d done things differently, spent time when I had the chance, etc and.. I’m sad. I love your line “it didn’t kill you before so it won’t kill you now”, so true, it just feels like it. I’m not one prone to focusing on the past, preferring instead to move forward to a better future while appreciating the now, but you are absolutely correct that we ALL have something in our past we need to continue to work through. Thank you for an absolutely inspiring Friday afternoon! BTW.. have you seen the blog http://lifelessbullshit.com ? I think you’d like it. She has a very different way of inspiring change than you do, but having only discovered it today I can’t wait to go back for more. XOXO
    Rhonda recently posted..Embracing SerendipityMy Profile

    • Hi Rhonda, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I think if we don’t process things the first time ’round, they show up, not to make us suffer, but to help us grow. When we are willing to face it, all of it, including All The Feelings, we are able to be transformed by the experience and move into the next phase of our journey with the wisdom we need. It’s all positive. Keep feeling, and keep giving yourself time and space to reflect and heal. That blog sounds awesome, I look forward to checking it out, thank you! Xxx

    • Just read your post, it’s beautiful. Feel it, feel all of it Tim. Take all the time you need to process all your conflicting emotions. Get quiet and still, write, think, create. Then allow your experiences to enrich you as they are intended. This is YOUR life, your journey, and it’s a beautiful one.

  3. I am the world champion of not letting stuff go. Recently though, out of nowhere, I let one very important thing go (I’m not ready to write about it yet). It wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought. I wish I hadn’t wasted to much time hanging on to it.
    Karyn @ Not Done Travelling recently posted..My Online Vision BoardMy Profile