The real work

I’ve recently gone back to work. I’m not talking about my blog or my guide or my shop, even though I have been doing a little work on those too. I mean, the real work, my actual job which is the sort of work which doesn’t look that great on a CV or garner too many likes in a Facebook news feed.

For me, it’s spiritual work, and it looks nothing like I imagined ‘spiritual work’ to look like.

I’m not saving babies or tending to the sick.

Actually, I just realised that I am in some ways, only I am the sick baby!

I’m going ‘back to the start’ with the program of recovery I work, well, sometimes work. And it’s hard.

It’s hard to look at myself and see what attitudes are holding me back and causing me pain. It’s hard to see how I contribute to every ‘problem’ in my life and sometimes conjure them up out of nowhere.

It’s hard to see how selfish I really am and at the same time acknowledge I am infinitely loved and forgiven.

It’s hard to slow down, to once again throw my hands up and say, “I don’t know how to do this, help!”

But I’m doing it, because despite what the world or my ego tries to tell me about the sort of work which will make me happy, I know this is the real stuff. On a good day, I catch a glimpse of truth that this work is my only true purpose in life, but I usually very quickly push that to the side because I would much prefer my only true purpose to be writing best selling books and gathering awards for humanitarian work.

That would look so much cooler.

This work isn’t cool, it doesn’t make me look good and it isn’t celebrated.

Which is exactly why I need to do it.

So I just wanted to give a ‘shout out’ to all the unglamourous workers among us. Those who are on their knees praying for help, trying to get through the day after the loss of a loved one or changing a dirty nappy (diaper). To those who are attempting to not get angry today, trying to find a way through their depression, gathering the courage to go to their first recovery meeting or caring for a sick family member.

It’s not glamourous work. It won’t win you any awards or make you any money. But it’s the real work.

It’s the work which brings true peace to the world, starting with our own hearts, and in that way, it should be the most celebrated work we do.

So I better get back to it…

Hmm, maybe I’ll work on the bed.

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The real work — 28 Comments

    • Hey Karyn, the thing is, I do, almost immediately! I get paid with peace of mind and clarity of spirit, which really means so much more than money. It is just a mystery why I have seemed to put it last on my to do list lately, but I am so grateful it is back at the top.

  1. Umm it is hard work indeed. You know what is hard work too? getting rid of unwanted creatures living inside you… maybe you should try a cleanse too … it helps to clear the mind for sure! (Just kidding)
    Keep up the hard work girl! the rewards will follow.
    Amyris recently posted..Getting rid of nasty freeloadersMy Profile

    • Yes I just read your post! Some great tips there and yes, I could probably do with a physical as well as spiritual cleanse. But spiritual first!

    • Hi Janice! Yes, mine journey is definitely leaning more and more to the inner. It’s certainly not something I planned but it’s the way things have gone, and I’m grateful. It usually takes me getting to a pretty painful place before I am willing to take a look at myself, but I’m always grateful for it afterwards, and this time is perhaps one of the most powerful breakthroughs I’ve had. Thank you for your kind wishes, and same to you!

      • Hi again Sarah,
        I’ve walked down the road you are stepping onto – if you ever need a sounding board – sometimes it’s much easier to share it with someone you don’t know. Don’t hesitate to contact me. Frozen emotion is the thing I am dealing with ‘for the first time’ at the moment. Life chucks in, its curve balls doesn’t it!
        Janice Stringer recently posted..Live, Die, RepeatMy Profile

  2. You’re right, it is so hard to look at yourself critically and work on changing the things you’re not happy with, it’s a never ending job but a necessary one. Great post, as usual :)
    Amy recently posted..The True Heart of CambodiaMy Profile

    • It sure is Amy, but once I get a taste of the freedom available to me when I am willing to do the hard yards, I am more inclined to keep at it. Thank you!

  3. Fortunately it’s work that an be done anywhere. Got ant thoughts on how to deal with emotional scar tissue?

    • Yes, sometimes I forget that I have to take it with me when I travel :-) I’m no expert on letting go, but the more I seek God and accept that unconditional love into my life and let it direct me, the more I am able to forgive others as well as myself. I can then see how my wounds have actually led me closer to my Divine source, and therefore a very sacred part of me. Sending you love sweet Bonnie! (P.S Can you spot your book on my messy desk?)

    • Ha! Me too! I actually found myself wondering if I should get a job so I don’t have to do this stuff! Now THAT is desperate! Shows me how I would most times rather do anything but the real work I need to do to free myself of my own shortcomings!

    • Hi Tim, I did wonder if writing about it actually defeats the purpose, since it’s not really something to make a song and dance about. But if it helps people to continue with their own ‘real work’ with a little more of a spring in their step than that makes it worthwhile. Thank you for your encouragement and support!

    • Of course it’s okay! This kind of work is sacred work, and we owe it to ourselves, our loved ones and the power that gifted us with our precious lives to do it. I’m walking right along side you honey :-)

  4. Thanks for this post Sarah… Today I feel like nothing has gone “my” way… and as a stay at home mum with a husband away for 6 months of the year, sometimes it is hard to stay positive. To be the good cop, bad cop, the eat your veggie, the tickle them until they can’t breathe, the cook, the monster under the bed checker…. Today i was thinking when do I get my time? Then I realised this is my time…xoxox Hope this makes sense xoxo

    • Thank you Kirstin! This is exactly the sort of thing I mean. It’s so easy to be pulled away from our true purpose by all the ‘noise’ dictating to us what we ‘should’ be doing, or how it is meant to go. Story of my life actually!

      Your work is utterly sacred due to the selfless, loving nature of it, and to be honest, and I am in awe of Mothers like you who continue this work, day in, day out, with very little praise from the world.

      Just know that what you are doing is absolutely, 100% the greatest work you could ever do. I am seeing more and more as I go along on my journey that it is the ‘uncelebrated’ work we do which is truly fulfilling.

      Sending you love my friend and thank you so much for sharing!

  5. I’m raising my hand along with Steph here, thanks for the shout out. And this: “it’s hard to see how I contribute to every ‘problem’ in my life and sometimes conjure them up out of nowhere”… holy cow, me too! Well said. I’ve got some work to do…

    Keep on keeping on, just make sure you’re taking ample ice cream breaks along the way :)
    Sam recently posted..The Little ThingsMy Profile

  6. As usual, you hit the nail on the head for many. With job stresses on my and Jim’s end recently, we’ve been wallowing in the stresses of many things beyond our control, and not paying enough attention to the things we can control. Now, back to what is REALLY important!
    Rhonda recently posted..The Art of OverlandingMy Profile

  7. Spiritual work can be the toughest. I still struggle with this – but I guess who doesn’t. But I find that my life runs a little more smoothly if I’m consistently doing the work. Finding time each morning for my meditation. Actually being consistent instead of just saying I want to be. That’s the biggie right there for me.
    Keep on keeping on, my friend – I’m right here with you.
    Sending much love.
    Laurie recently posted..Professional Death DefierMy Profile