Leaving San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende was a soft landing for us. After the stress of Guatemala, mostly due to issues with Tyrhone’s paramotor training, having somewhere like San Miguel to gather ourselves and recover from such a challenging journey was an absolute blessing.

We ended up in San Miguel because our friends Rob and Kellie were there. We had only met them briefly in Playa del Carmen but felt like we knew them well enough to impose ourselves at short notice. It just kinda happened.

They very generously hosted us for a few days at the lovely home they were house-sitting, and very soon the burgeoning bromance between Rob and Tyrhone blossomed into full on man-love.

It was a rather beautiful thing to witness. We decided to rent a place and stay for a month.

Kellie and I would just sit and shake our heads at the fact that we had been pushed to the side by this mutual man-crush.

Tyrhone hasn’t had that many friends, so it is a testament to Rob and his lilting Yorkshire accent that he was chosen as the object of Tyrhone’s obsession affections.

But I digress…

I found a wonderful sense of community in San Miguel, mostly due to my beloved band of recovering drunks whom I have the honor of being a part of. At my first recovery meeting I was given the keys to open the meeting room the following day. I was in a brand new town and yet, I was welcomed as an old friend.

I was asked to speak one night and share my story of recovery. I spoke for forty minutes about my journey (didn’t realise it was that long!) and it was then that I knew what I’d always known in some way, that everything is meant to be and I am truly blessed to be a recovering alcoholic.

It fills my life in ways I will never be able to express.

On the meeting room wall…

Tyrhone did his first totally unassisted flight in San Miguel. The wind beneath his wings, Rob, offered humorous support from the sidelines.

Afterwards, there were shenanigans.

I saw a great documentary at one of San Miguel’s tiny ‘pocket’ cinemas with Kellie, attended a 3D audio-visual concert with my lovely landlady, had my chakras aligned during a Tibetan bowl meditation, released ‘the issues in my tissues’ with a few yoga classes and attended my first dance class in over two years – advanced contemporary- which absolutely whipped my butt in the most awesome way.

There was no shortage of things to do in San Miguel and it was a time to let loose and discover it all.

Many cups of coffee and several baguettes were enjoyed at Monet’s, a local cafe near our apartment, followed by a stroll past the colourful murals at the instituto across the street.

We soaked in hot spring pools just outside of town and sampled locally made cheeses, honey and chocolate at the weekly Saturday organic market.

We picnicked at the lake, pruned trees and met a host of interesting and eclectic characters which make San Miguel de Allende such a unique town.

And then, almost in a flash, it was time to go. Our plans were decided by an unexpected offer to house-sit on the Pacific coast and it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

So we packed up our trusty car again, said goodbye to our little art-filled house, our friends both new and not-so-new, the colourful streets and quaint colonial buildings.

But not before one final coffee…

Then set off into the unknown once more, to discover another part of this country which we just can’t seem to be able to leave.

 As one door closes, another opens…



Leaving San Miguel de Allende — 21 Comments

    • It would not be a bad place to end up Tracey! Just when I think I’ve seen it all, there’s more. More diversity, culture, nature and food. But ssshhh, it can be our little secret 😉

    • Yes. It was cool because we had no plans except GET BACK OVER THE BORDER and immediately it felt like we could breathe again! What can I say, I’m addicted :-)

  1. This post popped up on a Google Alert I have for SMA. Nice! You really captured its essence. I was enjoying reading it and looking at your gorgeous photos when suddenly… I was looking at myself! Sitting there at the organic market–red-head on the right in the black top–and OF COURSE I am yakking and gesturing. Probably telling someone what they should be sure not to miss in San Miguel.
    Come back soon!

    • Ha! That is awesome Donna, small world eh?! Thanks so much for saying hi, I’ll be sure to check out your website for my next visit! Saludos :-)