Allow joy

#soulshots is a series I’m creating over the summer as an expression of my inner journey. #soulshots increase immunity to fear and protect against the suffering which arises when we forget we are made from and for love.

Allow joy.

Allow it to bubble up within you; to express itself through you.

Don’t block it, numb it or run away from it.

You are worthy of joy. The pure, simple joy of life.

It is there, if you allow it.

This message came up for me a few days ago. I became aware of all the times I block joy, of all the times I allow fear to cloud the clarity of joy in simple moments.

How I can become entangled in desire or projection into the future and forget that joy is occurring, here and now. In the touch of the breeze or the coolness of my feet in the pool. The taste of a sweet smoothy or a bowl of ice cream.

Sometimes joy erupts like an uncorked champagne bottle, exploding forth in a cacophony of laughter.

Sometimes it is a gentle knowing that all is well, or the arising of gratitude for the gift of being alive.

Sometimes it lies in a memory, a thought, an interaction.

But it is always there.

That’s not to say that we don’t experience pain, loss, sadness or grief, for we do. Allowing joy isn’t about creating a false sense of happiness all the time.

It’s about noticing. Surrendering. Allowing.

Take a day to allow joy. Notice when you are tempted to suppress it, when you feel unworthy of it.

Notice when you block it in others. I am guilty of this, especially with Tyrhone. He is so goofy that I find myself becoming a joy killer at times.

Then I realise I needn’t be. That life isn’t so serious. That there is a time for everything; for sadness, for reflection, for compassion, and for joy. And if I really look at my life, there is so much space for it.

Allow joy.

Allow it to bubble up, effervescent. Rising within you, moving through you. Expressing itself through your smile and laughter, touching your heart with it’s subtle explosion.

Joy takes on many forms, transforming each moment into something sacred. A chance to connect, to grow, to heal. To revel in the wonder of life and the goodness of humanity.

At how funny people are.

How loving, how kind, how creative.

Music, laughter, nature, books, art, stillness, dance, exercise, action, writing, swimming, bathing, walking, touching, listening, sharing, smiling, connecting, breathing.

Things we do we do every day. Moments where joy awaits, ready for us to uncork it and allow it to spill forth into our experiences; elevating the simple and mundane into the profound.

Allow joy.

Because you are worthy. Because it is here, waiting for you to let go and allow it.


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Allow joy — 5 Comments

  1. ” about noticing. Surrendering. Allowing.” that is so much in a sentence. Joy is when you forget about right And wrong,future and past; it is when u r in the moment. You surrender yourself and allow it to take out ur imagination and let u feel the truth of the moment, u become true part of whole which is nothing but joy and love.

    love reading your insights…these are inspiring and so true!!

    • Yes! Thank you Umesh, I just love that notion of the present moment being Pure Joy and being part of ‘the whole’. Thank you so much for sharing your reflection on this, I get so much out of it too!

    • Thank you Tim! I feel like I am learning these simple things for the first time, though you’re right, I’ve simply just forgotten. Love your insights!!!!