Be Open

Over the coming months I’ll be creating a series of #soulshots which are expressions of my inner journey. These simple yet powerful messages arise out of my various practices of meditation and spiritual seeking. Sharing is a vital part of my practice and this is one way in which I’m doing that.

#Soulshots are ‘shots’ of divine wisdom for the soul which increase our immunity to fear; providing protection from the suffering which arises when we are blocked from the truth that we are made from and for love.

I’ll be sharing these on social media using the #soulshots hashtag. I look forward to sharing the journey with you and invite you to use the #soulshots hashtag so we can connect and learn from each other!

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Now, over to this week’s soulshot – Be Open…

This one came to me on the first morning at our new home on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

To say the view was inspiring would be an understatement.

I took a few minutes alone on the roof terrace to be still and… Let it be.

Then I thought about the day ahead and invited the wisdom of the Divine into my thoughts to guide and lead me as only she knows how.

She sees more than I do, you see.

The overriding message I received was Be Open.

Don’t cling to plans or schedules or expectations. Be Present with Tyrhone. Be Open to what the day offers…

I wrote down the guidance in my journal and headed downstairs, open to whatever the day would bring.

Turns out the day had a lovely one in mind. It began with coffee on the roof top, then a late breakfast at a local cafe in town, then a drive around to a few different beaches nearby. The day was filled with beautiful views, fresh food and friendly people; accompanied by my happy boyfriend as we discovered yet another new place together.

Later that afternoon as I took a rest on the sofa, the message came again, but this time in terms of life. I realised how little I know and how I need to Be Open to it all. Nothing is off limits. No opinion or idea is out of my realm of consideration if I am to be truly open to life and continue to grow.

The truth is expansive, not limiting. Any limitation I place on it or myself is of my own creation.

Opinions and ideas cannot hurt me, but shutting myself off to them can.

Every day I invite truth into my life and every single day I am reminded, There’s more.

There’s more wisdom, more love, more joy, more pain, more lessons.

More than I will ever know. Knowing that I do not know feels more like the truth than anything.

Being open to it all without limiting myself by pride or fear seems like the best way to approach the unknowable, with a sense of wonder and innocence as that of a small child, for that is all I could ever hope to be in the eyes of the universe.

Be Open.

Be Open.

Be Open.

If I wasn’t open to it all; the good, the bad and the challenging, I wouldn’t be here, enjoying this view, being grateful for the journey I’m on.


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Be Open — 10 Comments

  1. Exactly the advice I needed today as we begin our journey back to the US and family. Thank you , Sarah and the Universe.

  2. Thank you for sharing …. You are a gift to us … So so enjoy your posts and honesty ….

    • Yes, control is the greatest illusion! I have tried to control so many things to no avail. Letting go seems to allow things to work better, in their own natural flow. Thanks so much Sarah xxx