My Pretty Things store is now open!

My favourite day of this Guatemalan adventure so far was when I dragged Tyrhone around the markets of Santiago and Panajachel on Lake Atitlan.

After being lucky enough to witness a traditional Mayan ceremony taking place a ‘sacred house’ in Santiago Atitlan, we wandered through the local market selling every fruit and vegetable imaginable.

A Shaman performs a ceremony in the sacred house of Saint ‘Maximon’ a Mayan saint.

Clusters of women from the Tz’utujil Mayan community gathered to buy, sell, gossip and slap tortillas into shape over piping hot grills.

The market in Santiago, Atitlan

I love markets. I am a market junkie.

I love the sounds, the smells, the colours and the chaos.

Most of all, I love watching local life converge to buy, sell, create and interact in one place.

That’s a lie.

Most of all, I love looking at, touching and sometimes buying ALL THE PRETTY THINGS for sale.

The majority of the time I walk away with just a photograph and a memory, but sometimes I MUST HAVE THE PRETTY THING and this last trip was one of those times.

After much lustful admiring and sneaky fondling of the traditional textiles on display in the market, I became the proud owner of a hupil, a top worn by indigenous Mayan cultures throughout Guatemala.

And to continue my love of buying Pretty Things, I have become the proprietor of a small shop so that YOU, TOO CAN HAVE THE PRETTY THINGS and we can koo and kaa like Mother birds collecting shiny things for their nest.

It’s biological, okay?


I have hand-picked these items for their beauty, cultural significance, practicality and the fact that they are light enough to ship without breaking the bank.

Buy Guatemalan worry dolls here

Buy a rainbow Spring scarf here

Buy a unique purse made from an antique huipil here

I have kept the prices as low as I possibly can so that you can enjoy these unique, hand-made crafts from Mayan communities in Guatemala as well as support local artisans to make a better life for their families.

If you have any questions, payment issues or would like to inquire about colors or sizes which are not featured, please drop me a line.

We will be moving on from Guatemala in a week or so, so if you are interested in purchasing any Pretty Things, get your orders in quick! I will be adding a few more pieces over the coming week and am happy to shop for specific colors and styles for you also.

It’s a tough job, but someone has do it…

Check out my store here!

And feel free to share it with anyone you think may be interested. Thank you!

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My Pretty Things store is now open! — 22 Comments

  1. I don’t know how you can resist all of the “pretty” colors, they are so bright and vibrant!

    I love roaming markets as well, and I’m pretty lucky because Abi doesn’t mind at all. In fact, he down right enjoys it.

    Happy shopping!
    Patti recently posted..A Quirky Little Cemetery ~My Profile

    • Oh you are lucky! Tyrhone hates it, so I prefer to go alone. One of my other favourite days ever was hitting the markets in Oaxaca City, Mexico with my Mum. We sent Tyrhone off and had a blast!

    • Hey James, check out big cartel, it is really easy, If I can do it… anyone can! It’s been a fun project so far! P.S Breaking Bad is the BEST.

  2. Sarah! I couldn’t believe it when I opened this post because I have long been planning to do the exact same thing when I return to Thailand with the markets there :) I get SO many compliments on the simple things I have bought there, I want to share the love! So watch out — I might be contacting you in August for advice!
    Alex recently posted..It’s Official! Announcing my Viator AmbassadorshipMy Profile

    • Awesome! Check out big cartel, I have found it very easy to set up, and I am no technological whizz! So far so good, it has all been pretty smooth. The only downside is the cost of shipping, but from what I remember the Thai postal system is pretty good. Of course for heavy stuff, you may have to look into other methods of shipping, otherwise the cost is too high. That’s why I have kept to light stuff for now!

      • Yeah shipping in Thailand is pretty darn cheap! I am also heading back to the US for the holidays so it would be great if I could ship a big chunk from there.
        Alex recently posted..The Road is LifeMy Profile

    • Hey Karyn, thanks, it’s been a lot of fun hanging out with the local ladies here looking at all their beautiful things and helping them out a bit at the same time. What can I say, I love to shop, and this is a great way for me to do it guilt-free!
      We are not entirely sure what we are doing yet, we are still waiting on parts for Tyrhone’s paramotor and have to get it fixed so we will have more of an idea when that is sorted :-)