Tending my garden

I’ve been so touched by your emails, comments and messages of encouragement and love in the last two-and-a-bit years, especially the last few days. I feel like we are building a rather beautiful thing here, something very important to me: human connection.

Human connection is the thing that saves my life on a daily basis in my recovery from alcoholism, the reason I travel, read and also write.

The language of the heart is universal and always understood, no matter how different we are on the outside and I so appreciate the conversation we have had since the inception of this blog.

You have been so kind to me it brings tears to my eyes on a regular basis, including right now.

I hope you know that this is not a one way conversation. There is nothing worse than that, is there? When someone talks and talks at you and you sit, squirming, wondering if they will ever stop.

When is it my turn? I think in situations like these, before eventually giving up on contributing to the conversation at all.

I don’t want any of you to feel like that.

I realise that many of you don’t comment, and I completely respect and understand that. Maybe you like the one-way convo, or just like to drop me an email every now and again as some of you do. I so appreciate those.

But, I think it’s nice to be seen sometimes, and I would like to ‘see’ you, even for a brief moment, to get a sense of who you are. It helps me to connect with a sometimes faceless audience who I care so much for but know very little about.

I’m not much into surveys (really, I’m too lazy to figure out how to do that!), but I’d like to open up my inbox (which is always open, but now, it’s official!) to those of you who I perhaps haven’t ‘met’ yet, or have only met briefly. I’d like to know a bit about you since you know so much about me.

The medium of blogging is wonderful for making connections, but sometimes I want a better idea of who I am writing to. When I get a new subscriber to this blog, I look at the email address which is often a combination of weirdly put together letters and numbers, and I say a little prayer for the person behind the encoded address.

I feel like when someone cares enough to subscribe to my blog, I want to take a moment and thank them with a silent blessing, and I’ve been doing this for quite some time now (do you feel it? Hehe!). When someone unsubscribes, I try not to take it to heart (I said try!). I’m thankful that they enjoyed what they read for a while and understand that they need something different now. As my writing grows and changes, so will my audience, and my only focus is that those who need it, hear it.

Something I write may only resonate with one or two of you each time, and really, that is enough for me. In fact, it’s more than I ever dreamed of, to be able to connect with another human being through my words.

Well, I’ve waffled on a lot to say that rather than focusing on more (for once in my life!) – more readers, more likes, more shares, more more – I’d like to focus on taking care of what I have; the connections we have formed and the experiences we’ve shared. Cultivating what we’ve planted together (because without you, this blog would not exist).

Because when two or more human beings connect in truth, our lives are forever transformed. We are no longer drifting around in space as separate entities, but are tethered to a divine energy which exists within us all, whether we feel it all the time or not: love.

We are in Antigua for another three weeks and I’d love to hear from you, either in the comments or via email. Subscribers can also just hit ‘reply’ if you are reading this from your inbox. If you have a blog or website, please leave it below so I can pop over to your place and say hi. I don’t want to be one of those friends who never returns a visit!

I’ll be sure to respond to each of you individually, and will be grateful that I get to see some of you more clearly, if only for a brief moment (feel free to send pictures, hehe!). For although our lives may be varied and busy and on all sorts of different trajectories, I am so grateful to have you as part of mine.

With love,

Sarah xx

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Tending my garden — 28 Comments

  1. I don’t comment often but sometimes. Best way to find out about me is my blog, mostly about daily life — for me, that’s usually running, sometimes travel, sometimes yoga/work/reading/daily life. I started reading yours because we love to travel and I enjoy your voice.
    Carina recently posted..TTT: Your World View and TravelingMy Profile

    • Hey Carina! Great to hear from you again. You marathon runners are INSANE. Honestly. I did 14 KM once and it was the beginning and the end of my running career. I shouldn’t say that, should I? I guess there is always hope I will pick it back up, I did enjoy the challenge of going from one lap around my local park to running the whole 14. Hope the injury is on the mend and thanks for saying hi!

  2. This post hit home with me, Sarah. The majority of my readers are silent and while I so appreciate each and every one of them, I wish I knew who they were, or just a glimpse of who they are so I can feel as if I’m writing “to” them instead of “at” them. But then every once in a while someone I haven’t heard from before will pop up and say hello and it just warms my heart. I too respect the silence, but would sometimes like a little glimpse. I’ve just never known how to approach the silence, I think you found a lovely way.
    Patti recently posted..It’s All About the Cookies ~My Profile

    • Hi Patti, yes, when someone writes and says, “I’ve been following silently for a while now…” it is a really lovely feeling. It just goes to show we just don’t know who is reading or getting something out of it, we just need to be true to ourselves and keep showing up, having faith that it will get to who it needs to. Thank you, as always, for connecting my dear friend! Your latest post looks…. delicious :-)

  3. My blog is new, so I’m still at the point where I go, “OH MY GOD! Somebody from Portugal visited my blog! Who in Portugal is reading me??? Thanks Portugal!” lol. So I understand the desire to want to get to know people a bit better!

    Anyway, the link to my blog is right there but I probably should give myself a bit more of a personal intro. I’m Karyn, 31 years old, from Melbourne, have tried a few different careers and failed, and have spent my adult life battling depression (hence my comment about digging through the shit in your prev post). Right now I work in a job I detest but have literally 5 weeks left of it THANK GOD. Travelwise I think our styles are similiar; I also like staying somewhere for a month or so as opposed to spending a few days in each town; I like to feel I’m living somewhere (even if just for a short time) rather than just passing through.

    What I really love about your blog is how honest you are. Some writers completely separate their personal lives from their travel writing, but I don’t feel I can do that because life is the journey. I’m glad to see somebody else is the same.
    Karyn @ Not Done Travelling (formerly plasticsux) recently posted..Bali, All Is Forgiven – Can We Try Again?My Profile

    • Hi Karyn! I have just spent some time reading your blog – it is awesome! I love your description of yourself as a ‘call center inmate’. I am very excited for you and looking forward to following your adventure. Great work on the plastic awareness too, it is a good reminder for me and I hope to take your lead on reducing my consumption more. All the best to you my friend!

    • Hi Holly!! Lovely to hear from you. I think we all have one of those, in fact, my inner gypsy has a lot of trouble being where she is!! I’m always dreaming and scheming so I wonder if that is my favourite part of the whole thing!!! So nice to meet you, thanks for taking the time to say hi xx

  4. lovely post Sarah. And Patti’s comment hit home as well. Even as I’ve watched our readership SLOWLY grow over the last two years, the comments are occasionally sparse. As always, it’s good to know it’s not just me!
    Rhonda recently posted..An African ExperienceMy Profile

    • Hi Rhonda! It really takes time, and we just never know who is reading. We just have to keep on keeping on, and let’s face it, we probably get more out of writing than the people reading it! But connection helps, and I’m so grateful to connect with you. Very excited to follow your upcoming adventure.

  5. Hi Sarah, it has been wonderful knowing you and yor beautiful soul through your blog. I read it more than I comment. I sometimes read your blog on my Iphone while on the subway, but I hate typing on Iphone. I hope you’re loving your stay in Guatemala.
    Marisol recently posted..Panama: A Visit to an Embera Tribe VillageMy Profile

    • And you sweet Marisol! It’s been such a blessing to connect with you. Hey, no pressure to comment! I am so lucky to have you as a reader and accompany you on the subway!!! And of course, I love reading about your many escapades around the globe and love, love, love your photography. You have a gift! If I were you I would have them all over my house!!!

  6. Hi there! I love reading your blog — the mixture of Central America and your story, super fun! Starting reading your blog from Kim (who shares a love of mountains, IPAs, mutual friends, and Portland with me).

    My blog…. um, I have a handful of readers, so it is at the point like Karyn, that only a few people are reading it. But, doesn’t matter all that much really, it’s just fun to write and think.

    Thanks for keeping it so real. xo
    Aurora recently posted..What does the Red-Wing Blackbird say?My Profile

    • Hi Aurora! Thank you for stopping by. You are a beautiful writer, by the way. More readers does not equal more talent, and sometimes we need to believe in ourselves before anyone else does, so keep writing! You future adventure to Patagonia sounds… epic. Lovely to connect with you again my NYC friend. Love that city!!! I hope to come visit you and Marisol(travelingsolemates)there some day!

  7. Hi Sarah. I read all your posts and enjoy the comments and the rabbit trails I go down from checking out your readers’ blogs. I retired last fall, love to travel, and travel is what brought me to your blog. I did extended trips and of backpacking and hosteling when I was young so I like to read about what you are doing now. Thanks for sharing!
    Cynthia recently posted..HitchedMy Profile

    • Hi Cynthia!! Yes, one of the reasons I did this is because I wanted to reconnect with who is reading and see what they are doing. It has been wonderful reading blogs like yours as finding out more about you! Thank you so much for stopping by to say hi and of course, for reading. I wish you many more adventures ahead! xx

  8. I got hooked to your blog just as you Kim and Hannah were fundraising for the Rickshaw Run and I’ve kept reading because I love your honesty and the way you write.

    I hope you enjoy Guatemala – it is one of my most favourite countries. Will you (or have you already been?) see Semuc Champey? Enjoy!
    Emily recently posted..Our Love Affair with the IncaMy Profile

    • Hi Emily! I’m enjoying your South America posts! Guatemala has been challenging for a few reasons, mostly because we have been focusing on Tyrhone’s flying, are renting a place out of town, have our own car etc. We are experiencing a different side, and have to be more cautious than we have ever been on our travels before, so that takes some getting used to. It is beautiful, however, and the people have been so friendly, so I’m looking forward to seeing more!

  9. Hi Sarah,
    I came to your blog, as well as Tyrhone’s, via sweet Holly. I haven’t commented much, but read faithfully and truly love your raw explanations about your journey in sobriety and the pitfalls you face regularly.
    I am a SAHM in Washington state. (I live in a little town called Ferndale, less than 20 miles from the British Columbia, Canadian border). I am actually *disabled* (long story … medical issues, not necessarily a physical disability per se) and have never traveled at all. As a former caterer, it was my dream to retire and travel with my husband on International Cooking vacations. This is not likely to happen, but reading your blog has allowed me to envision how spectacular it would be. I appreciate that so much.
    You and Holly obviously come from some seriously gifted writing genes. Both of your blogs, and again Tyrhone’s as well, truly inspire me to look inside, to dream and appreciate where I am and what I have RIGHT NOW. Through you both I realize more and more that I have no idea what the future holds, but I must stop and appreciate my here and now – good or bad.
    I don’t have a blog, but have been working on ideas for one for quite a while … and I am certain I will get there.
    Thank you for asking for input and having the desire to know those who hold your words close to heart.

    • I just figured out what a SAHM is!!!! Feeling pretty proud of myself :-) Hi Annette!!! Yes, Tyrhone has appreciated your thoughtful comments so much (as do I!). From where I am sitting, you are the inspiring one my dear! I can take my health for granted at times and it is so important to, as you say, appreciate what we have. Thank you so much for letting me know about you and for your support. I am truly touched.

    • Thank you Heather! I love following your journey too – positivity and joy radiates from you :-) Thank you so much for saying hi and I hope our paths cross at some point of the adventure!

  10. Hi Sarah, I have been one of your quiet followers. I have to admit, that even on those busy days where I jump on to quickly check my email, I always take a few minutes to read your new posts. Then I go about my day of answering reader’s questions and clearing my junk emails. I always look forward to reading about what you are up to and what new place you are in. I enjoyed reading all the wonderful things you did for Jorge. You are a great person!
    I have linked to my website, its fairly new still. For now, I will keep reading your blog in silence and post a comment when I have something to say that another reader hasn’t already mentioned.
    Be strong and keep your head up!
    Fil Resendes @ LifeLoveAndTravel.com recently posted..60 Days, No Computer, No Social Media, No PhoneMy Profile

    • Hi Fil, lovely to hear from you and be introduced to your blog! Thank you so much for reading, I am honoured that you take the time out of your day and am very grateful you popped over to say hello! I wish you all the best with your own adventures!