Let it be.

I participated in a live online meditation the other day. I’ve been meditating every day for over two months but knew I needed something new to take it to the next level.

The thing about meditation as a practice is that you never arrive anywhere.

You gain insight and understanding, sure, but the practice itself IS the true destination. It’s the perfect antidote to my results driven, impatient personality. Who knew practicing something would be the whole journey? No set results, no expectations, no selfish gain. Just, practice.

It’s a humble place to be, this practicing thing. Anyway, it was led by Craig Hamilton whose work has struck a cord with me and I was expecting some pretty groundbreaking stuff.

He suggested that we sit comfortably for an hour and let ourselves be. “Just, let it be,” he said.

Half an hour in and I was pretty uncomfortable trying to ‘let it be’. I kept wanting to focus on something, a positive thought or affirmation, God, Love, something. But that wasn’t the purpose of this particular practice. The purpose was to let it be.

Every thought, every feeling, every negative or uncomfortable sensation. Allow it, let it be. Don’t interfere, control, wrestle with or exacerbate, just Let. It. Be.

It was probably the most difficult type of practice I’ve done so far. It sounds so simple, to just let it be. And it is.

But the ego thrives on more. More thinking, more feeling, more pain, more suffering, more, more, more. It creates a world of its own that doesn’t exist in reality, and we’ve spent so long believing it that we associate ourselves with it rather than us. The real us. The us behind our thoughts and feelings.

It knocked me for a six, this one.

My day afterwards was fraught with anger and fear! It was actually pretty interesting to witness the reaction of my ego when I merely let it be.

People (including me) tend to think that meditation is the pathway to inner peace, and while that may be so, it doesn’t mean we stop thinking and feeling negatively. Plus, introducing a practice like this into our ego-driven minds often sends it for a tailspin as it tries to recalibrate and fight for survival.

I’m so grateful I had a hard time with this one. So much so I’ve been going back for more.

The other morning I was woken by a rogue mosquito (arrrrrh!) and couldn’t get back to sleep. “Just let it be,” came the message. On the surface I was annoyed, anxious about being tired the next day, but underneath all the negativity was stillness; acceptance; peace. Instead of fighting for sleep I decided to practice. I sat for forty minutes in the blackness and ‘let it be.’ The night sounds, the thoughts, the feelings. Just allowed them to be.

Any discomfort I sense during this practice is an illusion of the ego. It really does try anything to ensure its survival, which is entirely based in fear. I know this practice is a great one for me, because it doesn’t come easy.

I can’t promise you any results from this, as it will be different for everyone. But there is a spaciousness arising between me and my thoughts and my feelings. I still have them, and occasionally I get involved with them, but then I just come back to ,”Let it be.” I sing the Beatles song to myself, I chant the words. I’m not fighting anything, just letting it be.

I wonder if you could take the next five minutes or any five minutes over the course of the next 1,440 minutes in this day, to be still and let it be. Allow your thoughts and feelings, however uncomfortable, to be, but don’t get into them.

Every thought and feeling is equal; every one is allowed. None of them are ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ they just are.

Let it be, let it be.

I wonder what difference that five minutes would make to our level of awareness, which we then bring into every interaction with our friends, families and fellows. I wonder…

We don’t need to call it meditation, because I know so many people already believe they can’t ‘do’ meditation. But can you be still and let it be, for five minutes? The ego tries to throw every excuse at us as to why we cannot or should not do this. Mine can be unrelenting! But there is great power in moving past the bondage of thought into the realm of what actually is. Call it spirit, awareness or truth, whatever you like.

You are not your thoughts and feelings; you exist on the other side of them, resting in pure awareness, just letting them be.

I’ll be posting these #soulshots around social media as a way of sharing the gifts of my practice. In fact, they are a part of my practice, because gifts only emerge when they are shared.

These #soulshots are designed to provide immunity against fear and unnecessary suffering for others. If they resonate with you, share them, either literally or figuratively in your daily life. And if you have any for me, please share them with the hashtag #soulshots so we can all find them!

Thanks for reading, I’m truly blessed to have you all along for the ride.

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  1. I remember doing this practice at the end of yoga practice and was amazed at how freeing it felt. For me, it was easier than trying to focus on a word or my breath. Of course in yoga you’re *always* focusing on breath, but allowing thoughts to come in and slip out allowed me a freedom I had never known before. Instead of trying to control the thoughts and saying, “No! You don’t get to exist! Go away!” I just let them flow in and out of me. For a visual thinker like me, it really helped to imagine them coming through one ear and flowing right out the other. It’s not easy, exactly, but it’s easiER for me. :)

  2. It’s funny how we respond to different practices hey? It’s showed me how much self judgement I have, and also my addiction to feeling good. I love the idea thst no matter what comes up, however uncomfortable, we can be okay underneath it all. Thank you for sharing your experience!!! Xxx

  3. I think ‘Let It Be’ is such a beautiful thing to remember. Hard, of course, but beautiful. The most profound stuff is always the most simple, eh?
    Kim recently posted..It is all real lifeMy Profile

    • Yes it was actually a pretty new one for me! I’ve done different types of meditation which was basically this presented in another way, but this little mantra really struck a cord with me, particularly because I found it difficult/challenging to do such a simple thing!!

  4. Hi Sarah,

    I’m a brand new follower and enjoyed this post very much. It brings to mind the, Let it be, so many years ago that Mary said to the angel Gabriel, “Let it be done unto me according to thy word”, her fiat.

    God bless!

    • Hi Debbie! So grateful to have you along for the journey!! That is absolutely beautiful, thank you so much for sharing that, it is powerful image of faith and acceptance.

  5. Let it be, has very special meaning for me. My grandson, Bex, best friend, Alex was diagnosed with cancer soon after entering high school. Bex and a couple of other guys were Alex daily companions. Let it be was their song and there way of dealing with life…and death. When Alex passed, Bex had Let It Be tattooed on his pitching arm. I have no doubt that his ability to Let It Be will serve him, and his friends, well all their lives. Goddess bless The Beatles for all there gifts to future generations.

    • That is so beautiful Bonnie!! And an absolute testament to the strengthening and healing power of love. I bet that young man is rockin’ it with Lennon as we speak, and yes, I agree, his work continues to inspire today. Much love to you, Kelso and your family xxx

    • That is awesome!!! Yes it was pretty cool, I hadn’t done a ‘live’ one before but love the idea of people all over the world connecting to be still and ‘let it be.’ Can you imagine if everyone did it every day? I think the world would be completely transformed.

  6. in reading this I immediately flashed to the scene from Eat,Pray,Love where Julia is trying to just meditate for an hour and her mind is everywhere, the flies are buzzing her, and she, alone, feels like she’s not “doing it right”. I think your best advice is that it’s different for everyone.
    Rhonda recently posted..The Joy of Impromptu DecisionsMy Profile

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