This Sacred Space

I fell apart and was put back together in this space; this sacred space.

I never ONCE did yoga on this terrace.

I breathed deeply on it though, inhaling the clouds and the thin, crisp air with my lungs as the piercing fushia danced on my vision like confetti.

I pleaded with the volcanoes to raise me up on their jagged peaks.

It mostly happened here.

I’ve been so many places, but this was my most epic journey.

Alone, and connected to the infinite love of the universe. I loved and let go of everyone here, including my own ego.

I surrendered to not knowing and trusting anyway.

I gathered love from my deepest, darkest places and sent it out to everyone I have hurt and been hurt by.

Then I let them all go, with love, respect and gratitude for every teacher who has crossed my path.

I allowed myself to be healed.

I admitted my incapacity, my emptiness.

I faced myself.

I let myself go.

In this sacred space where I never did yoga.

I was given the glimpse of the truth, and it is magnificent.

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This Sacred Space — 27 Comments

  1. Sometimes it’s good to let go of our expectations and let what needs to happen happen. Yoga wasn’t the key, but meditation was, so good for you! I agree with Kim, looks like you got what you needed.
    Carmel recently posted..AND SO, THE TIME HAS COMEMy Profile

  2. This may sound wacky, but I believe that before we all come down to planet Earth to live this life, we work out what lessons we need to learn, and then we each volunteer to play roles for each other so these lessons will unfold. For eg. somebody might love you so much that they volunteer to play the role of an abusive partner, so you learn to stand up to them. Or a soul might volunteer to be a neglectful parent, so you will learn forgiveness. And so on.

    If it’s possible for an entire country, as an entity rather than a group of people, to play this role, I think Guatemala has done this for you. It said, “I’m gonna make things a bit uncomfortable for her at the start so she’s brought to this place of growth and peace. It’ll be hard for her, but she’ll be so happy once she’s on the other side of it”.

    Weird but yeah…there you go. 😀
    Karyn @ Not Done Travelling recently posted..Chickening Out At Ta KeoMy Profile

    • That makes a lot of sense to me actually Karyn! Thank you for your wisdom and insight, I appreciate it so much! This journey has definitely shaken up my perspective on life and my place in it. My path has absolutely been shaped by other people. When I look back on the journey I can see how clueless to it all I was, but am so grateful for the lessons I have received.

  3. I a confused! When you connected with your inner divine, you are doing yoga! yoga means union… remember when it all started 5000 years ago there were no asanas… people just sat and breathed. Yoga as we know it is an evolution. So I think you did yoga, you did not practice asanas, but you did yoga…
    Amyris recently posted..Live long and prosper!My Profile

    • Thank you Mike! Glad to see you back blogging again! Been wondering where your adventures have led you. It’s funny, I’ve had such a gamete of responses to this post, people have been worried/concerned about me and I’m like, “WTF?! This was the best thing that ever happened to me!!” So thank you for your encouragement :-)

    • Thank you Tracey, it’s simply going within for the answers rather than searching the world for them (like I have my whole life). Whether it’s yoga, stillness, meditation, prayer or whatever word you want to use, it’s just about seeking the truth within. We all have it, but I am learning that I actually have to show up, trust, surrender and accept what I find!

  4. Hey darling, just wanted to say you inspired me to get back into daily practise and stillness. thank you so much, Lokking forward to hearing more, which ever way the journey goes. Loads of love from all of us in perth xxxxx

    • Hi gorgeous! So glad to hear that, it is such a gift (rather than a chore) that we give ourselves and the blessings are abundant. It has taken me so long to finally realise that, and this journey has now taken on a whole new dimension of which I am so, so grateful for. Grateful too, for you and all the teachers who have crossed my path. Much love to you and everyone in Perth! xoxox