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Yesterday was World Refugee Day. I didn’t know that as I began my morning ritual of intentional practice (a fancy way of saying I sit still and think about love, invite it into my heart and ask it to guide my thoughts, decisions and actions for the day).

Before I even asked anything, these thoughts arose in me:


Let go and Love.

Be filled with and go forth into the world, healing as you do (are healed).

Know that the only truth, is Love.

You, are Love.”

I wrote it all down.

Like I’ve said before, the truths which have been revealed to me since I began this practice have been profoundly simple. After 58 days of inviting the truth into my heart every morning, this is where I have been led.


If you only knew the amount of crap I have had to clear and the pain I have been through in order to arrive here!!!! (And some of you do).

I just sat with that for a while, for there was really nothing else to think about after that.

Just know that you are love, and love others.

When I checked my email afterwards, I’d received a message from the International Medical Corps announcing World Refugee Day. As I read through the statistics about Syria, I thought about the recent news in my home country of Australia.

As I scrolled through Facebook later that day, I read through the updates of the Asylum Seeker Resource Center, which included a photograph of a man who recently died in custody and whose death has sparked more debate over the treatment of refugees in Australia.

no human being is illegal

I thought about that man. I read through a few of the angry, outraged responses.

But I wasn’t angry. I wasn’t outraged.

I had been, not so long ago. Anger and outrage have been modes I’ve used in the past to express my confusion and guilt over matters concerning my fellow humans.

Blame was another good one. Especially toward the government. But now, while I understand and even applaud those reactions in others, I don’t feel it necessary to embrace them myself.

It all comes back to the love.

I’ve realised that Love Will Win, because it always does, so I am no longer afraid of the world and its woes.

But I have also realised that I can do nothing except invite it and allow it into my own heart. Since love (and compassion and hope and forgiveness) ARE the truth, I only need clear my mind and heart of all my fears to allow it to fill me up.

It seems more difficult to change ourselves, but only because it appears that way. It seems easier to blame and become enraged at the atrocities of others, but it actually only brings more suffering to ourselves. In some ways, we should be thanking the world for teaching us to love more.

Anger has no place, except to wake us up enough to move from fear to love.

Blame has no place except to empower us to great action.

Darkness has no place except to draw us into the reality of the light.

Love begins with us. If we can’t allow it into our own hearts and minds, inviting it into our daily interactions, decisions and actions, then we are unable to change the world.

I want to change the world, and I’m starting with me. Because I am worthy of love, and because you are too.

choose love


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Choose Love — 8 Comments

  1. Beautiful. Once in mass, the priest at my mom’s church said (to paraphrase), anger is not a sin in itself. It’s a reaction. What we choose to do with that anger is where the sin can occur. Anger is usually a signal that something is off – we can choose to love and act or we can choose to blame and/or be destructive. It’s funny, today I just pinned something on Pinterest because the phrase came to me as I was sitting there thinking about someone I love who is feeling down. It just said, “Today, I choose love.” It’s a simple, but powerful, statement.
    Carmel recently posted..WHY GO TO IPOHMy Profile

    • Yes! Holding on to self righteous anger is very destructive. I see it a lot surrounding ‘the world and its problems’ and have indulged myself. Since beginning my practice of seeking the truth, however (which is very different from deciding what the truth is) I have been brought into a place of love and compassion; understanding that people do what they know how to do.
      The only person I can effectively change, is myself, and I have a lot to learn, so I will just keep practicing!

  2. I’m still angry about a lot of things, but I think what stops me from moving on is that sometimes the further down the rabbit hole you go, the more you find to be angry about. For example, the more I understand about the state of the environment, the angrier I get at those responsible (including me) who made it that way.

    In the past the only thing that has enabled me to let go of anger has been time and meditation. Like with anything, I guess I just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and hope that I reach the letting go point again.
    Karyn @ Not Done Travelling recently posted..Why I Love Kata BeachMy Profile

    • Hey Karyn! I think you hit the nail on the head there with meditation. Nothing I have experienced recently has been of my mind’s making, but by intentionally letting go of what I think I know. It tends to make room for what is. We find what we seek. Anger has a short term pay off, otherwise we wouldn’t have it. So when you are ready to seek peace, you’ll find it. Much love to you, I appreciate your comment and honour your path xxx

    • Thank you for reading Tim! Yes, human beings are often forgotten in a polical media frenzy!! One of the reasons I don’t want to engage in a retalitory way, I think, is that I don’t want to allow my emotions to be manipulated by these types of circuses. I just try to work on becoming more compassionate to all and pray that those with decision making power do too.